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58 Return of Li Xin

They partied all night and once morning came they all had to get back to preparing for the faction tournament that they were all working towards. Due to the overwhelming success that they had in the previous auction event they basically had no more money troubles for the next hundred years or so. Compared to the other merchants that were also selling blueprints, Baron's group can be considered to have earned more than five times as the much as the average merchant.

The eight of them split up into two groups and entered into one single simulation. They did this because they wanted to test out their two new blueprints. These two blueprints were the deepstrike missiles and the other was the B-2 spirit stealth bomber. Both of these were fairly pricey but Baron assured the others that these two blueprints were well worth the price.

Baron was unsure of one thing though. If these two weapons are already on planet 4, then how did the Sun Coalition get their hands on it? Even if the United States community wasn't as powerful as the Chinese community, why would they give something so valuable over? Even if it was purchased legally.

For now, all of Baron's thoughts lay in the manner of using these two in multiple simulations and finding the best ways to utilize them to his fullest advantage. The eight of them worked tirelessly for multiple months until they were confident in their ability to use them in the best possible situation 9 times out of 10.

They were all discussing what they think they could improve when a sudden knocking at their door drew their attention. Baron went to see who it was and was surprised to see that it was Li Xin. The person in charge of suppressing the Forever pirates due to orders from above. However, he seriously reduced the damage done to the Forever Pirates as a favor to Baron.

(BM) "Li Xin? What brings you here to our HQ?"

(LX) "Ah, Baron I have some rather unfortunate news for you. It's about my control over suppressing your friends the Forever Pirate faction."

(BM) "What happened? Actually, why don't you come in first."

(LX) "Thank you. The thing is that I no longer have any control over the situation. One of the senior elders of the main faction has taken me out of this matter and replaced me with someone else."

(BM) "Who might this new person be?"

(LX) "Some vengeful young upstart that got rejected by Madam Zheng I believe."

(BM) "...interesting, to say the least. How long ago was this?"

(LX) "They notified me last week, but I was too busy with other matters that I didn't hear the news until just yesterday."

(BM) "It's fine, I'll give the news to Madam Zheng. Is your relation to me exposed yet?"

(LX) "No need to worry about that. They don't really care even if they found out."

(BM) "Thanks for the heads up. You have really done quite a lot for me."

(LX) "Don't expect me to help you anytime soon. I'm heading out to another community soon. Seeing you grow all these years have seriously impressed me. I realize now that there is no use playing the fool anymore. I will venture out of this safety net that I have been in ever since I got to planet 4."

(BM) "Will you be going alone?"

(LX) "Yes, I feel that going alone will be the best course of action."

(YF) "Have you thought of which community you will be going to?" Yue Fei suddenly piped up.

(LX) "No, I think I'll just go to whichever one I stumble across first I suppose."

(YF) "Best not to do that. The outside world is very dangerous. Even if you are from the Sun Coalition yourself, you will not be able to escape every danger. I suggest that you venture out to either the Korean community or the Greeks. Those two have the least hostilities towards us out of all the communities"

(LX) "Alright, I'll take that into consideration. That is all I have come here to say I will be taking my leave now."

(GY) "One more thing. I believe your faction leader, Sun Tzu, is currently at the United States community. If you get the chance go and ask him when he plans on coming back." Guan Yu said just as Li Xin was about to leave.

(LX) "Of course elder Guan Yu." He said as he turned around and left.

(BM) "Alright guys, I will just go make a quick trip to our most important ally's HQ and tell them of the news,"

(XD) "Don't be gone too quick. Or else we will leave you behind in the dust." Xu Da boasted.

(BM) "There is nothing that will make me happier than for that to happen. Be back in a bit. Keep practicing."

Baron left his HQ and headed for the elder's hall so he could meet Madam Zheng again. Once he got there he immediately went to where Madam Zheng's room was and proceeded to knock on the door. In an instant, the door opened to reveal the first husband of Madam Zheng's face.

(H1) "What do you want Baron? We are a bit preoccupied at the moment."

(BM) "This is about the matter with Li Xin. He's been replaced by someone who isn't too friendly with you guys."

(MZ) "Come in Baron we need to talk about a few more things. There seem to be some movements from Vesper that concerns you as well. It's perfect timing that you came here, I was about to get someone to call you over." Madam Zheng, faction leader of the Forever Pirates, said inside the room.

(H1) "Alright come in." He said as he opened the door. Baron entered and was once again hit by the aroma of salt water.

(BM) "What news is there that concerns my Under 1 Banner?"

(MZ) "It seems that due to your little display during the Grand Auction a few weeks ago with Wu San Gui the Vesper faction is trying harder and harder to make sure you absolutely do not manage to become an official faction."

(BM) "Oh dear. That sounds quite serious."

(MZ) "Yes, quite so. They have enlisted the help of three actual aerial masters to face off against you in the faction selection tournament. The ones before can't even begin to compare to the ones who were invited this time."

(BM) "Those damned Vespers sure do love to male trouble for us. How do you think we will fare against them in such circumstances."

(MZ) "It's not impossible but I believe you will need to pull off a series of insane tricks to be able to best these three. They are a really close trio of strategists that just seem to be able to know each other moves even when they aren't communicating with each other then compliment that move perfectly with another move."

(BM) "This might be troublesome. I better make sure to research them thoroughly. I wouldn't want to face them without knowing their style of tactic beforehand."

(MZ) "Yes, that is the best way to go about it. You should know that only one of them is Chinese."

(BM) "What? Who are they then?"

(MZ) "One of them is Wang Yi, of the Yellow Wang faction. Another is Eumenes of Greece. The final person is William Bridges of the Australian community."

(BM) "Wang Yi of China, Eumenes of Greece, and William Bridges of Austalia. Experience, intelligence, and foresight. These are what these three represent. This will definitely be a tough battle."

(MZ) "Yes, now let's talk about the thing with the new person suppressing us."

(BM) "Li Xin said that this fellow is someone you rejected?"

(MZ) "I bet it's that sassy little child that is obsessed with me. I don't even know his name."

(BM) "Will you be alright then? Ki Xin did do quite a bit to make sure you suffered as little as possible when he was in charge of this operation."

(H1) "Of course we will be. We aren't so weak that a dubsidiary faction can tip the scales."

(BM) "That's good. How is the research and development of the sea mine coming along?"

(H2) "Not too great. Many of the knowledgable people refuse to help us for fear of retaliation from the Vesper's. I wish we could convince them but they don't seem to accept no matter how much we are willing to pay them."

(BM) "I see. Have you guys thought about the alliance with the Men of Meng faction under Meng Wu?"

(MZ) "We don't really have a need to forge an alliance this early. We are already doing a lot of damage to our reputation just by allying with you guys."

(BM) "I see, well if that is all, I will be heading back now. No need to see me out." Baron said as he quietly left to return back to his HQ and explain the current situation to his allies.