Strategists Reincarnation Death Match
53 A Wild Elder Appears
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Strategists Reincarnation Death Match
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53 A Wild Elder Appears

Baron and the others gather once again to discuss what they had managed to get while on their little shopping trip as well as the matter concerning the Vesper faction.

(BM) "I didn't find anything I thought was worth our time today so I have come back empty handed, as was the case for Han Xin." Baron admitted.

(BC) "Me and Yue Fei only found one item while on our search at location 4. This blueprint isn't even that useful to us." Ban Chao sighed while looking at Yue Fei.

(MY) "Wow, well I have something really interesting for you guys to see then." Meng Yi took out a blueprint that instantly made the others jaw drop.

(BM) "A ship? Aren't you more of an aerial strategist?"

(MY) "I figure that you guys should start investing in some naval blueprints sooner rather than later. It's never too early to prepare, especially for a strategist. This blueprint is one of the ancient athenian trireme."

(BM) "Yes, quite the obstacle for anyone facing it at that period in time. This is an exceptional find Meng Yi, excellent work. Although we didn't manage to find much treasures today this one blueprint more than makes up for it. Surely this must have cost quite a small fortune."

(MY) "That is quite an understatement, this one blueprint cost close to 25,000 silver coins.Expensive sure, but well worth it in my opinion."

(BM) "Indeed. Meng Tian, Xu Da how much profit did we make today?"

(XD) "Pretty good, after that little showdown with the goons of Vesper, there were quite a few people willing to buy our goods. We made almost double of what we had made yesterday."

(BM) "That's good. Though I don't really like how you treated those goons. They may be good for nothings but we shouldn't stoop to their level."

(XD) "Hehe, don't worry about it too much. How do you think I managed to get so many honourable people into my friend circle? It's because I'm a breath of fresh air as they say."

(BM) "Alright, well don't over do it. Who knows who they are going to get to come after us next?"

(XD) "That will have to be on your shoulders since you will be manning this station tomorrow. Also, I know my limits."

The group of eight once again split up to take care of their own business once again and came back around just before the third day of the event started.

(BM) "Are you ready Meng Yi? It will be just us for the next little while."

(MY) "I'll be fine. What does a semi master have to fear when selling blueprints."

(BM) "True enough. Let's hope the members of the Vesper Faction don't bother us anymore. I am seriously wondering how they have lasted so long on planet 4 in the first place."

(MY) "I have heard quite a number of baseless rumours over the yers, as has my brother. However, I have overheard a rumour that my father was talking about. I'm not sure how accurate it is, but it is quite a sinister plot if I ever did hear one."

(BM) "What is it? You have my full attention."

(MY) "I overheard that the Vesper faction is a subsidiary faction of one of the four great strategists of the Warring States era."

(BM) "Such a big faction like them is only a subsidiary? Then that would explain how they survived being so nefarious for so long if this rumour was true. Did yu happen to hear which one of the four is responsible?"

(MY) "Unfortunately no. We can guess as to whom it might be, but your guess is as good as mine."

(BM) "Why is that?"

(MY) "The most plausible one would be Wang Jian, but whose to say one of the other three haven't just been planning an absurdly long facade to achieve something greater? Anyway it's impossible to guess."

(BM) "So that's what you meant, no wonder."

At this moment customers began to quickly flood their stall wanting to question Baron and Meng Yi about what had happened the past two days. Baron spent a few minutes explaining what had happened to the crowd of onlookers all the while they were flabbergasted at the bravado that Baron and his men showed. They were so grateful many bought a few regular blueprints to show their support.

Many hours passed by and business was still good despite everything else. That is, until Gou Shi, Ho Yang, and a few esteemed looking fellows stopped by Baron's booth.

(GS) "Where did that potty mouthed little kid from yesterday go?"

(BM) "I assume you must be the infamous terrible dresser that Xu Da has told me about?"

(GS) "Are you going to start insulting me too? I'll have to warn you how bad of an idea that is since there are three elders from the Vesper Faction here." Gou Shi said with an evil smile showing on his lips.

(BM) "So, just because you brought three elders here you think we would start doing whatever you wanted? Were you born yesterday, because you sure seem to have the brain functions of a baby."

(GS) "What can you do with just the two of you? Even if you brought out the Forever Pirates medallion right now, that won't be enough to scare three elder."

(MY) "While that may be true. Perhaps that medallion plus this badge will change your mind." Meng Yi whipped out his brother's M.O.M badge and showed it to Gou Shi.

(HY) "Impossible! How do you guys have the support of both of those wretched factions?"

(BM) "You must be that oddly dressed Ho Yang that I've heard about. I'm glad that at least you had the decency to change into something nicer before coming back here."

(HY) "Are you patronizing me?"

(BM) "No, so what do you guys say? We call it even and you guys don't ever bother us again? I hardly think any of you would dare to go against two fully fledged factions on by yourselves?"

(GS) "Humph, not today, not ever. You have just made a lifelong enemy. Who are you anyway?"

(BM) "I'm Baron Magellan, I came here to Planet 4 a few years ago."

(GS) "Wait hang on. Someone like you dares to threaten us? We have all been here an infinitely longer time than you have, what gives you the right to treat us this way?"

(BM) "Well for starters, scum should be talked down to. What do you think happens to scum? They will eventually be stamped out and run over."

(HY) "Is that another threat?"

(BM) "Maybe. However, you should know that no matter how powerful your faction is, you won't ever be able touch me."

(WSG) "I think you've spoken enough young man, you have quite the gall to insult my juniors despite me being here." A voice came from the previously silent group of three elders. His name is Wu San Gui, a fairly renowned strategist on the same level as Ban Chao.

(BM) "Elder, what pray tell might your name be?"

(WSG) "Wu San Gui, have you heard of me?"

(BM) "I certainly have, and not in any good way. You might have been a decent military strategist, yet you decided to become a traitor instead. You may have become an emperor for a short amount of time, but at what cost? You are deemed to be a traitor of two dynasties."

(WSG) "Watch your tongue, you have no idea what I've been through."

(BM) "Before we get to that I have a question for you. What is your philosophy on war."

(WSG) "What, isn't it just to kill as many enemy soldiers as you can?"

(BM) "I see, it seems you truly are a fool down to your very core."

(WSG) "That may be so, but I still outrank you many folds. What are you going to do about it?"

(BM) "Well, if you push this any further than you already have, I will be the one to make an alliance between the Men of Meng faction and the Forever Pirates. After that point I will make sure to utterly ruin you and any connections you may have. Back down now while you still have the chance."

(WSG) "LIKE HELL I WILL!" Wu San Gui shouted at Baron and went in for a punch.

All of a sudden out of the crowd of onlookers a shadow appeared out of nowhere and blocked Wu San Gui's punch, not like it would've made any difference since no one there could sustain any injuries. Everyone was surprised to see someone would risk their livelihood by doing such a needless act. This fellow that blocked Wu San Gui's punch was an extremely built man that had muscles where many people didn't. That is to say a man's man.

(WSG) "Mister, this doesn't concern you. Why don't you leave?" Wu San Gui said only to get a snort as a reply out of the mysterious man.

(MY) "Father? What are you doing here?"
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