Strategists Reincarnation Death Match
95 An Unsuccessful Trade
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Strategists Reincarnation Death Match
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95 An Unsuccessful Trade

After Baron pitched his plan to Meng Tian, Yue Fei, and Chen Di, he immediately went to work. Just before he had been released by the Bair fighters, Biao Gong had actually given him a special radio that could be used to communicate between the two of them. Now, Baron planned on using it to ask for a favour.

(BM) "Hey, elder Biao Gong. Are you there?" Baron asked with respect in his voice.

(BG) "What do you want Baron?" He answered rather uninterested.

(BM) "Well, I sort of have a favour to ask of you. Have you heard that the Yellow Wang faction and the Sun Alliance have sent quite a few of their heavy hitters to knock us down a few pegs?"

(BG) "Hah, of course we do. We have the GPS after all, and even if we didn't, there are still many ways of finding that kind of obvious stuff out."

(BM) "Yes, well. I was wondering if you still had all those strategists that you had taken from all the various groups."

(BG) "Yes we do actually."

(BM) "Well, the favour I wanted to ask of you was to see if you could send a few of them to us."

(BG) "What will you be doing with them? It's is highly unlikely that they will just follow a, no offense, weak group like yours."

(BM) "Ah I understand that point fairly well. However, I don't plan on using any of them to fight any wars or anything like that, no, no, no. I plan on using them to trade back for one of our strategists."

(BG) "Hold on." He said followed by a long pause. "Alright, I just got permission from my superior to do what you have asked of us."

(BM) "Really? Aren't you going to ask for something in return?" Baron was taken slightly aback.

(BG) "Haha, no need. We are quite curious as to how this strategist trade will play out. Though I must say that you will be on the losing side no matter if the trade goes through or not. Not only will you let your foes get back a powerful piece of the playing board, but also the time that it takes to do this is not small."

(BM) "Not to worry. You just send all the Sun Alliance elders as well as William Bridges, and I will deal with the rest."

(BG) "All of them? You sure do know that trading all of them for just one of your own is not the best way to go about this right?"

(BM) "Not to worry, I already know what to do if this doesn't play out like I hope it will." Baron said with a stern attitude.

Biao Gong arranged everything and within half a week, 5 powerful strategists were delivered to Baron. Meanwhile, Baron had called for a temporary ceasefire with the few armies that had encroached on his land. The reason for the temporary truce, as he told Li Mu, Bai Qi, and Wang Yi was that he had wanted to trade William Bridges and one of the Sun Alliance elder's best in exchange for Meng Yi.

Such an offer was clearly rejected at first, but after seeing that Baron did indeed have William, as well as one of the elders from the Sun Alliance, they were ready to listen. All of the separate armies were gathered up in one place where the transfer of prisoners would go down.

This would be between Baron and Bai Qi, the one who kidnapped Meng Yi in the first place. They met up each with several hundred elite bodyguards behind them. They stopped when they were both about 20 feet from each other, with all the others standing behind these two men and their personal armies.

By Bai Qi's side was Li Mu, both of them were co-leaders of the third most powerful faction in the Chinese community, the Yellow Wang faction. There was also a Sun Alliance elder with them. On the other side was Baron accompanied by Meng Tian, Meng Yi's older brother. Both sides pushed a few tied up strategists in front of them.

(BM) "Alright Bai Qi, hand over Meng Yi and the others first, then we will hand over William Bridges as well as the elder from the Sun Alliance." Baron shouted out.

(BQ) "Humph, you've got quite the spunk kid. To think you had the gall to actually get the Bair fighters to hand over some hostages to you. You boy, are getting quite cocky if you think you can always get what you want. All's fair in love and war, isn't that what they say?" Bai Qi said as he nudged Meng Yi and the others to make their way to Baron. He had a cruel and sinister smile on his face as he watched them slowly make their way to Baron. Suddenly, he snapped his fingers and multiple gunshots were heard from Bai Qi's side. Meng YI and the others dropped like flies, they were dead.

(LM) "Bai Qi, you fool, what have you done? We had a deal with not only this kid, but also to the elders of the Sun Alliance." Li Mu said with urgency in his eyes. He looked at the Sun elder that was beside him.

(SE) "What the hell was that for Bai Qi? You better have a good reason for breaking our deal." THe Sun elder practically shouted at Bai Qi.

(BQ) "Screw the deal, I didn't like it anyway. Don't worry I doubt they can do anything to retaliate. If they did to us what we did to them, then they will effectively make both of our factions their enemies." Bai Qi said with a smug smile on his face.

(MT) "Meng Yi!" Meng Tian said as he saw his brother die in front of him. He was near the point of being hysterical.

(BM) "Not to worry, I suspected as much. Guards! Bring me the other 3." Baron ordered.

"Yes sir," A guard said. Three more prisoners were brought out in full view of everyone.

(BM) "Tell my commando squad leaders to cut each one of our prisoners 1,000 times while not dealing so much damage that they die. Then load a bullet into their skull after the cuts."

"You got it boss,"
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