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120 Magic Artefact Social

Chapter 120: Magic Artefact Social

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“What thing?” Ye Mo thought that he knew the old man because of magic artefact bracelet. Was it related to magic artefact?

“Three days later, West Door, Lao Da Street, will open a magic artefact exhibition social. It is said that all the elite in the profession of the country will go. Even some foreign merchants are attending, and some of the products will be provided by the ancient martial arts sects. Of course, they want to sell for money. If you’re interested brother, then you can come with me.” When Lin Huihe spoke, he was very excited.

After speaking, he seemed to have thought of something and said, ”Oh perhaps you haven’t heard of ancient martial arts, no matter. I’ll explain it to you then. In fact, I don’t know much, but the things they have are really good products. They would only sell a small portion each year to exchange for money. However, it’s just that the price is overwhelming high.”

Hearing there was ancient martial arts sects, Ye Mo was interested. Even if these sects weren’t involved, he wanted to see how the magic artefacts were here. He was thinking if Luo Susu was also from the ancient martial arts sects. It seemed so.

Now, he didn’t have any contact of Luo Susu and didn’t even know where she lived. If he knew where she lived, then perhaps he would be able to go find her. Even if he was to, it would have to wait after he had dealt with Qian Longtou.

But hearing Lin Huihe say the products were overwhelming expensive, he didn’t have that much money. He only had $100,000 and he just gave it to Er Hu. As for Li Hu’s $500,000, he hadn’t asked for it yet. As such, he couldn’t help but say, “But I don’t have much money, and the prices are so high….”

Lin Huihe also showed his hands and said, “I don’t have much money either. I’m just going there for a look.”

Ye Mo thought and agreed. He would go there first and see. Plus, no matter how good their magic artefact was, could it be better than his? He was a real cultivator, perhaps he could bring something there to sell.

“Um, Older Brother Lin…” Before Ye Mo finished his words, he was interrupted by Lin Huihe, “I’ll call you Brother from now on, so you just call me Brother Lin. It’s hard nowadays to find a friend who also likes magical artefacts. Why not?”

“In that case, I won’t be polite then.” Ye Mo wasn’t someone too fussed about this. Although Lin Huihe was so much older than him, he was open.

“Do you think I can bring something to sell there?” Ye Mo hadn’t been to this social before so he had to ask Lin Huihe.

Lin Huihe asked in surprise, “Ye brother, you can make your own magic artefact?”

Ye Mo smiled and said, “I can make some, but they are all ordinary. I’m preparing to make some simple artefacts and some medical pills I made. Does that work?”

“Of course it does, I’ll help you get a stall. You go prepare the things first, I’ll come for you 3 days later.” Although Lin Huihe was surprised, he felt it was normal after thinking about it. After all, Ye Mo could recognize magical artefacts. Now that he said he could make some simple ones, it wasn’t too surprising. There were too many magical artefacts on the market, but no one knew if they were really effective. Even if he made a few fake ones, as long as he sold it, it would be fine. There were too much fake ones in the market now. Perhaps there was only one real one amongst ten thousand.

In 3 days time, Ye Mo made 5 magical artefact necklaces. It was much cheaper to make than bracelet, but this time, Ye Mo didn’t use cheap jade. He had $100,000 now and wanted to sell these for a good price, so he used good jade.

Not including production cost, each necklace costed more than $10,000 just for material cost.

Other than this, he used the remaining $90,000 to buy some medical herbs putting them with the ones he collected from the borderlands. He made some pills, 12 in total, but he prepared 12 bottles. He wanted to sell these for a good price.

Because this exhibition social was showing runic paper, magic artefact and all sorts of blessed items, it would catch too much attention if he sold those things here. As for runes, he didn’t dare to make them because his ones were too extraordinary compared to the ones here.

The runes sold here were usually made by street artists. Some had mind cleansing properties, but compared to Ye Mo’s runes, they couldn’t even be said to be runes. Not only could Ye Mo’s runes attack, it could also cure disease. Now that he was Stage 3 Chi Gathering, the attacking runes he make could even kill people.

