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133 Qian Longtou’s Strongest Man

Chapter 133: Qian Longtou’s Strongest Man

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Soon, a soldier rushed in and reported, “Report, a few minutes again, Dongfang Advisor had left through a helicopter. As for where he went, we don’t know yet.”

“What?” Qian Longtou’s face was pale. He didn’t expect that Dongfang Xi actually dared to run away. He planned more than 90% of the tactics for Nan Qing, and he knew everything about Nan Qing. This Dongfang Xi was almost like the second-in-hand of Nan Qing, but he actually ran away.

Qian Longtou’s face kept changing, but he eventually calmed down. He knew Dongfang Xi’s wisdom all too well. If he could betray him and run away, it meant that Dongfang Xi no longer had any hopes for him? But he still had an army of 2000, was that not enough for a mere Ye Mo?

However, Qian Longtou was still sane. He immediately thought that Dongfang Xi’s tactics rarely failed. Even his viewpoints were mostly correct. Did he have to leave? Dongfang Xi could run, but where could he go? What place was safer that Sai Na for him?

Suddenly, he felt his control wasn’t strong enough. There were too many loopholes in the chain of command. If one needed to contact him before using the helicopter, then Dongfang Xi wouldn’t be able to run away as well. Moreover, he found that a few of his trusted men didn’t need to be reported to come in. This was also a loophole.

Dongfang Xi was his advisor. There was no way he didn’t know these loopholes, but he never reminded him. This meant that he was prepared to run a long time ago.

“Good one, Dongfang Xi, even if I look through the entire world, I will capture you back.” Qian Longtou said between clenched teeth as he smacked on the table.

“No, I want to see how many heads and hands this Ye Mo has that forced even Dongfang Xi to betray me. Someone investigate the contents of that call. I will capture this Ye Mo. I’ll let him know that I, Qian Baihe, hasn’t aged yet.” Qian Longtou didn’t feel the pain in his hand at all and yelled once again.

“No need, I’m here already,” Ye Mo’s plain voice sounded in the meeting room.

Qian Longtou’s voice came to a sudden stop. He looked at the door in astonishment. He had multiple levels of guards, so how did Ye Mo reach him without any sound?

Soon, he saw Lang Ji and his face became green again. “Lang Ji, you heartless animal, you dare to betray me too. I will kill you.”

Qian Longtou was going to reach for his gun, but in his astonishment, he found that his wrists could no longer move. A bloody red color was spreading across it, yet he didn’t even feel pain. Metal nail? The metal nail of the legends?

Lang Ji didn’t say anything.

Qian Longtou saw his wrist was shot by a metal nail and his heart went cold. He knew he was gone today, but he didn’t think Ye Mo would be this strong. He could come in front of him without him noticing at all. This was too absurd. Even with Lang Ji’s help, Lang Ji couldn’t bring a stranger into his territory. Was his invisibility real?

Qian Longtou had calmed down and he looked slowly at Lang Ji and then Wu Qiang. He knew the only chance he had at living was for Wu Qiang to hold Ye Mo there, or perhaps get Lang Ji to turn sides again.

A teen in his 20s, however, came running in and didn’t even care about Qian Longtou because he was Lang Ji’s close man; someone who Lang Ji brought into Nan Qing after he joined. He gave a letter to Lang Ji, saying, “Before Advisor Dongfang left, he told me to give this to you, saying it can save your life.”

Lang Ji immediately opened the letter and there was just one line of words: “When you were surrounded and attacked at Macau those years ago, it was planned by Qian Longtou.”

Lang Ji’s face immediately changed. He didn’t think that Qian Longtou, whom he had been so loyal for all this time, would use this type of means. Funny how he still worked with his life for more than a decade. He was worse than a pig.

No wonder every time he said he wanted to annihilate his adversary, Qian Lontou would just say that the time wasn’t ready yet. So this was it. No wonder when he was running away, he just happened to meet Qian Longtou at Macau.

This was no coincidence; Qian Longtou liked to gamble, but he would never go to Macau to gamble.

When he first started working for Qian Longtou, Nan Qing wasn’t as big as it was now. It could be said that there was a major share of work from him in Nan Qing. It could be imagined that Qian Longtou heard about his name. Although Lang Ji offended someone strong and ran to Macau, he still used means to get Lang Ji to work for him.

