Strategists Reincarnation Death Match
93 First Impressions
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Strategists Reincarnation Death Match
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93 First Impressions

Now that there are only 4 groups left, the territory should be pretty easily defined. The northernmost part of the map was the territory of the Yellow Wang group, and the combined forces of the Sun Alliance elders were mostly to the center. Baron's group occupied the lands to the east and the Bair fighters had the most land taking a huge chunk from the western, and southern parts of the map.

Since the Bair fighters didn't seem to have any intention of doing anything else providing any other sort of aid to the three remaining teams, nor did they seem to want to fight the Yellow Wang and Sun Alliance group had decided to put aside their differences and put their resources into taking out Baron's group first.

This piece of news had long reached the Meng duo then they spread it out to the rest of their teammates. Since this was the case they had to devise a way to repel this sort of attack or drag it on long enough that the others felt no use in continuing. This was an extremely dire situation as they only had a little over a week to prepare before the attack. During this time they had made the majority of their bases start producing multiple Deepstrikes, MANPADS, and a bunch of anti aircraft vehicles.

Soon enough, the forces of these two powers were upon them. There were multiple attacks from both of them to the north and western parts of their lands. There would be 4 separate forces that would pierce into their lands. One group was led by Li Mu, another by Bai Qi, another by an unknown group of elders from the Sun Alliance, and the last group was led by Wang Yi and Eumenes of Greece.

The Meng duo spared absolutely none of their forces into their defenses, even going so far as to recall 80% of their forces from other bases not directly under the path of the original 4. Every last resource was put into this defense, that means that all noteworthy generals in their camp would be called upon to face the might of these four armies that had an unimaginable amount of experience under them. After much discussion, the choices had been made as to who would lead detachments to stall the four armies.

The Meng duo could deduce that the forces led by Li Mu and Bai Qi would be the true offensives and that they would need the most amount of resources to deal with. This meant that the most strategists, manpower, and firepower would have to go to deal with these two armies. That being said, the best strategist at their disposal was Chen Di, he would be sent along with Guan Yu and a few others to deal with perhaps the most bloodthirsty out of all their opponents, the human butcher Bai Qi.

The most troublesome out of all their opponents would have to be the army led by Li Mu of the Yellow Wang faction. To counterattack this offensive, the Meng duo would be sent to intercept them. As for Wang Yi and Eumenes, Baron and Yue Fei would have to stall them as long as they could with only half the number of forces that Wang Yi had. This could be a determinant of just how dire the situation had become. Lastly, commander Naire, and commander Byron would be sent to the last battlefield to stall the group of elders from the Sun Alliance.

The situation wasn't completely against them however, they did have a few advantages as well. For one, they had the home field advantage, which means that the weapon systems that they had installed in every single one of their bases would be of use if they were within 25 kilometers of the base. Second, they still had quite a few troops that were sent by the Bair fighters, even though they might not number much, they were still crack troops that could be relied upon to complete their tasks. Thirdly, though this was not exactly an advantage, all the spectators that would be watching this tournament would all have their eyes on these 4 battlefields. If any one of them lost too badly, this could end up to be a career suicide, so they could only do their best to make the best judgements in order to have a future. This put everyone on their best behaviour and made them think rationally before they commit to anything.

Truth be told, there were more than 4 armies piercing into their lands, however, none of the people leading those much smaller armies were much of a threat to the overall stratagem, but the Meng duo did decide to put a few armies in between their paths in hopes of stalling them. No matter what, this situation was do or die. If they lost, they would not get the greatest prizes, nor would they get the fame associated with a semi big tournament such as this.

If anything, this point motivated everyone in Baron's group to do their utmost to keep their kingdom going. After all, if they were to come back next time, they definitely would not be able to match the results and luck that they had right now. It was rare enough that such a strong group such as the Bair fighters would send their crack troops to aid anybody that they wished to, much less expecting this sort of behaviour a second or third time.

This went doubly for Baron's group of 5, this was their debut fight, so to say. First impressions were important, and if they are able to repel the infamous Yellow Wang faction away, even if not at full strength, signalled that they were more than skilled. This was it, if everything went according to plan and they manage to push back these 4 armies they would have some sort of fame attached to their name, even if they were the next group to be eliminated.
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