Strategists Reincarnation Death Match
87 Fight For The Top part 3
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Strategists Reincarnation Death Match
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87 Fight For The Top part 3

The plan to conquer Wu San Gui's group was beginning to take place. First, the territory to their north, one led by a couple of Sun Alliance elder, had approved of their temporary cease fire so that both parties could redirect their forces to other more important areas. Second, with the help of Chen Di, the Meng duo was able to come to up with a master stratagem to take care of Wu San Gui. Lastly, they had gotten permission from several parties that they had safe passage through enemy lands.

The basics of the plan were that Yue Fei, and Guan Yu would each lead separate forces to pincer Wu San Gui's main base in a very short time frame, this would give the real attacking force, Baron and Chen Di, to strike from any other position they saw fit and end the battle as fast as they could. Although in everyone's mind, they knew that this plan was more of a guideline to victory rather than something set in stone. War was about adaptability, if a strategist was unable to adapt their plan to the ever changing situation, then they were not very apt for war.

Once the preparations were all complete, Guan Yu and Yue Fei both led their forces southward towards their enemy. Guan Yu set his sights on making his way to the main base by going through and circling around the northwestern part of Wu San Gui's territory while Yue Fei just went straight south to meet his enemies in battle.

While Wu San Gui was dealing with those two, Baron and Chen Di first had their troops and vehicles go into other neighboring states' lands then proceeded to sneak their forces in deeper into the territory led by Wu San Gui. With all the commotion that the feint was putting up, the path that Baron and Chen Di took a lot weaker than it would normally have been. What with some of the troops from this region being transferred to stop the threat in the north.

They started their own rampage on the side that was the least defended and quickly overwhelmed any troops that were unlucky enough to be encountered by them. This swift action taken by Chen Di and Baron was met with futile resistance as well as an almost non existent army of reinforcements that were too busy still stalling Guan Yu and Yue Fei.

A few more days pass and Guan Yu and Yue Fei's side was actually getting pushed back by who knows what, but what mattered was that Chen Di and Baron accomplish their target, the main base destruction. These two were nearly at the base when suddenly the enemy forces came at them full force without any warning. This was clearly due to the success that they had had pushing back the others that they felt confident enough to dedicate these resources to push back Baron and Chen Di.

However, their success in pushing back the other two did not translate when they were dealing with Chen Di. Even with Wu San Gui present to overlook the battle, they were hopeless to do anything to the overbearing might of Chen Di. Baron could only be an onlooker at these last few battles that he had had with Chen Di. This was because he was trying to learn as much as he could when he was with Chen Di.

This person was greater in aerial prowess than even the Meng duo, why would he give up such a good opportunity to learn from a true genuine master of the aerial arts?

The two of them were making good progress, but they had one disadvantage, their supply line had been managed to be cut despite their close vigilance on it. Something else to worry was that any attempts to air drop supplies were shot down before they could complete their mission most of the time. This was a true predicament.

On the one hand, their supplies were getting a little low, but on the other hand they were nearly at the main base of operations of one of their obstacles. Thankfully, the Meng duo had prepared for this and had sent in another half of their overall forces to go and assist Baron and Chen Di. Meng Tian, the two commanders, and Guan Yu all left the comfort of their own territory and laid siege to Wu San Gui's territory with no mercy.

In no time flat, they had taken over the territory and was taking all the prisoners hostage when they noticed something wasn't right. There were two groups from the Vesper faction that had made it thus far. One was just defeated, why did the other not send in reinforcements. Surely they wouldn't leave their allies to just hang dry?

Baron and his group gave no chance to the strategists of this group and immediately had all of them executed. This might only be a simulation where no actual strategists suffer, but this act made it all the clearer of what Baron's group was planning by showing their fearlessness of the Vesper faction.

Baron had noted that earlier these two groups had used a significant amount of resources so that the two of them could share borders with each other. This meant that they were planning on working together, yet where were they now? The answer came in the form of a rather surprising result from all the way in the western frontier. It was the Bair fighters again. This time they had set fire to two more groups that neighboured them.

One of them was the other Vesper faction group that had made it thus far, while the other was another group of the Sun Alliance elders. The surprising thing about this piece of news wasn't that the Bair fighters had once again taken down two fairly powerful groups. It was that, once again, they had done so in a way that both empires would fall on the same day. The news spread like wildfire within whoever was still within the tournament.
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