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Strategists Reincarnation Death Match
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77 Turn Of Events

Wang Yi had just come to this meeting because he owed something to Madam Zheng. However, he had no idea that he would reveal something so controversial to the members of the Under 1 Banner members. This did not matter though, he had come for another reason, to get these people to stop trying to get his Australian brother, William Bridges, to stay.

(WY) "Look, the real reason I came here was to convince you guys to not try to get William out before the tournament selection tournament." Wang Yi said slightly concerned.

(BM) "Why is that?" Baron started to get on edge again."

(WY) "I may be being used by Vesper, but I will still not lose a battle I have the ability to win, there is still something I am fighting for even in this god forsaken world. Plus, while I may not be on their side, I am not on yours either. My favor for you ends for you here, Madam Zheng. If you guys continue on and get William to leave, then I will definitely have to use all my that is within my power to ensure that none of your dreams will reach fruition." Wang Yi said and promptly left.

(BM) "That sounds like he has an ulterior motive."

(MT) "Oh who doesn't these days?" Meng Tian said still thinking of what Wang Yi had just said.

(MZ) "Well, that sure doesn't sound like a favor to me does it?" Madam Zheng looked interestedly in the reaction of the members of the Under 1 Banner group.

(BM) "On the contrary, it makes perfect sense. He sounds like a reasonable guy, so that means that whatever he is fighting for must be quite dear to him. I'm sure he has his reasons for acting in such a way."

(MY) "Does that mean that we will call off whatever Han Xin and the other are doing?" Meng Yi asked Baron.

(BM) "...no. I believe it is still for the better if we at least try to remove this William Bridges fellow. At the very least, their strength will decrease by 20 percent, he is after all the weakest of the trio. That slight advantage will be huge in the long run."

(GY) "Indeed, no matter what he has in store that he just mentioned, I am also of the mind that not having to deal with William is the more obvious choice." Guan Yu said beside Baron.

(MZ) "Well, Baron if you could relay what I told you to your comrades, I believe there is nothing further to discuss. The 5 of you should continue your training until 3 days of the tournament start date. We will meet you there, since the land portion goes first, the air warfare, and finally sea. I will also be bringing some of my more famous commanders under me."

(BM) "Thank you for setting this meeting up for us, we will take your advice and train a bit more before the tournament starts."

(MZ) "Farewell."

Baron, Meng Tian, Meng Yi, Guan Yu, and Yue Fei all left the room and headed for a little walk to think more about their encounter with Wang Yi before deciding what to do further.

(BM) "Wang Yi doesn't seem like a bad guy, but he sure had a bitter attitude toward the end of our meeting."

(YF) "Agreed. I have heard some rumors of him being a great person overall a long time ago. That was short lived since he started being crabby pretty soon after. I also heard that the only people he respects are his two brothers, Eumenes of Greece, and William Bridges of Australia."

(MT) "Me and my brother have faced them before, and I gotta tell you that they are no joke, that's for sure. I may be quite familiar with my brother but their understanding of each other seems to be on another level. I have reason to believe that they have some sort of secret that makes them so effective towards each other."

(BM) "I think that is the likeliest case as well, the three of them are born from three different countries, with different cultures, mindsets, blood, societies, and they can understand each other so well? I don't think so."

(YF) "No matter, this is not something that we should be focusing on for now. The more pressing matter is the tournament hosted by the Sun Alliance in less than a month from now. Should we just keep on practicing in the sims by ourselves or what?"

(MT) "No, I have already prepared something for us to do. Here is a list of most of the people who will be a threat to me in this tournament. Since I am the best out of all of us, this means that they will definitely pose a threat to all of you as well. I suggest we go back to the Hall of Records and learn more about the fighting styles of what makes all of these people so successful."

(BM) "Good thinking, is this what you did last time as well, Meng Tian?"

(MT) "Yes, but I wasn't able to get through much of it before we had to get to the main objective."

The five of them left for the Hall of Records and soon they were once again seated upon the seats to watch a few more simulation playbacks. They all watched as much as they could and continued to do so until they reached the 3 day mark before the tournament officially started. They left the hall of records and headed towards the Sun Alliance event halls once again. There they met up with Madam Zheng, husband 1, husband 2, and two other figures that donned the garments of the Forever Pirates.

(BM) "Greetings, elder Zheng. It's good to see you again."

(MZ) "Oh stop it. Come with me, all of you. Let's go get prepared for the tournament together."
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