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Strategists Reincarnation Death Match
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92 The Final 4

Baron followed Biao Gong to a separate room while being all the more confused as to what this was all for.

(BG) "Tell me Baron, in what year did you die on Earth?" Biao Gong asked sternly.

(BM) "About 2020. Why do you ask?" Baron was unsure of what this had to do with anything.

(BG) "Only 2020? That means you are quite knowledgeable on what the current events are on the outside."

(BM) "I suppose you could say that."

(BG) "Tell me, what is the most advanced system that you have seen."

(BM) "Well, if you mean by weapons, I assure you that the GPS is still of vital importance. However, if you mean by pure destructive power, then that would be a nuclear bomb that is capable of wiping out hundreds of thousands in no time at all."

(BG) "That would be quite impressive if it weren't so terrifying."

(BM) "Indeed, it seems that from your era to mine, war persists no matter who is in charge and what time period it is in. It seems like war will never disappear, just more destructive. Now, what did you bring me here for, surely it isn't due to this casual talk?"

(BG) "No, this is about another matter. Here." He said as he handed Baron a sheet of paper with a weird almost nordic symbol on it.

"What's this?"

(BG) "It's a symbol that you should carve into your brain. This group is far more powerful than us. We are just a subsidiary group that's not even anywhere near their level of influence. This is an invitation. Another group will tell you all about us. For now, you may go back to your group. We have use for you yet." He said and left the room only for a couple of guards to enter and escort Baron back to Meng Tian and the others.


Back at the territory where the Meng duo and the others had started to expand their territory into neighboring lands.

(MT) "Wow, we have made quite a bit of progress since we received the reinforcements haven't we?" Meng Tian said into the radio that was connected to all the other high ranking officers that were under him and his brother, Meng Yi.

(MY) "Calm down now brother, though we may have received the most reinforcements out of anyone here, we should still stay vigilant and think our plans through." Meng Yi said right next to him.

(CN) "This is insane, these troops and aircraft that we have received are so well trained and way more advanced than I have ever seen. These guys must be powerful as heck to have the resources necessary to buy something as amazing as this." Commander Naire complimented.

(CB) "What Naire says is correct. These must be some insane people if they are able to send so many of their forces away and not have to worry about anything at all." Byron said in admiration.

(GY) "No matter how impressive they are they are still our enemies don't forget that. Complimenting an enemy is alright, but don't do it too much, it lowers the morale of our men even further." Guan Yu pitched in.

(YF) "Indeed, though we are making great leaps into conquering our enemies, don't forget that should the Bair fighters choose to, they could send just as many of their forces to any other faction around and that would be disastrous for us." Yue Fei mentioned.

(MT) "Ah don't worry about it, for now we should just focus on doing our best to use the advantage that we have, who knows when the Bair fighters will end up recalling their soldiers. I'm in a great mood right now due to all the help that they have given us."

(MY) "I haven't seen you so happy in such a long time brother, but you need to be… Baron? Since when did you get back from the Bair fighters?" He said as he saw Baron walk into the room.

(BM) "Oh just now. Guess what I brought with me? Another few thousand in reinforcements." Baron said with a big smile on his face.

(MT) "That is excellent news indeed. Let's get right to work!"

The situation for the next few months remained in a sort of stalemate between all the different territories, then one territory fell, and another, and another. After a few months more of warfare between the different lands, there emerged three that would prove to be on almost equal footing. The Sun Alliance elders, or what's left of them, had joined together in hopes of outlasting the others. The Yellow Wang faction was able to recruit and absorb two more parties to their cause and were another group that had quite a lot of power in there. Finally, Baron's group would last to this final 3 type of situation and although their forces were the best out of these 3 groups, they were still considered the weakest due to them having the least experienced strategists.

Who could forget that the Bair fighters were still there? Even though they had been inactive for the majority of the last year or so, they still had the largest land mass to their name, they still had the deadliest force on this map, and most of all, they still had many of the hostages that they had taken previous to sending their reinforcements to the other territories. It was common knowledge that it was this group that was likeliest out of all that would win this tournament, but the 3 remaining factions were still doing all in their power to duke it out for second place. In fact, this sort of motivated them even more. This was because they could say afterwards that they were the last to face the infamous and overly powerful mysterious Bair fighters.

Right now, the group ran by the 4 Yellow Wang faction co-leaders were in a mutual alliance with the Sun Alliance elders. Their goal was to wipe Baron's group off the map and out of the tournament before the Bair fighters decided to send them any reinforcements. They had gotten wind of Baron's post release situation and that no one else had been released.
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