It would cause too much sensation. Plus, it took too long to make them. Even though Ye Mo was Stage 3 Chi Gathering now, it would be great if he could make one a day.

As for medical pills and protective necklaces, if he sold it, people could only know its effect after time. Plus, even if the person who bought it knew of the effects, they wouldn’t know who sold it. From Lin Huihe’s description, there would be so many people going, and it would be very messy. Who would know he sold it?

Even if they did, he could push the blame to someone else. Plus, Lin Huihe told him, the buyers only looked if the items were real—they didn’t care who sold it. Only some of the ancient martial arts sects’ items were popular, but they were very little in amount.

When Ye Mo prepared everything, Lin Huihe had already come looking for him. But this time, he didn’t come by himself, he was sent here by a car.

Ye Mo gave a medical pill to Lin Huihe. Lin Huihe didn’t act polite and just took it. In his eyes, Ye Mo’s skills were passed down from his ancestors. Although it could cure some diseases, it was very limited. The reason he took it was to accept Ye Mo’s good will and that he helped Ye Mo. If he didn’t take something, perhaps Ye Mo would doubt him.

Seeing Lin Huihe just take the pill without even asking him about its effects, Ye Mo knew what Lin Huihe thoughts but didn’t care. He just reminded, “Lin brother, this pill is passed down from my ancestors called Emergency Pill. Not only does it have emergency saving effects but can also cure some internal wounds.”

Although Ye Mo reminded Lin Huihe, Lin Huihe still didn’t care that much. However, that young driver smiled after hearing the words. It was Lin Huihe’s character to take a liking into these strange stuff. Even the friends he made seemed to be selling fake medicine. But from his conversation, Ye Mo got to know that Lin Huihe was originally the mayor of Hu Yang City but had retired. However, his son, Lin Zhidan, was the current vice mayor of Luo Cang, but Lin Huihe didn’t talk much about this.

Ye Mo thought no wonder that despite looking amicable, Lin Huihe had the temperature of someone in authority. He was the last mayor.

Lin Huihe saw that Ye Mo’s expression remained the same after introducing himself and still called him Brother Lin. Lin Huihe nodded to himself. He felt that Ye Mo was indeed not as simple as he looked. This could be seen from their conversation. The reason Lin Huihe told him his identity was to see if Ye Mo was someone to form stronger bonds with.

However, he would be no different to normal people in Ye Mo’s eyes even if he was the American president much less a mayor.

If someone else was to suddenly know that they met a mayor, they would immediately try to suck up to him especially when this mayor’s son was also a mayor.

However, Ye Mo still treated him like a normal person without any signs of excitement or abnormality. He was still mainly asking about the exhibition social.

After talking with Lin Huihe, Ye Mo got to know more about the exhibition. Normally, those who could go in were rich merchants or people with a certain degree of fame. Not everyone could go. It meant that it was mainly due to Lin Huihe that Ye Mo could go in.

The place could allow for 3000 people, and it would still be very spacious.

However, due to the restrictions of the place, those people who came were either rich or powerful. So other than the stalls exhibiting items, the entire place would be rather empty. The middle of the place even had a testing area.

Lin Huihe also asked others for help to get Ye Mo a stall. However, because most people’s stalls took up a large place, Ye Mo could only get a small corner at the edge. However, this was enough for Ye Mo. He wasn’t selling much and didn’t want to be too high profile.

When Ye Mo and Lin huihe came in, he showed Ye Mo his stall and quickly went to meet his old friends. He came to this place wanting to buy another good artefact but he wasn’t too familiar with this. He originally wanted Ye Mo to help him but now that Ye Mo had his business, he could only get a few old friends to look with him before asking Ye Mo to make the final decision.

Ye Mo didn’t have much things to begin with. He really only needed a table. His things were in his pockets and could be taken away easily unlike most stalls that were not only big but also had huge banners.

Just besides Ye Mo’s stall, there were all sorts of banners showcasing stalls. However, a banner not far ahead caught Ye Mo’s attention. It said protective necklace and had a big ancient word.

Ye Mo thought this was probably the stall the ancient martial arts sects had. He could go have a look later and ask about Luo Susu’s sect.