Strategists Reincarnation Death Match
109 Asking For A Favour
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Strategists Reincarnation Death Match
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109 Asking For A Favour

Baron had just gotten the notification that he was victorious when he was transported out of the sim. Once out, he looked at Xiao Li and the two began to chat.

(XL) "Looks like I was no match for you Baron. Looks like the rumours of you being quite the resourceful strategist to be no mere fluke. Just one question though, how did you know that I would run out of missiles after turning to retreat?" Xiao Li asked in curiosity.

(BM) "Well, I actually banked on you using up the missiles on the first group of 30 or so ships that went to intercept you. The second group was actually defending the direction that you didn't go towards, that's why they didn't move." Baron confessed.

(XL) "I see, looks like I need to experience more naval warfare before I can deem myself an expert. Thank you for the sim, I have other matters to attend to. I'll be leaving now, good luck to you on the sea battle portion on the tournament."

(BM) "You as well my friend."

Baron waved off Xiao Li as he made his way to Madam Zheng's VIP residence once again. He had been in the sim just now for approximately a day or so in planet 4's time and he thought it was enough time for Madam Zheng to finish with her important meeting with another famous elder.

Just as he reached the door, he saw Zi Bo and Zi Ji Ge just standing outside guarding the door. Baron went up to them and asked them what was happening now.

(ZJG) "Well, if you must know, Madam Zheng is in the middle of a strategic meeting with her two husbands at the moment. We're just out here to make sure that no one disturbs them." Xi Ji Ge said with that too good attitude of hers.

(BM) "Oh, I see. Might I just ask then, senior, will the two of you be joining those three when the tournament starts?"

(ZJG) "Well, I suppose there isn't any harm in telling you. We do not plan on teaming up with them in the early stages of the tournament, but rather to work independently at first then merge once the competition becomes too much for me and my brother to handle. What are you planning on doing?"

(BM) "Well, I was wondering if I could ask a favor. The favor being if we could tag along with one of the elders of your faction."

(ZJG) "Oh? I heard that your group was not too shabby during the aerial warfare portion of the tournament, why are you asking now?"

(BM) "We have been practicing aerial strategies for the better part of the last few decades and that left us with no time to train for land battles, much less for naval pursuits"

(ZJG) "Hah, makes sense. Then doesn't that mean that you guys aren't all that prepared for the land battles then?"

(BM) "Unfortunately so, once this tournament ends, we will have to go back to training for that even more now that we have more exposure to even more strategies. It's all for that faction selection tournament. I'm afraid to say that if we don't win during the upcoming one, we will lose our two best aerial strategists and our chances of winning will be lower the next time we attempt it."

(ZJG) "Well, I don't think any of the other elders of the Forever Pirates will be grateful that they have to babysit during the tournament, even if it is their boss that tells them to do it. So find someone else." She said as she felt a tug on her shirt.

It was her brother again, and he was looking at her with another expression that he wanted his sister to reconsider. This time it wasn't pleading, rather more of a this has a meaning type of look.

(ZJG) "Alright fine! I don't know why you like him so much. You can join us once the tournament begins, but you should know that you are never to question our choices, got it?"

(BM) "Really, thank you, seniors. Also, Zi Bo, I need a bit more time with the book you gave to me, that alright with you?" Baron asked to which Zi Bo just nodded his head in agreement.

Baron left after saying goodbye to the two siblings and went to go meet up with Guan Yu and Yue Fei. These three were going to go take part in the naval part of the tournament, and the Meng duo would just be sitting and spectating this time around. With less than half a day to go until it started, Baron and the other two started to strategize on what they would do inside the sim.

(BM) "Hey guys, if you want to team with naval experts, Zi Bo and Zi Ji Ge have agreed to take us in," Baron said.
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(GY) "That's a good thing, naval warfare is not in our priorities at the moment and gaining experience from actual experts will prove to be extremely worth our time even if it means that we won't be able to rack up any notable achievements." Guan Yu pointed out.

(YF) "I agree with that sentiment. Experience in warfare we are not familiar with is the best path to take." Yue Fei agreed.

(BM) "I'm glad that the two of you agree. Oh right, before we start get to the tournament, read this book." Baron said as he handed the book given from Zi Bo to the other two.

(GY) "A guide to naval warfare hey? Sounds interesting."

(YF) "It's not too terribly wrong, reading it before the tournament shouldn't be a problem.

(BM) "Just make sure you take everything you read with a grain of salt since what he writes is based on his own experience and we are all different strategists who use different strategies."

(GY) "Of course, that is to be expected since he seems to be the more defensive type, whereas I excel at offensives."
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