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(BM) "Will you be participating in all 3 battlefields?" Baron asked Madam Zheng.

(MZ) "No, me and my two husbands will only be going to represent our faction, forever pirates, in the sea battles. We will need to win that category if we want to have any chance to be one of the factions to represent China in the Death Match Tournament." Madam Zheng replied.

(BM) "I see, well then good luck to you, some of us are actually going to be participating in the sea arena as well. Should we come across each other, please be gentle."

(MZ) "Haha, don't worry. The tournament is set up so as to be a sort of free for all mode, or battle royale for land sea and air. Should we see each other before the finale, we should help each other out."

(BM) "We'll see. Though we are not confident in sea battles. We wouldn't turn down a little tussle with the pirate Queen."

(MZ) "Well, just remember one thing. Try not to hide too much, your score will be deducted if you purposely hide from all of your opponents. Save for if you manage to achieve some incredible feats just before you lose. That should net you a good score."

(BM) "In this world, match-ups exist. It's all down to luck and all that jazz to be successful, I'm quite lucky that you took an interest in me the moment I stepped foot here."

(MZ) "Indeed, though I think your friend Yue Fei is more to thank for that. Him constantly hanging around you has kept you from quite a bit of trouble from the regular harassers."

(BM) "I am well aware of what that man has done for me. It is incredible that fate would have matched me up with one of the most loyal people in China's history right when I got here. Had it been anyone else, I'm not sure I would be where I am today."

(MZ) "I think it is time for us to meet back up with the others to discuss the actual matters that I have summoned you here for."

Baron was confused since he thought that they had already discussed it. What with the whole over 1,000 Sun Alliance elders coming to participate in the tournament. However, he didn't speak and was lead back to the others that were making small talk with each other.

(MZ) "The real reason I came here was to introduce all of you to an aerial strategist that is in my debt. I bring you, Wang Yi."

At this moment a very imposing looking fellow came into the room and just smiled at Baron and the 4 behind him.

(BM) "Wang Yi?" Baron and his friends instantly turned hostile.

(MT) "What is Wang Yi doing here?" The usually cool Meng Tian was on edge at this moment.

(WY) "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm? Oh don't worry young one, I may be hired to take you down in the faction selection tournament, but who said we can't have a chat before that time comes?"

(MY) "Tch" Meng Yi was freaking out on the inside.

(GY) "What would we have to talk to you about exactly?"

(WY) "Well, it seems like you have sent a few of your friends to try and get my australian brother to leave."

(BM) "So you even know about that."

(WY) "Quite. However, that is not the only thing that I wish to discuss with all of you here today. No matter what grudges you five have against me here, I suggest that you bury it and listen right here right now."

(YF) "We're listening." Yue Fei said after looking around to confirm with the others.

(WY) "I'm tired."

(BM) "...What?"

(WY) "I may be one of the elders of the Yellow Wang faction, but I have been nothing but an enforcer for the Vesper faction for the past hundred or so years. This bullying of my juniors is nothing more than that, bullying. I have a guess as to why I have always been chosen to do any aerial related stunt."

(YF) "Go on."

(WY) "If my guess is correct, then the Chinese community is enveloped in one huge conspiracy theory. I believe that the Vesper faction is actually a subsidiary of the Yellow Wang."

The entire room went silent and everyone just stared at the serious looking Wang Yi as if to make sure he wasn't just joking around. Wang Yi looked around at each person and nodded as if to say that he wish he was lying.

(MY)) "Hold on a minute. That rumor has been made before hasn't it? Wasn't it disproven quite quickly?" Meng Yi looked alarmingly at Wang YI.

(WY) "This just shows how inexperienced you still are at the matters of this planet. Do you think stifling a few rumors is difficult for one of the most powerful faction of this community?"

(MY) "Evidently not if you are so confident."

(GY) "Hold on this would actually make sense. I have done a background check of much of the inner workings of the Yellow Wang faction and they seem to have a pretty clean record for the most part. If they had another faction to do all their dirty work then that would explain how they managed to get so powerful."

(WY) "That is indeed one way of looking at it."

(MT) "It is very difficult to make it into the top 3 factions, even if you have no shortage of talent in your faction. Making it in would require you to either have alliance after alliance with some of the most powerful factions around, or relying on extortion to increase your influence."

(MY) "While there is no doubt that the 4 co-leaders of the Yellow Wang faction are powerful, they couldn't make it in without using at least one of those techniques, and I haven't heard of them making any strong alliances recently, except for the merger of their 4 former factions of course."

(WY) "My thoughts exactly."