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Chapter 110: Bitter Well

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In the wind corroded caves, Ye Mo looked at Luo Susu who was getting worse by the minute. He was very worried, but he has withered himself. If he gave Luo Susu some more blood, perhaps he really wouldn’t be able to hold on.

Ye Mo hated why he was just missing that little bit of spirit chi to break through. If he was on the third level now, there would be no problems at all.

His mind wandered as he seemed to see that yellow dressed girl give more than half of her water to him. After a long time, the figure of the yellow dressed girl appeared to merge with his master Luo Ying. He could no longer tell if she was Luo Ying or Luo Susu.

Suddenly, Ye Mo woke up once again. He knew he couldn’t hold on any longer. But in his mind, he couldn’t bear to watch the woman he brought agony die in front of his eyes. Thinking of this, Ye Mo perseveringly slit open his wrists without hesitation and pointed it at Luo Susu’s mouth.

Ye Mo’s wounds healed very fast but Ye Mo had made up his mind. As soon as his injuries healed, he would slice it open again. He had this deep feeling in his heart that Luo Ying was Luo Susu. Otherwise, why would he fall for her so hard?

He didn’t know how many times he cut himself, but Ye Mo felt a sudden sense of fatigue. He was aware that he was about to die.

He didn’t think that he still didn’t walk out of this desert eventually. However, more intriguingly was that he died with a girl with surname Luo. Luo Susu, Luo Ying.

Ye Mo had a smile at the corner of his mouth. He thought that he didn’t belong here anyways. Since he was going and could die with the woman he fell for, he was satisfied.

The moment he went unconscious, he didn’t think about anything. It was just the figure of Luo Ying and Luo Susu in front of his eyes. One moment, it would be Luo Ying, another moment, it would be Luo Susu. Then, they merged . He didn’t want to think. Regardless of whether it was Luo Ying or Luo Susu, he felt he was satisfied as long as he had one by his side.

It was unknown how much time had passed, but when Luo Susu woke up, the moon was high in the sky. The whole cave was shone brightly by the moonlight. Suddenly, she realized that her face cover had been unveiled, her heart skipped. But soon, she found that Ye Mo’s wrist was still at her mouth. The wound had formed a scab. She carefully removed Ye Mo’s hand to discover that Ye Mo had slept on the sand. He was unconscious. He had his other hand around her waist but still kept a smile on his mouth.

Luo Susu eventually understood that she was saved by Ye Mo. If it wasn’t for Ye Mo’s blood, she would have been long dead.

Ye Mo risked his life bringing her out of the sea of bugs and then used his own blood to save her. But why would Ye Mo save someone he just met. Was it just because she gave a bag of water to him?

Other than Lan Yu saving her life, for the first time, Luo Susu felt that she owed the young man in front of her. Although she might not live, but she still felt she owed him, even if she died immediately.

Luo Susu had never been so close to a man before much less being carried by one for two whole days and one night. The man below her had a pale face, but he was still smiling. She wondered what he was thinking about.

Luo Susu extended her shaking hand and felt Ye Mo’s face. Though, there were some sand on it, his features were easily distinguished. There wasn’t a bit of fat. The moment she touched his face, he suddenly gave her a sense of familiarity, but that feeling felt to be on the brink of existence and non-existence. Something that she just couldn’t grasp.

Did he die?

Luo Susu suddenly felt melancholic. Although she hadn’t found Ning Qingxue, she still repaid the debt she owed to Lan Yu as she was going to lose her life in the desert. However, how could she pay back the debt she owed to a man who had already died?

He used his own blood to save her. Although she was still going to die, she would die after him.

Luo Susu couldn’t understand why Ye Mo would save her. She even imagined that when the bugs caught up, Ye Mo would dump her instead of dumping his bag. If he didn’t save Luo Susu, maybe he would still be alive.

However, he dumped his bag instead of dumping her. Her heart that never felt a ripple suddenly ruptured for a stranger.

Her memory was simple. From the age of five, she was taken away to study some secret arts. 12 years later, she returned to thank sister Lan Yu once. The place she was at was the hidden doors. What she learned were the ancient Chinese martial arts. Those from the hidden doors were not allowed in the mortal world. In addition, the place she was at, the Peace Door, had to stay away from the ruckus of the human world. Thus, only she knew the hardship of her coming to help Lan Yu.

Other than repaying her debt to Lan Yu, nothing else tying her to the mortal world. Thus, her memories before five years of living were city memories. Eventually, after that, it was hidden door memories, simple and innocent.

Although she had a young heart, she would never have any emotional ripples. In her eyes, other than training, there was nothing else. But today, a strange man died for her, and for the first time, she felt moved. Not for anything else, just for his actions.

