Strategists Reincarnation Death Match
51 Possible Alliance
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Strategists Reincarnation Death Match
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51 Possible Alliance

Just before the day had ended news spread of Yue Fei's defiance against the Vesper faction. It reached the ears of nearly everyone that was participating in The Great Auction, so much so that multiple other rumours started to circulate.

"Hey have you heard? A cocky factionless elder that isn't even all that high ranking is challenging the mighty Vesper faction."

"It's possible that this elder is new and inexperienced can't it? I'm sure it'll be no time until this foolish elder decides to apologize."

"No way, don't you know who this elder is? It's the one with a sense if justice that is second to only elder Guan Yu, he's elder Yue Fei."

"What? The famous Yue Fei is actually picking a fight with the Vesper group? What caused him to do this, isn't he usually a really cool and collected person who tries to rationalize every situation?"

"No idea, maybe the Vesper faction just really pushed Yue Fei too far."

Conversations like this continued throughout the day and eventually was overheard by the other members of Under 1 Banner. Once they heard of what had happened all of them decided to rush back to see what exactly had happened from Yue Fei and Ban Chao.

Meng Yi was the first to arrive since he was at location 2 as well. He was briefed on what had happened and once he did he decided to wait for the others to come before deciding on what to do next. As the others slowly drifted back to their base in location 2, Meng Yi became even more convinced that he had to do something. The next to arrive was Guan Yu, followed by the rest that came within a short time between each other.

(BM) "What happened Yue Fei?"

(YF) "I was merely defending someone from the scourge that is the Vesper's."

(BM) "That is so in your nature. What was the name of the person that you offended?"

(BC) "He goes by the name of Gou Shi, he's a total POS. He gets on my nerves just thinking of him. I mean who does he even think he is? He's not even an important member of the Vesper's just some lowly goon!"

(BM) "Calm down now Ban Chao. No need to get so heated."

(MT) "On the contrary I think there is something that needs to be done about this group. I have dealt with this group on numerous occasions, and every time I have they are more annoying than the last. These guys are crafty, sneaky, and smart. Not many who have crossed them have successfully endured their wrath."

(BM) "I never imagined that you have had previous encounters with them. Have you done something to offend them?"

(MT) "No, rather it was my grandfather who crossed them. My grandfather was a blessed soul, he managed to stay pure and wholesome despite the harsh environment here. He didn't tell us about any of this and one thing lead to another and the faction my father started started waging a war with the Vesper's."

(BM) "Really? How did it go?"

(MT) "It hasn't really been all that great. It was actually around this time that my father cast me and Meng Yi out of the faction. They are still at each others throat to this day."

(BM) "How many factions are Vesper suppressing right now? It's incredible that they are doing this to not only the Forever Pirates but also your father's faction as well."

(MY) "I can answer that as I've been keeping tabs on the Vesper's. There are multiple men in that faction that are loyal to me and bring me much information about their endeavours. As far as I am aware the Vesper faction is right now trying to suppress close to 80 small to mid sized factions, and 3 large factions."

(BM) "What rank are the Vesper group if they have the manpower and influence to suppress so many factions at once?"

(MY) "There generally isn't a ranking associated with any faction after the three great factions. However, the Vesper faction is generally accepted as the 13th most powerful faction within the Chinese community."

(BM) "How have you guys defied them? I'm sure they will just keep sending in higher and higher ranking strategists to come and pressure you to obey them."

(MT) "Generally they don't bother with us too much since we are still loosely associated with our . previous faction. Our father's faction is called Men Of Meng or M.O.M for short, and are one of the three large size factions that the Vesper group is trying to suppress. So usually showing them our M.O.M badge is enough to clear the rabble, as of yet there hasn't been anyone high ranking enough to come after us that this trick didn't work."

(GY) "M.O.M? I've heard of that faction before, you guys are known to have many superior strategists who double as strong warriors if the battle calls for it. I'm surprised that Vesper would even consider going for you guys in the first place. That faction is a fair bit stronger than the Forever Pirates that we are allied with."

(MT) "Now that is news to me. How are you allied with Madam Zheng? Sh is notorious for refusing many alliances, even some that provide many many benefits to them."

(BM) "Surprisingly enough, she came to me. It was during my first month or so she had requested I come over to her for a little chat."

(MT) "That's a bit weird especially for a person of her stature. Let's leave this conversation for later. We need to talk about a solution to the problem of the Vesper group coming back to cause trouble for us."

(BM) "You said all you had to do to get rid of them was show them which faction you belonged to?"

(MT) "Yes, but I don't think that would work this time around. This is location 2 after all, there are bound to be many high ranking elders within the Vesper gang here. Perhaps we should just pack up and go home after all we can't hope to offend any core members of any large scale faction."

Just at this moment Baron noticed a familiar figure walking towards them and he was visibly very salty at the moment. Instantly one person came to mind, it was the first husband of Madam Zheng, H1. Baron spoke up and introduced the newcomer to his group.

(BM) "Ah, welcome. What brings you here to our little stall?"

(H1) "Humph don't get too cocky kid, I'm only here to deliver something to your undeserving hands." He said as he tossed a little medallion to Baron.

(BM) "Is this the badge that signifies of your faction's trust of other people?"

(H1) "Of course it is you dimwit. Madam Zheng also told me to tell you that if you need anything from her you can use that medallion to enter into location 1 to request her help. Though it'll cost you a pretty penny if you actually want us to help you."

(BM) "How thoughtful, really thank you for being so kind as to deliver this yourself. How is the research and development over the basic sea mine coming along?"

(H1) "It's extremely useful since we like to do more sea oriented battles I 'm not going to lie, but improving it will take quite a few years more. It is certainly slow since most of the best in this field aren't willing to offend the Vesper group by helping us."

(BM) "Hey I've got a great idea. Why don't you join into an alliance with the Men Of Meng faction? You two both stand to gain from such an alliance, no?"

(H1) "Humph, we don't need their help, besides the ego on these guys is sky high. Doing business with them is no fun, especially that leader Meng Wu. They are a powerful group yes, but he is just so thick minded that no no one wants to ally with him or his group."

(BM) "Why don't you have a conversation with Madam Zheng? If you guys change your mind just come back to my HQ and talk to Meng Yi and Meng Tian here. I'm sure they could set up an audience between you and Meng Wu, they are after all the two sons of Meng Wu."

(H1) "I'm not sure how you managed to enlist the help of the Meng duo since the last time I saw you, but you should know that their aerial prowess is not the only thing they are known for."

(BM) "What do you mean by that?"

(H1) "That's all I'll say about that. If I feel like it I'll inform Madam Zheng of your proposal. See you kids later." With that the first husband of Madam Zheng abruptly left with a confusing choice of words that he left behind.

With that the conversation turned to something else. What blueprints were bought today by the people who spent the day scouring the large hall for treasures. Boy did they buy lots of good stuff.
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