Strategists Reincarnation Death Match
63 Battle of Kursk end
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Strategists Reincarnation Death Match
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63 Battle of Kursk end

After Baron made the appropriate precautions to move the bulk of his army he received some rather bad news from the messenger.

(M) "General Baron, sir. There have been reports of another army closing in on our location here."

(BM) "How many do they number?"

(M) "Enough to properly stall us for another few days were we to engage them in actual combat. There is a sizable 50,000 men with quite a few aircraft that has been spotted."

(BM) "That is no good. We can't have someone chasing behind us if we are to ride to Meng Tian's aid. However, engaging them will only increase the odds us falling deeper into the enemy's plan. How long until they get close to us?"

(M) "Another half day."

(BM) "We are really in a pickle now... No matter, I will send some of our officers to engage this new enemy and I will leave for Kursk first."

After another round of orders, Baron finally left with the bulk of his army to assist Meng Tian, while also leaving a sizable force to stall the enemy that had come to flank them. It was on the way to Meng Tian's position that Baron received even more ill tidings.

The reinforcements that he had called upon from Germany seemed to be having trouble getting past the first area that was supposedly abandoned. This came as a shock to Baron for a multitude of reasons. The main one being that the reinforcements that he had sent for were by no means a weak force. They would sooner or later punch through whatever shoddy defenses the Russians could think up within a few days.

Baron decided that he shouldn't worry about this matter and continue on his way to the battle around Kursk. It was a few days before he got there but the sight of the battle had made an impression on him. The sight of thousands of bodies littered onto the ground as if it were some decoration. The battle had ended only hours earlier with the capture of Meng Tian as well as the rest of the troops having been scattered about.

Meng Tian had sent Baron a radio message just a day earlier about his situation. The combined military prowess that Meng Yi, Guan Yu, and Yue Fei were just too much for Meng Tian himself to handle and he told Baron that his battle was as good as lost.

No matter what Meng Tian said, Baron would not readily accept surrender without first thinking about it for a bit. Baron recknoned that even without Meng Tian's help, he could still win the simulation if his reinforcements made it in time.

The first thing that Baron did was to restart the battle of Kursk once again without giving the enemy too much time to recuperate from their losses. This sudden attack from Baron had indeed caught his enemy's off guard and the battle between the two sides once again raged on.

After a day of fighting, Baron received even worse news. Two in fact. His reinforcements have been somehow beaten so badly that they could no longer continue to push into Russia and had instead turned tail and ran back to Germany.

The other piece of news was that oil fields that he had worked so hard to capture was in enemy hands once again. Supposedly the reason that none of them had been burnt down as per the instructions he gave was that those men just surrendered without any counterattack. Possibly due to spies.

These two pieces of information impacted nearly all of Baron's plans to win this simulation. First, the news absolutely crushed the morale of his soldiers. If he didn't have the trust of his men then they would not be able to perform as well in battle. Second was the fact that there is no army coming to help him out as he had planned. This means that what little men he had left were the only ones he could rely on now that he was this deep in enemy territory.

If he could somehow make it back to Germany, then he might have come up with something, anything to turn the situation around. However, he did not have that luxury and the enemy surely wouldn't allow him to escape.

Every single one of Baron's escape paths have been snuffed out by the enemy and there was nothing he could do about it. there would surely be another army, possibly even multiple armies that would be coming to do battle with him as well. Fighting this one battle was tough enough, but the added pressure from other armies would be way out of Baron's league.

Even with the remnants of Meng Tian's army that he had set to absorb into his own army was not going to be enough. Even so, Baron would not yield and instead of surrendering he decided to continue his barrage of the enemy with everything left in his arsenal designed by himself to deal as much damage to the enemy as possible.

Though he still lost in the end, Baron still put up one heck of a fight and impressed everyone. This simulation may have ended up in Meng Yi and the others' win, all 5 of them had gained an incredible experience that they could look back on and reflect so that their knowledge of the battlefield would increase.

The five of them continued to practice on like this for a couple more years until they had decided to take a couple days to relax since they had been going overboard with the whole non stop simulations.

Baron was clueless when it came to this stuff so the others, who had been on planet 4 longer than him, decided that the five of them should have a nice week or so to relax and hang out before diving back into their ridiculous training.

They decided that it was time to share their inner thoughts and feelings about this world. Even in the afterlife, emotions still play a great part in living.
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