Lang Ji couldn’t think why Qian Longtou’s advisor would give him this hint, and he didn’t have the time to think. He just scrunched up the paper and threw it at Qian Longtou. “Qian Baihe, no wonder you’re always delaying my revenge. It was done by yourself. F*ck, and I still say that I am indebted to you. I’m going to kill you myself today.”

Ye Mo didn’t look at the letter but he could see from Lang Ji’s infuriated expression that Qian Longtou seemed to have tricked him. He was thinking if he should kill Lang Ji after he was finished with his things, but now, it seemed that it was no hurry. Perhaps there was more use for Lang Ji.

Seeing Lang Ji charge towards Qian Longtou, Li Sandao immediately stopped Lang Ji. “Lang Ji you’re injured now, you’re no match for me, I don’t want to attack my brother.”

“Brother, f*ck off. Qian Longtou stabbed me in the back in order to get me to work for him, and I really thought he coincidentally saved me. Li San, are you also tricked by this bastard like me.” Lang Ji was furious.

Li Sandao shook his head however. “The chairman did indeed save my life. I won’t let you attack.”

Li Sandao was very clear how Qian Longtou was like to him. When he was begging on the streets, if Qian Longtou didn’t take him away, he would’ve starved to death. He swore he would serve the chairman his entire life. However, his character was a bit clumsy, and there were many things he couldn’t do. Although he was Qian Longtou’s most trusted man, he could only help lead Qian Longtou’s army, however, he didn’t need to have the wisdom of Dongfang Xi to lead a hired army.

Ye Mo watched as Lang Ji and Li Sandao started fighting. They were actually evenly matched. It seemed that this Li Sandao was not bad.

Wu Qiang’s eyes turned. He wouldn’t be loyal to Qian Longtou, but he still needed to test Ye Mo.

Although he felt he was no match for Xian Daoist, but he felt he wasn’t far off. After all, he was only 30 or so, meanwhile this Ye Mo seemed younger than him. He didn’t believe everyone had the same fortune as him. When he was 10, he met a master at Miao Jiang. He had been practicing martial arts for 26 years now, and was working very hard. He wouldn’t be distracted due to other things. He loved women, but for martial arts, he could even refrain from sleeping with one for 3 years.

He didn’t believe that Ye Mo, a mere 20 years old, could be a match for him.

“I’m Wu Qiang; although I know you have some powerful weapons or artefacts, but I still want to try if you’re really as strong as they say…” Wu Qiang smiled faintly and said. But before he finished, his leg had kicked out.

All of Wu Qiang’s power was on his legs, but his killing move wasn’t on his leg. No one knew his killing move because those who knew were already dead. Although he just fought with Xian Daoist for a few rounds, it was just a test battle, so he never used his killing move.

The wind brought by his legs had a rhythm. Other than Ye Mo, no one could even feel it, but as soon as Wu Qiang attacked, Ye Mo knew he was much stronger than Lang Ji.

For someone like Wu Qiang, his invisibility was useless because he was only Stage 3 Chi Gathering. If he went invisible and used his chi, then Wu Qiang would feel it. However, invisibility without any chi and killing intent had no attacking effect.

Moreover, Ye Mo wanted to test how strong the masters here were, so he also kicked out.

Seeing Ye Mo actually kick to his leg, Wu Qiang surged with excitement. Even when Xiao Daoist was fighting him, he didn’t dare to use his leg to clash with his. This Ye Mo was so naïve; he would certainly break his leg.

Bang! Bang! Bang! After a few clashing sounds, Ye Mo just felt his leg bones were a bit painful, but he stood where he was without moving. This was the first time he saw a normal martial artist train his leg to such a degree.

Wu Qiang took a few steps back. Although his legs didn’t break, but that bone wrenching pain almost made him yell out. He looked at Ye Mo in shock. It was just a quick clash, but he already kicked more than 20 times. However, Ye Mo didn’t even move and just used his legs to kick him away.

He never would’ve thought that his legs would be kicked to pain by someone else. He already spent more than 20 years training his leg. Even if Ye Mo was training in his mother’s womb, he couldn’t train his leg to be stronger than his.

As Ye Mo mobilized his chi, the pain disappeared. Wu Qiang’s leg was this strong. This was greatly out of Ye Mo’s expectation, but Ye Mo didn’t want to waste time. He flung out a metal nail casually.

Clink. Almost at the same time Ye Mo shot out the nail, a white light flashed at Wu Qiang’s sleeve, and the nail was blocked. However, Wu Qiang stumbled back a few steps and spat out blood.

Ye Mo was shocked. It was the first time his metal nails were blocked.