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Strategists Reincarnation Death Match
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48 The Deal

Before Baron began talking to Meng Tian, one half of the Meng Duo, he wasn't sure how the deal was going to go. He took a chance regardless and spoke after both of them had sat down.

(BM) "Master Meng Tian, I sincerely thank you and your brother for taking the time out of your busy lifestyle to mentor Xu Da. His growth in air tactics and other areas have drastically improved."

(MT) "Oh it's not too big of a deal, but I have heard a little about you though. The rumours have been spreading for quite a while now."

(BM) "There are just so many rumours going on within the Chinese community that I don't really keep track of them. Which ones might you be talking about?"

(MT) "Oh there's loads about you out there. How you managed to best the elder Yue Fei on your first day of coming to Planet 4. Although elder Yue Fei was going easy on you that is no small feat for anyone."

(BM) "Oh haha, you flatter me. There was a bit of luck involved in that."

(MT) "You're being too modest. There's also rumors of you planning on creating a faction that involves two elders. Seeing as Guan Yu and Yue Fei out there challenging my younger brother I suppose that rumour is more or less confirmed. Tell me though, who is going to lead the faction?"

(BM) "We have this planned out so Han Xin and Yue Fei will become co leaders. While Guan Yu will be an advisor of sorts."

(MT) "I'm quite surprised that Guan Yu, and Yue Fei would even consider joining a faction, much less be interested in creating one. Whoever convinced them must have had quite the bargaining chip."

(BM) "What you say is true. Sorry to disappoint you but it was mostly the work of Han Xin. Han Xin had been long time friends of these two and they were glad to join since it was him." Baron said while trying to not let panicked set in on his face. He felt the need to give Meng Tian the partial truth since he wasn't familiar with Meng Tian yet.

(MT) "Oh is that so? I see, I had thought that it was you that had started this whole thing. Enlighten me, what is the name of your faction if you guys win the tournament?"

(BM) "It will be named Under 1 Banner."

(MT) "Oh? With a name like that it seems you guys have an even deeper meaning behind your name."

(BM) "What could you possibly mean?" Baron asked feigning ignorance.

(MT) "Keep your secrets if that's what you want. I'm here today to work out a deal with you."

(BM) "Yes, we still need to compensate you for giving Xu Da some lessons in aerial warfare. I'm going to assume that since you didn't come when we had that mini tournament you aren't interested in coins?"

(MT) "Yes, very perceptive of you. Me and my brother prefer useful blueprints rather than coins. We deal with aerial sims most of the time so if you could give us the radio blueprint that you gave Xu Da and something else I think we can call it even."

(BM) "How direct of you."

(MT) "I don't like to waste time even if I do have the rest of time to live."

(BM) "The radio that i gave to Xu Da will not be a problem. However, there is something else I have that will definitely pique your interest, but you will have to do something else for us when the time comes."

(MT) "Well, you certainly have gotten my attention. What is this blueprint you speak of?"

(BM) "A radar tower along with radar technology small enough to put onto any aircraft."

(MT) "You have something so precious? I'm not even sure anyone within the Chinese community has the latter. How did you come by such a treasure?"

(BM) "Back in my world, they called me the wikipedia of warfare."

(MT) "I have absolutely no idea what that means."

(BM) "I know how to build a lot the instruments of war. More so than anyone at my time."

(MT) "Interesting, so what do you want me to pay for this priceless blueprint."

(BM) "We want you to participate in the faction selection tournament with us as well as train us for a couple of decades. After that you are free to leave our faction. What do you say? You might even learn one of our secrets."

(MT) "Give me some time to think."

(BM) "Take your time, you have until your brother finishes his sim to decide. Speaking of which, Xu Da will take my place as your company. I'd really like to see how our best two aerial strategists compare to your brother alone. Excuse my absence."

Baron left the room to go spectate the sim while Xu Da took his place.

(XD) "What are your thoughts on this?"

(MT) "Just as you say, the blueprints that he has in his mind truly are endless. He just knows what will get me to cave in to his demands. In this case he made it benefit me more than him. A one time deal to help him out and a bit of tutelage in exchange for 1 priceless blueprint and 2 relatively rare blueprints?"

(XD) "Yes, he does know how to bargain. So what do you say? Are you in?"

(MT) "This offer is too attractive, I don't think I can refuse. My brother won't like it, but i'm sure he will understand where i'm coming from. How is Meng Yi faring against elder Guan Yu, and elder Yue Fei?"

(XD) "Last I saw, those two were at best pressuring Meng Yi, impressive considering their opponent but nowhere near enough to actually defeat him in battle."

(MT) "How could they? Those two elders don't have anywhere near the experience that my brother has. Once aerial battles were introduced me and my brother were stagnant in land and sea battle. So we had decided to only focus on aerial battles from then on. Now we are stagnant in this type of warfare as well. Baron could truly be the one to help us fly higher than we ever did before."

(XD) "Wow, I had no idea. I know it's rather rude of me to ask, but why did you two run away from your faction again?"

(MT) "Our father is an elder within the Chinese community. We were never his equal in land based sims. So when air sims were introduced and we started to take an interest in it he was furious about it so we just left. That was about 200 or so years ago, since then we have made quite a name for ourselves in the aerial warfare space."

The two talked for a bit longer until Baron entered the room again with a smile on his face.

(XD) "What's gotten into you?"

(BM) "Guan Yu and Yue Fei nearly beat Meng Yi."

(MT) "Really? What happened?"

(BM) "Your brother got a bit careless and made a major flaw in judgement. Guan Yu and Yue Fei capitalized on this mistake and nearly ended it then and there. However, your brother was too resourceful and managed to come back from such a devastating blow to his fleet. That was a spectacular simulation if I ever saw one."

(MT) "My brother is not one to make mistakes. He intentionally did that to lull the two elders into committing everything they had into one attack."

(BM) "Then your brother takes quite the big risks. Have you made your decision yet?"

(MT) "Yes, I accept your offer." Meng Tian said just as his brother walked into the room.

(MY) "What offer?" Meng Yi said in surprise.

(MT) "We'll talk about it later, for now just trust me when I say that this is better for us."

(MY) "Alright, I'll trust you."

(BM) "Good, now that we have that settled i'll give you this radar tower blueprint now, and the others later." Baron said as he handed Meng Tian a blueprint.

(MT) "Thank you, we will be back in a few days, then we can truly begin."

(BM) "I look forward to it."

The Meng duo said their farewells and left immediately. Within a few days they returned with some of their belongings. The members of Under 1 Banner welcomed them warmly. All of them got ready to practice sims until Baron reminded them of something.

(BM) "The greatest blueprint auction within the Chinese community is happening in less than a year. We need to produce as much high rarity blueprints as we can. Sorry to say, we must focus on the sims after this event."

(MT) "Even us?"

(BM) "That will be up to you two. As for us, we are running a bit short on faction funds. We plan on making as much coins out of this event as we possibly can. This way we can also increase our contribution points too. Two birds with one stone."

(MT) "I see, we might as well do it too. We are also getting low on funds. We have acquired many blueprints since the last time we sold anything. This will be a good chance to make some coin."
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