The people from the hidden doors were cold and only focused on cultivation. No one would risk their lives to save another. But right now, Luo Susu met someone who was willing to give up his life to save her. Perhaps when he dropped that bag, he was already preparing for the worst.

Why did he do that?

Luo Susu felt that she almost couldn’t control her emotions. She couldn’t bear Ye Mo’s death. Her eyes were cloudy. She knew this wasn’t good for her, but she couldn’t hold it.

“Susu, our way of cultivation is one that requires a serene heart. You must remember not to t let anything affect your emotions, refrain from joy, worry, anger, pain... You must not get too emotional.” Her master’s words seemed to be echoing by her ear. However, Luo Susu just couldn’t control her sorrow.

She didn’t know how her master controlled herself, but she couldn’t even control herself over the death of a stranger. How could this be? Even if she owed him a life and she was about to die, why was she so sad?

Suddenly, her heart ached as though all her power was about to leave her. Spew, Luo Susu spewed out blood. Looking at the thick red stain on the ground, Luo Susu’s eyes were filled with dim sorrow. Was this the side effects of her cultivation method?

She looked down again at Ye Mo who had his eyes tightly closed. She still couldn’t resist her tears as it fell onto his face and rolled into his mouth. Luo Susu suddenly thought if all her tears fell into his mouth, would he come back alive?

Ye Mo, in a boundless darkness, suddenly saw a clear well. He felt he was very thirsty and he jumped into the well. He drank all the water but there was very little and it was bitter.

He opened his mouth and waited for more of the bitter water.

Luo Susu’s hand suddenly felt Ye Mo’s heart beat. Although it was very faint, but it was still there. He wasn’t dead. Luo Susu suddenly rejoiced. If only she had more water.

Luo Susu didn’t even think before grabbing Ye Mo’s sword and slitting her wrist too. Blood immediately gushed out and she quickly pointed it to Ye Mo’s mouth. She wanted Ye Mo to drink but her blood was too viscous. Ye Mo couldn’t drink it.

In desperation, Luo Susu shed tears again. She sucked from her own wrist and fed it to Ye Mo’s mouth. But with just that, she could no longer hold out and fell unconscious as well. Her blood was too thick and in just a moment, it coagulated.

Ye Mo felt that bitter well water suddenly become viscous. His mouth seemed to feel a softness. He subconsciously gulped and his Dan Tian felt some heat.

Ye Mo was a bit conscious. He seemed to have noticed something and started to cultivate. He was getting more and more aware and was even sure that he was at the edge of a breakthrough. He wouldn’t let this opportunity pass.

Ye Mo’s chi continued to go through cycles of cultivation. One cycle, two cycles. That membrane which stopped Ye Mo from reaching the third level was getting thinner and thinner. Charging and charging again as well.

Ye Mo didn’t have anything else in mind. He just wanted to break through that membrane.

Luo Susu felt a warmth as well as something that seemed to calm her spirit. She opened her eyes enjoying that sense. She felt that even if she died like this, she would be very peaceful. She was very grateful towards the young man who brought her away from the bugs allowing her to choose such a peaceful way of death.

But soon, she understood that Ye Mo’s body emitted this sense. Ye Mo still didn’t open his eyes. His face was still pale, but it had more blood than before.

Luo Susu rejoiced. She knew she couldn’t endure much longer, but if she could save this person, then she would have no regrets. She would’ve paid back everything and would be able to leave this world without any regrets. Then she had this sense that made her feel close to this man. She couldn’t tell why she would feel such way.

She slit open her wrist once again and sucked passing the blood to Ye Mo’s mouth.

Ye Mo was at the critical moment of breaking through to third level. He didn’t expect such a thing to happen.

But soon, he understood what woke him up. That viscous liquid in his dreams was Luo Susu’s blood. That softness was her lips. He felt moved but just didn’t know what that bitter water was.

Other than his master Luo Ying, this was the first time Ye Mo was moved by a woman. He didn’t like to shed tears and never did, but now, his eyes felt sore.

Ye Mo wanted to stop Luo Susu’s suicide, but he couldn’t at this moment. He needed to focus all his effort on breaking through. Only then could he save both of them.

Luo Susu suddenly raised her hand and wiped the tear from Ye Mo’s eye as she mumbled, “Sister Yu said today is my birthday. I didn’t think I would have my last birthday here.” Then, she fell on Ye Mo and fainted. Like Ye Mo, she fainted with a smile on her face.

Regardless of whether she could save Ye Mo, she did all she could. She didn’t owe anyone and could leave without any regrets.