Strategists Reincarnation Death Match
68 Relaxation Week part 5
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Strategists Reincarnation Death Match
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68 Relaxation Week part 5

Baron, Guan Yu, the Meng duo, and Yue Fei checked out the grand hall of records for a bit before the Meng duo had to leave for other matters. Henceforth, Baron, Guan Yu, and Yue Fei were all alone in the building that was restricted to only elders that were ranked 50 or higher. This was because many of the elders that had already obtained this rank had checked this place out hundreds of years ago and forgotten about it since they had much better things to do.

This hall of recordings was just a maze of a few dozen or so simulation helmets set up on pedestals and a few beds and chairs to sit on to view the sims.

For the 3 of them, this was the first time that they had been here and therefore they did not really know where to start. So they just picked up the sim helmets, sat down, and put it on.

They went through the settings and to their surprise it was overly simple on what they wanted to see. The only thing they had to do was input the names of the strategist that they wanted to see and a list of sims popped up along with multiple filters.

(BM) "Hey guys, remember that for now, we should focus on watching aerial fights, but watching a few in the other categories won't hurt either." Baron said.

(GY) "Not to worry, I'll just dip my nose in a few land battles then head for some of the higher level aerial showdowns." Guan Yu replied.

(YF) "As will I. We will still be able to come back after our faction selection tournament so stressing about land battles right now seems pretty useless." Yue Fei agreed.

Yue Fei had decided that he would spend a bit of his time focusing on the finals of the previous few tournaments, the ones where the 4 co-leaders of the Yellow Wang faction had come to dominate.

As for Guan Yu, he had made up his mind to dive straight into the aerial battlefields and immediately began to study everything and anything the masters of the craft had done.

Baron decided that he would spectate one match that Sun Tzu had participated in, then head right for the aerial battles. Much to his dismay, he found that no records existed of him anywhere.

(BM) "Guan Yu, how come I can't access anything of Sun Tzu's?"

(GY) "I believe I had heard of some talks of certain people not coming up due to their high profile."

(BM) "I searched up Zhuge Liang, and Wu Qi but none of them show up. However, it seems like the 4 co-leaders of the Yellow Wang faction are still available to us. I suppose I'll take a look and see what they have to offer."

(GY) "Mmm." Guan Yu agreed as he was starting to get really into his simulation.

The replay that they were seeing was rather simple. There were choices between which field of view you could see from, such as the actual battlefield, view of however many strategists that were involved, an overall view of the forces of both sides, and much more.

Since it would not be worth it to watch when nothing was happening, there was a slider function available so as to speed up the recording, much like a video. The recordings were able to be played out much faster than normal time and that made enjoying the sims that much more amusing.

This allowed the 3 of them to continuously watch sim after sim, hour after hour. Until, the Meng duo came in to check on them 3 days later. Meng Yi was the first to speak.

(MY) "You guys are still here? That is quite impressive." Meng Yi said in wonder.

(BM) "What? How long has it been?"

(YF) "Wait, has it already been 3 days? That's how long you guys said you would be gone for."

(MT) "Indeed it has been 3 days, you guys sure seemed to have enjoyed yourselves in our absence. Haha." Meng Tian joked.

(BM) "How about you two join us? I'm sure you wouldn't want to miss this opportunity to scope out our opponents for the tournament in 2 or so years right?"

(MT) True enough."

With that statement, the 5 of them would spend the rest of their relaxation week looking through all the simulations they could. Analyzing and memorizing what was happening on the battlefield that they had the blessings to see.

Though, no matter how many sims they saw, replicating tactics would be very risky unless you had the talent to properly grasp the context and timing that was the most optimal for that one specific maneuver. Let alone the dozens that they had witnessed during their time there.

Even on their proclaimed "week off" the 5 of them had nothing but thoughts of the battlefield on their minds. So much so that many of them were unwilling to leave the grand hall of records after the time that they had set to have a break.

Filled with an endless amount of new ideas of how to react a certain way to an enemy attack, and various other moves they had wanted to test out. They traveled back to their HQ for a slight break then, back to training they go. They had wanted to test out multiple theories they had had an epiphany on during their time reviewing the records.

Of course, many of these strategies would be unlikely to actually be of use on the battlefield. However, the few they deemed to be helpful was worth it for the amount of effort that they had put into.

At first, the 5 of them set out independently to test out their own concoctions, but after awhile they had decided to once again have another match up between themselves. This time, it would be Meng Tian and Guan Yu against Meng Yi, Baron and Yue Fei.

The setting: an equal battlefield where both sides will get to choose what their army is made up of as well as the terrain that the two sides could decide on. This type of battle that they would be engaging in would be composed of a million man army pitted against a million man army.
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