Strategists Reincarnation Death Match
52 Gou Shi“s Reinforcemen
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Strategists Reincarnation Death Match
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52 Gou Shi“s Reinforcemen

The treasures that they had found while aimlessly browsing the four locations were numerous. Meng Tian and Meng Yi spent their own money to obtain a few things that interested them, then they spent a few of the faction funds to obtain items that would benefit all of them. The other two came back with about 10 blueprints. All in all almost 50,000 silver coins were used on the first day alone.

The shared blueprints they had gathered were quite expensive. Some of the most important being an Assyrian battering ram, and basic night vision lenses. Not the best picks, but they all offered some sort of advantage in warfare if used properly.

At the end of the day the eight of them split up for a few hours to take care of their own business. Baron had Yue Fei, and Guan Yu use their influence to do a few tasks for him. The Meng duo left together doing who knows what. Ban Chao left to go get some drinks with some old friends. Xu Da tried to get a few more guild tasks done before the second day of The Great Event started.

Meng Tian and Xu Da were the ones to operate the stall on the second day, and due to the buzz from yesterday they had quite a few customers upon opening. Once the wave of customers had gone Xu Da asked Meng Tian something that had bothered him for quite a while.

(XD) "What did the first husband of Madam Zheng mean when he said aerial prowess was not the only thing you were known for?"

(MT) "......I think it's best if you don't know, after all my secret is a pretty dangerous one. I'm not even sure how he knows about it in the first place." Meng Tian said after pausing to think.

(XD) "Alright, then forget I asked. Hey, how come you and Meng Yi are so secretive, and mysterious?"

(MT) "What do you mean by that?" He said in a rather slow and uninterested voice.

(XD) "It's just that even when you two were coaching me in aerial tactics you weren't very talkative either."

(MT) "It's just that I have a tendency to have a bit more of a lax attitude towards being here I suppose."

(XD) "Oh, I see. Have you talked to your father lately?"

(MT) "No, not really. I have quite a few issues with him as does my brother. I mean how could he just cast us out once things got tough? We are a family we are supposed to get through the dark periods together."

(XD) "I don't want to sound like an authority on this matter, but perhaps he cast you and your brother out because if he did lose the fight against Vesper at least you two wouldn't be affected."

(MT) "I came to that conclusion some time ago as well. However, I still don't forgive him if he actually did do this for our sake. This just means he has no trust in us."

(XD) "Wow you sure have daddy issues."

At this moment a group of people came up to their booth. Lo and behold it was Gou Shi and 3 others. Gou Shi was sporting an even crazier haircut and attire than he had yesterday.

(GS) "Hey losers, I've been told that this booth is the one that Yue Fei was selling stuff at. Where is that disgrace of an elder? Did he run away?"

(XD) "HEY! Do not speak of Yue Fei in such a manner." Xu Da said through clenched teeth.

(GS) "Oh? so you know him, well why don't you call him here? These people behind me have a word or two to say to him."

(XD) "Why would I? He doesn't need to be here to endure your insults. By the way, did your barber die?"

(GS) "Wait, what?"

(XD) "Your hair is an absolute eyesore to me. Please leave."

(GS) "You..." Gou Shi was visibly fuming now, and the three behind him were starting to laugh. This only added to Gou Shi's embarrassment."What did you say about my hair?"

(XD) "I said please, and besides, your choice of clothing is even worse apparently. What is with that get up? Did you have a blind person choose your outfit today? I wouldn't be caught dead in that yet you are walking around in that like you are some sort of hotshot."

At this the three behind Gou Shi could not hold it in anymore and started to laugh as if no one was around. Even the mellow Meng Tian gave out a little chuckle as soon as he saw how Gou Shi was about to explode from anger.

(GS) "Listen here you little punk. Get Yue Fei to come out or else I'll ruin you and your reputation forever."

(XD) "Oh I don't think so buddy, on the contrary why don't you introduce us to your friends. Based on them laughing on you and you not doing anything about it they must be higher than you ranking wise."

One of the three figures came up, and introduced herself. She had a very thin figure but her outfit consisted of many mismatched items of armour all around her body.

(HY) "Greetings, I am Ho Yang. I am outer disciple of the Vesper faction, and we wish to request an audience with elder Yue Fei. Also an apology to Gou Shi is in order as well, you can't exactly go about insulting everyone and expect to get away with it."

(XD) "Gou Shi I am truly sorry..." Xu Da said in a truly monotone voice.

(GS) "Thank yo....."

(XD) "...sorry I thought your outfit was bad, I mean look at this girl here. Her combination of armour is perhaps the ugliest I have ever seen. Where did you get all of this from? The rubbish behind your rubbish faction?"

(HY) "This is my most powerful of armour and weapons. Who are you to judge me about style? What does style matter on the battlefield?"

(XD) "What does style matter on the battlefield you say? If I saw you on the other side of my sim I would resign immediately since your gaudy outfit gives me second hand embarrassment."

(HY) "Why you little..."

(XD) "Oh and one more thing little lassie. Don't try to be all buddy buddy with us when your friend was just threatening us moments ago."

Now it was Ho Yang's turn to be fuming. No one, not even Gou Shi was saying or doing anything. They were all waiting for Ho Yang to react to all the jabs that Xu Da had just done to her.

(HY) "Listen here you little POS, I tried to be nice and settle this on friendly terms but you should know. I am not just an outer disciple, I also have connections to the inner disciples and even an elder. So you better watch what you say from now on."

(XD) "Oh great, a spoiled brat. Well listen here darling, take a look at this and let's see if you still dare to say anything." Xu Da handed her the medallion that Madam Zheng's husband gave to them yesterday.

(HY) ".....this is.... a medallion symbolizing the support of the Forever Pirates? And it's even of the highest level? How did you get this?"

(XD) "Easy, one of the two co-leaders delivered it to us yesterday."

(HY) "..."

(XD) "Oh what's wrong? Loss for words?"

By this point there was already a large group gathering around the stall. The amount of tension there was in the air could be cut with a knife. Many of the stall owners hated the Vesper faction, and to see some of their members being insulted while not being able to retaliate was a glorious sight to behold.

(HY) "Humph we're leaving."

(GS) "But..."

(HY) "NOW!" Ho Yang screamed at Gou Shi loud enough for everyone to hear and stormed out.

Their departure signaled the start of thunderous applause from the many merchants and buyers. After all, the Vesper faction was almost universally hated by all the bottom of the ladder people, which is to say a lot.

Once again after this incident came another wave of people eager to buy Meng Tian and Xu Da's blueprints. It was a sort of appreciative gesture that many people felt were the least they could do to support such brave souls. Once again the rumours spread, but due to the severity of it, the other 6 did not get back until near the end of the second day.

Xu Da explained to everybody what had happened with Ho Yang and all the insults he threw their way. Everyone laughed throughout the retelling, and laughed some more by the end of it.

(MY) "I think they will be coming back with even higher ranking individuals to try to intimidate us. Are you all sure you want to continue down this path?" Meng Yi said in concern.

(BM) "Not to worry my friend. We can't show weakness or else when we do become a faction we would become a laughing stock."

(MT) "While we may be temporary members, me and my brother still need to get those other blueprints from you later. So I think it would be best if I left my badge at this booth as well as the one from the Forever Pirates."
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