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57 A Treasure Trove Part 2

(HE) "You have royally screwed up this time Wu San Gui. I can't believe you would be so brazen as to do something as foolish as using money that you do not have."

(WSG) "Head Elder..." He started but couldn't finish since Baron's voice rang throughout the building.

(BM) "Hey how about a deal, elders from Vesper?"

(HE) "What could you possibly offer that we would want?"

(BM) "How about I buy the blueprint for 400,001 silver coins, and after you this event you come to me to reimburse me 100,000?"

(WSG) "Who is this disrespectful little runt think he is? Who would think to do something so stupid,"

(HE) "Now this might actually be a pretty good deal for you Wu San Gui."

(WSG) "You can't be seriously considering this offer, are you? I mean he would get the blueprint and we have to pay 100,000? Are you out of your mind?"

(HE) "Not us. You. You will have to pay back the faction over 200,000 silver coins if you make me use the faction's funds. If you take this runt up on his offer then you won't have to pay us back anything. You have over 100,000 in your own personal funds right?"

(WSG) "Yes but that isn't the point."

(HE) "But nothing. This is your decision now. I was willing to let you use 200,000 coins from the faction since I had wanted that item as well. Now you have put me in a difficult position and therefore I will not be helping you out anymore."

(WSG) "Wait..."

(HE) "Choose! Drain your funds and owe us over 200,000 and get that blueprint all to yourself. Or pay that kid there 100,000, don't owe anybody anything, and no blueprint. Decide quickly as there are many eyes looking at us."

(WSG) "Kuh. FINE! You in the Forever Pirates booth! I'll take you up on your offer."

(BM) "Remember elder Wu San Gui, there are multiple witnesses here. You better not go back on your words."

(WSG) "Hah? Who do you take me for you low life? Of course, I know that."

(BM) "Good. I bid 400,001."

(LG) "Uhh, oh of course. 400,001 going once, going twice, sold to the young man in the Forever Pirates private room." Li Guang said as he snapped out of his little daydream.

This was a result that not many people could predict. Who knew anyone would be so cunning as to make another faction pay for a part of a blueprint and not get anything in return. This was simply too laughable to many of the audience. The loud roars of laughter filled the room. Even the usually composed Li Guang could barely hold it back.

(BM) "What do you think guys? Pretty good deal huh?"

(XD) "I have been here for many years and not once have I seen anyone is played like a fool as much as what just happened." Xu Da said as he pretended to bow down to Baron from his chair while muttering "truly I am not worthy."

(BM) "That's a bit much from you Xu Da, but I do appreciate the gesture."

(MZ) "Truly remarkable. That is indeed some high level of bargaining power that you have." Madam Zheng said with praise.

(YF) "Colour me impressed, Baron. Well done. Haha." Yue Fei said holding back a light chuckle.

(MW) "Amazing work. I can start to see why my two sons have started following you around." Meng Wu stated.

(BM) "Yes, let's focus on what else the Sun Alliance has in store for us."


The event ended after nearly 6 more hours and hundreds of blueprints more. There were many great blueprints, there is no doubt about that. However, just because the blueprints are great doesn't mean that there will be interested buyers. The event failed horribly due to two main reasons. One was the fact that not everyone had the money to buy the expensive blueprints that Li Guang kept bringing out one after another. The other reason being that everyone kept waiting to bid on something that would benefit them by leaps and bounds. However, not many people were able to due to the competition and steep price.

This impacted the Sun Coalition as well. They were planning on selling a lot of blueprints to start one of their ambitious projects, but the money that they had netted from these two events were not nearly enough. Their plans had been postponed.

In the end, Baron's group came out of the grand auction with a total of 5 high tier blueprints. Meng Wu bought one, Madam Zheng and her two husbands another two, and the last two belonged to Baron. They were all fairly happy with their purchases and after saying their farewells the three groups split up so they could go their separate ways.

(BM) "Now that that is taken care of why don't we go and see Wu San Gui?"

(HX) "You sure they wouldn't just run away?"

(BM) "It should be fine. They may be an immoral bunch of thugs, but they don't have the authority to create this much shame to their faction and get away unscathed. They do care about their face as well."

The moment Baron finished he saw a group of familiar faces approaching him. It was indeed the Vesper faction members that he had met previously.

(BM) "Have you come to pay your debt Wu San Gui?"

(WSG) "Humph, here it is." He said as he grabbed a coin pouch that could hold an infinite amount of coins inside and tossed it over to Baron.

(BM) "Nice, nice. Is there anything else before I take my leave?" Baron said as he inspected the contents of the bag.

(WSG) "You better watch your back. When you least expect it I'll be coming for you and everything that you care about."

(BM) "Thanks, that's some solid advice."

(WSG) "Haha. You are one gutsy strategist. It's almost impressive how you haven't been targetted by anyone yet. Count your blessings that you slipped under the radar from the people who don't fear the Forever Pirates nor the Vesper's."

(BM) "Oh? Who might you be talking about?"

(WSG) "I have no reason to tell you but you should know that they are so powerful even the Sun Coalition fears them."

(BM) "Can you at least give me a name as to who this mysterious faction could be?"

(WSG) "Now where's the fun in that? I will tell you one more thing though. The Chinese community may be big, but there's always a bigger place. That is true for so many levels that you can't even comprehend." He whispered in Baron's ears.

(BM) "You sure are one weird person. We are still enemies though right?"

(WSG) "Hm? Yea oh of course. What you did has surely brought shame to my faction and even more so for me. You have made an even bigger enemy out of the Vesper group than you have before. I'll be coming for something of yours that is even more important than the 100,000 that I just gave to you."

(BM) "Alright then, come on guys. I think we're done here."

The eight of them left while under the gaze of Wu San Gui, the Head Elder of the Vesper faction, and multiple others all with ill intent in their eyes. Especially the Head Elder.


Back at their HQ all of them were celebrating by drinking wine and ordering all sorts of stuff that a party in the afterlife would consist of. Not only had they managed to earn quite a huge sum of coins from this event, they even managed to get two powerful blueprints.

One was the deep strike, a missile that you could fire two from a single launch pad. This was a truly devastating instrument of war. The other was an airplane they planned to utilize to the fullest in the upcoming faction selection tournament. The date was coming closer and closer, and they had to prepare all they could so as to have the highest amount of chances to win and become an officially recognized faction.

After that point, it wasn't certain as to what fate had in store for them. They knew the general idea though, their first goal would have to be allying themselves with big names in order to not be harassed by factions that don't fear the Forever Pirate faction nor the Men of Meng. There was also the possibility that Meng Tian and Meng Yi would leave them as soon as Baron's group, the Under 1 Banner faction, became officially recognized.

However, that was far in the future. Tonight they would celebrate just being able to party with such fine brothers and even finer wine and food. Food and water may not be necessary to survive anymore, but now that they could afford to splurge on the finer things in the afterlife, who would say no?