Strategists Reincarnation Death Match
67 Relaxation Week part 4
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Strategists Reincarnation Death Match
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67 Relaxation Week part 4

(YF) "...There has been a rumor going around that the leader of Middle Kingdom the second most powerful faction in the Chinese community, Wu Qi, has been offered to be absorbed by the Sun Alliance." Yue Fei said."

(BM) "Is that so? That is quite unexpected if true." Baron frowned.

(YF) "Although it is a rumor, this rumor comes from one of the elders of Middle Kingdom. So this rumor has been highly controversial. I don't think the Sun Alliance has said anything regarding the matter though."

(GY) "This has some elements of the disappearance of Zhuge Liang, the leader of one of the ex 3 great factions." Guan Yu remarked.

(BM) "In what ways?" He asked curiously.

(GY) "A few months before Zhuge Liang's disappearance, there was also a rumor of the Sun Alliance asking for a merger between those two. The kicker is that Wu Qi, Sun Tzu, and Zhuge Liang has been all but inseparable when the 3 of them were together. I don't want to doubt the integrity of Sun Tzu, but there seems to be mounting evidence of him being behind the fall of the ex 3 great factions."

(MT) "I have had a few remarks with many elders in the Middle Kingdom, and the Sun Alliance and most of them have no idea about what happened. It seems if there is a conspiracy to be had, it goes all the way to the top of our leaders." Meng Tian sighed.

(BM) "This place just gets more and more interesting by the day. I wonder then, what could Wu Qi be doing if he hasn't been active for over a century?"

(MT) "It's anyone's guess. Though at the moment, only the four co leaders of the Yellow Wang faction are present and active."

(MY) "I don't think that Sun Tzu is necessarily doing this for the sake of greed. However, it can't be understated that he has made quite a few bold moves in the last thousand or so years."

(BM) "Indeed."

At this moment, they had finished their food and had decided to make their way to the public game room, where Yue Fei had first tested Baron when he arrived at planet 4. They had agreed to spend a few hours to take a look at the game room and catch up with some of the regulars there.

The game room was in a public building that was part of one of the largest buildings around, only being surpassed by the many buildings that were the property of the Sun Alliance. There were actually many game rooms all around the community for ease of access to simulations.

(GY) "Oh right! I had forgotten to tell you guys since we had gotten so into training, but I had finally gotten enough contribution points to become one of the top 50 elders."

(BM) "Congratulations. You deserve it, although now that I think about it, Han Xin, Ban Chao, and Xu Da will have their progress halted since they are not within the community at the moment."

(YF) "It can't be helped, they are doing the best they can to help us achieve our dream of forming a faction. We must not let their efforts go to waste and become even more well versed in aerial warfare than we are now."

(MT) "Indeed, though you guys should still remember that my brother and I will be leaving once we help you complete that dream. Unless something comes up of course."

(BM) "Don't worry, your help is not something we should rely on anyways. If we are to become a force to be truly reckoned with, we need to up our abilities to the extreme."

(MT) "That is the understatement of the… well, forever I suppose. I have been here for quite a long time. During that time, I have seen the rise and fall of many factions both small and large."

(BM) "Didn't you die around the time that the 4 co leaders of the Yellow Wang faction members died too?"

(MT) "Yes, that is the case. The funny thing is that I actually managed to arrive onto planet 4 before any of them though. It took them close to another 20 or so years before the first of them even managed to come."

(BM) "That is interesting considering you died before they did."

(MT) "Well, this is the afterlife. Nothing has to make sense even if we will it to. If you ask me, this entire planet and the reported thousands of others make no sense. Who has set up this system so that it runs this way?"

(BM) "We may never know the answer to that question."

(GY) "Anyway, the reason I brought up my promotion is that I finally have the right to access the simulation reports of everything that has ever occurred in the Chinese community save for a few."

(BM) "That's amazing, that means we can see just what types of strategies that our opponents prefer to use in battle."

(MT) "Though the tournament hosted by the Sun Alliance doesn't do pre registers, I still have a pretty good grasp of who will be there at the tournament. The aerial portion at least, as for the other two I can't help you there. I suggest you start with Wang Jian, Bai Qi, Li Mu, and Lian Po."

(BM) "That's a good idea. For the sea battle, I will just go ask Madam Zheng, or her two husbands. I will be participating in the air and land portion. How about the four of you?"

(MT) "Only the air battle for me, I have no interest in the other two fields."

(MY) "That is my mentality as well."

(GY) "I'll be participating in all 3."

(YF) "As will I."

With their intentions for the tournament clear, the 5 of them started to chat and analyze the sims that were folding out in front of them. Note that to the ones spectating, the sims are going 7 times faster. They stayed at the game room for a few hours as they had initially planned then made their way to the place where they could check out some of the sims that had gone down in the history of the Chinese community.
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