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55 M.O.M Meets the Forever Pirates

There was no doubt in the minds of those who heard the news of the Sun Alliance auctioning off their personal items were for something that they were planning in secret. The number one faction would have no need for this extra income unless it was for some big ambitious project that might even put them in the red, financially speaking. It's just that no one on the outside knew what it could possibly be.

The first half of the fourth day of the Great Auction went by in a flash. No one really made much profit during this time since most had heard the rumors that there would be an event that would involve many silver coins. The vast majority didn't know that the Sun Alliance would be hosting a personal auction, just that there was going to be a special event.

During this half a day, the two that were manning the stall had not managed to find success in making profits due to this rumor. They had only made about 15,000, a measly amount compared to the hundreds of thousands that they had made the previous days. Looks like the allure of a special event outweighed buying blueprints for many potential customers.

Seeing the visible lack of customers compared to the previous days, some merchants just packed up and left. Guan Yu and Han Xin, who was in charge of the stall for the day, nearly gave up too until Baron and the other 5 showed up halfway to the closing time.

(GY) "What are you guys doing here? Aren't you going to shop for blueprints?"

(BM) "Haha, the mood right now in all the locations isn't making me want to buy anything else." Baron said disappointed.

(XD) "Boy I'll say, close to half the stalls have already closed down for today and there are still quite a few hours until closing." Xu Da said in an annoyed voice.

(HX) "I see, so it just isn't happening on location 2. I suppose everyone is just trying to save up for the event that is being held later."

(BM) "It seems so, I wonder what kind of blueprints these guys have been holding onto? I'm sure that they wouldn't just let anyone enter."

(YF) "You are right in that sense. Whenever a top tier faction like the Sun Alliance comes out and announces that they will be holding an event as grand as this, they usually impose some sort of gatekeeping mechanism to limit the number of people able to get in and to keep the event relatively for the wealthy and powerful."

(BM) "Will we even be able to enter then? We aren't even an official faction yet, do you think that they will let us in?"

(MT) "Not to worry Baron, we have two badges both of the highest quality from two large factions at our side. This should be no problem." Meng Tian said with confidence.

(YF) "Yea, we could probably enter into location 1 with just these two alone. It's just that the stuff there is beyond our usual allowance that I never bothered to mention it.

(BM) "Oh, then would it be alright if we went there real quick to see what they have? I'm rather curious how location 1 differs from our location 2."

(HX) "I think that's a great idea. We certainly don't have much to do here anyway. Let's go."

The eight of them packed up all of their blueprints and made their way to location 1. This place was indeed much smaller than where they had been, but the elegance and sheer divine feeling of the place was infinitely grander. There were two guards guarding the entrance to the location 1.

(G1) "Who are you? If you have no business here, please leave. This place is not for bums like you."

(XD) "Hey! Who are you calling a bum? I'll have you know we earned hundreds of thousands in silver coins in just the last three days alone. How much do you make being a guard here, huh? Probably close to nothing..."

(BM) "Calm there Xu Da. We don't need to fight with the nice guards. They are just doing their job. Here is the highest quality badge from the Forever Pirates."

(G1) "Humph, you? This is probably fake. Get out of here before I report you to the Forever Pirates for creating a fake, they are right inside after all. Hehe."

(XD) "That is really, you little..."

(MT) "It's alright there Xu Da, no need to get so upset. Here is my badge, and I assure you this is 100% legit. The highest quality medallion from the Men of Meng faction."

(G1) "Now I know you guys are lying. There is no way a group as poor looking as you should be able to have two such badges."

(MT) "I am the son of the current leader of the M.O.M faction. If you dare to cross me, you should know that there will be consequences." Meng Tian hissed back.

This show of supremacy was definitely enough to keep the two guards in check. They knew only this intense ferocity was a special trait of the M.O.M faction members. They dared not talk back to such an obvious hint at their fate.

(G2) "haha, please forgive him, sir. He is new here so he still doesn't know how to speak to our valued guests quite yet. Quickly bow down your head."

(G1) "...Yes, apologies for that. Please forgive my incompetence."

(MT) "It doesn't matter if you beg for forgiveness now, I'm onto you two and your ways. If I ever see you doing this again I will have your hide." He whispered into their ears so that Baron and the others couldn't hear him.

(G1) "Yes, yes. We promise we won't."

(G2) "Yea, please come in now. You are free to roam about just try to be courteous to everyone here since you will be kicked out if you aren't compliant with that one rule. Haha...." He said with a face of absolute terror.

(MT) "That's better. Let's go you guys." The rest followed Meng Tian only knowing that he snapped at these two guards and that was how they were allowed in. They walked in and wandered around for a few minutes until a figure walked right up to them.

(MW) "Woah, fancy meeting you here, Baron, elders, my sons, and others... What are you doing here?" Meng Wu said in a confused way.

(MT) "Father, long time no see. We are just here to wander about."

(MW) "Oh, the guards didn't give you any trouble did they?"

(MT) "Nothing more than usual."

(BM) "Elder Meng Wu, what are you up to today? "

(MW) "Seeing if there are any last minute deals before all of these guys shut down and wait for the event. I am pretty hyped for this event, I even brought along half my faction's silver coins. This is no small amount I'll have you know."

(BM) "We are quite excited too. May I ask if you have seen the stall where Madam Zheng's faction would be?"

(MW) "Oh? I do indeed know where they are. Hmmm. Follow me, this place is like a maze."

The eight of them followed Meng Wu through many extravagant looking stalls filled with many blueprints. A quick glance revealed that these blueprints were of a much higher quality than the ones from location 2, at least 3 times as expensive. After what seemed like hours, they had finally arrived at the stall of Madam Zheng and her faction.

(MZ) "Oh? If it isn't Baron, and I see you have made quite a few new friends since the last time I saw you. What brings you here to my stall." Madam Zheng said with a smile.

(BM) "We were just wondering if you were planning on going to the event that will take place later today?"

(H2) "Yes we will, we plan on buying anything and everything as long as it is unique to us and has at least some relation to aquatic warfare. Is that Meng Wu standing beside you?"

(MW) "Yes, it is I. The leader of M.O.M, Meng Wu. I see you have heard of me, I am quite renowned for my huge stature."

(MZ) "Are you here to talk about an alliance elder Meng Wu?"

(MW) "Such matters should be left for after this event ends, this time I was just showing Baron, my sons, and the rest to meet up with you."

(MZ) "Is that so? Are you perchance going to participate in the event later?"

(MW) "Yes, in fact, I plan to spend quite a hefty sum today. Hahaha."

(MZ) "Oh? Why don't all of you join us in our private room today? We booked it in advance but the room they gave us was too big. It would be lonely with just me and my two husbands there.."

(MW) "Private room? You sure have a lot of money to spend, but no complaints from me. I'll be there."

(BM) "We would love to join you for the auction."