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Strategists Reincarnation Death Match
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91 GPS?

This came as a surprise to everyone involved, for one this mysterious group went about like they owned the place. The only thing more aggravating about their actions is their skills to bend everyone to their will.

(BG) "Hahaha, I bet the lot of you guys are very frustrated with how much we underestimate you yet still come out on top. Well, whatever. It's not like any of you can oppose us anyway. For now the lot of you can talk amongst yourselves while I take care of some businesses." Biao Gong said and left.

There was much silence in the room until William Bridges, the aussie, asked Baron what he had planned.

(WB) "So, Baron. I hear you have sent a couple of your people to mess with me. I'll have you know that that is unlikely to happen. No matter what kind of mess you start up, it won't be enough for you to win the faction selection tournament."

(BM) "Humph, we'll see about that. Make sure that you don't underestimate us too much."

(CL) "Your quarreling is quite hilarious. Your small scale faction disputes are nothing compared to what the big factions have from time to time."

(WB)"Watch it Lyon. I'm backed by the Yellow Wang faction, you are nothing compared to us."

(CL)"Hehe, I may not belong to the most prestigious faction, but I have been in quite a number of faction on faction disputes. I even consider myself of sorts with how much I've seen over the years."

(BM) "Yeah? What do you think about the Forever Pirates and the Vesper faction scuffle?"

(CL)"Heh, oh them? It doesn't even take a genius to figure out that the Forever Pirates are way outclassed at this moment. They have it lucky."

(BM)"What do you mean by lucky?"

(CL)"I mean that if the Vesper faction solely focused on that one faction, they would be wiped off the map fairly effortlessly. They would need to make quite a few strong alliances should they wish to even begin to be on an even playing field with the Vesper's."

(BM)"How strong of an alliance?"

(CL) "Well, given that now another powerful force is beginning to pester them, I would say something along the lines of getting any faction that is higher ranked than the Vesper's. Not an easy task."

During this time they continued to talk albeit begrudgingly and with a stinker whenever they got the chance. After some time, Biao Gong came back and told them of the situation on the outside.

(BG) "So, I have made the preparations and soon enough, reinforcements have already been sent to each of your territories for an experiment. The ensuing show will be an interesting war indeed, hahaha."

(CL)"How many reinforcements have been sent to us?"

(BG) "For your group, Lyon, you will be sent 1,000 aircraft and 2,000 men. Since your group is already quite powerful, William, you will only be granted 250 aircraft and 500 men. Now Baron, your group is essentially the weakest and we have sent your people the greatest amount of reinforcements, about 5,000 aircraft and close to 10,000 men."

(BM) "Wow, that's essentially half of our army."

(BG) "Careful what you reveal to your enemies, Baron. You never know how that might backfire on you. Though we already have a pretty good grasp of the manpower that each party currently has."

(BM) "So let me ask you, where have you been all this time? You would have been considered among the best, but you haven't really shown yourselves until this moment."

(BG) "We already have made a name for ourselves here, though we have been traveling to the other communities as of late. The reason we came back was to prepare for the Death Match tournament that would be going down in another few hundred or so years. Now come, let's go to the command center and see just how the map is playing out."

They all got up and went to the command center to see what was going on. All the others were gathered here too, and they were all looking at a massive screen in front of them.

(WB) "Where did you guys get that type of technology? I have never seen anything so complex and advanced, and I have gotten around too. Just who are you guys?"

Biao Gong said nothing and headed to the others beckoning them to follow. He started up a conversation with the other masked individuals and soon enough Baron got curious and looked at the giant screen in front of them. This was a pretty standard developed country setup that was prevalent when Baron died, yet it's features were beyond anything that he could counter right now.

He continued to look around all the different screens and was shocked by nearly everything that he could see before him, a digital map of the entire region around them, multiple layers of radar technologies, radio technology that was common in a standard military army on Earth. That wasn't even half of it there were also cameras of ballistic missile launch sites, an uncountable number of aircraft sites, army camps that were just hiding out in the middle of territories even to the furthest territories from them. It was at this point that Baron realized that these people in front of him considered their troops as pawns and wouldn't care if a few of them were found out since their army was large enough that they could send out so many reinforcements and not fear any surprise enemy attacks should any one of their pact members go rouge. He continued to look around and then the cherry on top of all of this was that they had GPS capabilities. This was something that was far beyond what they had at the moment.

(BM) "GPS? How have you guys managed to get technology for GPS?"

The masked individuals became silent from shock and stared at Baron then Biao Gong, he then sighed and went up to Baron and told Baron to follow him.
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