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45 Meng Yi and Meng Tian Duo

Han Xin, Guan Yu, Yue Fei, Baron, and Ban Chao all met up to discuss the matter of advancing to elders. Baron briefed Yue Fei and Guan Yu on what the three of them had reached a conclusion on.

(BM) "Basically, we want to follow you two when you do your tasks. What do you two think?"

(YF) "Smooching off of us? Normally I wouldn't go for it since such matters aren't relevant to me, but now that I'm part of Under 1 Banner why not?"

(GY) "I am also of that mindset. However, becoming an elder before the faction selection tournament that's going to be in a few decades time will not be an easy task. If you guys are lucky, then maybe one or more of you will make it to the quasi-elder position. They are also ranked, but they are ranked from 101 to 1000. Below us elders of course."

(YF) "Maybe if you are lucky enough you will make it to the elder stage within a century, just like Madam Zheng."

(BM) "The more I hear of her achievements the more accomplished she seems. She is definitely a great ally to have."

(HX) "Still remember what you have been warned Baron. You may be using her for her benefits, but she is also milking you for all that you have as well."

(BM) "I understand, no need to worry."

(GY) "Let's get back to the matter at hand. A rotational system with me and Yue Fei does work, but the two of us have to practice on aerial sims as well. We can't just neglect it, even if it helps all of us in the long run."

(BM) "What you say is true. That's why I believe it is best if you two are also on a rotational system where you do tasks for a few months then practice sims for a few months."

(YF) "Personally me and Guan Yu will benefit the least out of this, but if it's for the betterment of our faction then I will do it."

(GY) "As will I."

(BM) "Now that that has been decided I think it's best if we get started immediately. Who knows? Maybe Guan Yu and Yue Fei will shoot up a few ranks in the elders ranking as well."

(YF) "I really hope so. The higher rank I get the more people will respect me. That way I can right so many more wrongs."

The group split up into 3 groups. One consisting of Baron. Another with Guan Yu and Han Xin. The last with Han Xin and Yue Fei. Baron started on blueprints yet again, while the other two groups started job hunting for the best contracts. The contracts came from two places. One from the official Chinese community, and the other came from various factions.

The safest contracts in terms of being paid out and getting contribution points would naturally come from the Chinese community. However, the contracts from various factions often paid a lot more, even if they were a bit riskier in getting rewarded. The four began their search and set out immediately once they found a suitable contract.

Xu Da wasn't present, but he understood that he was the least skilled out of the bunch. Therefore, he dedicated the majority of his time to focus on becoming better at aerial warfare. He may not be as impressive as the others, but he did have a resource that none of the others had. He had many, many, many connections. The very moment he got to planet 4 he knew just how important reputations were. So he shielded himself by befriending many big names. He prided himself with having many powerful allies.

Xu Da called many of them up and asked if they knew any great aerial strategists that they could send his way. There were many offers but few could satisfy what he needed. Yet he kept on trying, even contacting people who he hasn't spoken to in many centuries. After a few days of meeting his old pals he was finally introduced to someone who would be able to teach him some aerial manoeuvres that would be considered high risk high reward.

Xu Da kept this little exchange between himself and his new mentor a secret. For now, getting stronger in the aerial aspect of warfare was the most important. After he had learnt all he needed to he would share the knowledge with his faction mates. Or perhaps have a sim against them would be better.

The six of them continued on with their goals and in no time several months had passed. Han Xin, Baron, and Ban Chao were slowly rising through the ranks. In the elder rankings Yue Fei moved up 2 ranks while Guan Yu moved up 1. They attracted some attention, but not enough for some of the bigwigs to move.

With this abundant amount of time, they had all improved in their own rights. However, during this time they were still in a sort of bottleneck on the aerial map they had been practicing on consisting of a less than 100 vs 2,000 aircraft dogfight. They had tried everything they could think of, but the most enemies they could take down still at about 1,600. Around this time was when Xu Dafinished his training with his mentor and after several months of being away from the HQ he finally returned. The moment he returned he was greeted by the sight of Baron cooking up another blueprint, and from the looks of it not just any simple one either.

(BM) "Hey brother Xu Da, where have you been these past few months? We haven't heard a peep out of you, not even a warning."

(XD) "I've been getting lessons in the art of aerial warfare. A friend introduced me to a semi master. He's taught me quite a bit and I think I have the answer to our bottleneck problem."

(BM) "How confident are you in your solution?"

(XD) "Confident enough that I went into the sim myself, with the help of an elder, and I managed to take out 1,850 enemy aircrafts."

(BM) "You didn't spread the word about our little secret map have you?"

(XD) "No of course not. I would never do something as foolish as that."

(BM) "Good. I'll send the word out to the others to meet up back at HQ and then you can share your discovery with all of us."

Within a day all six of them met up under the same roof again. The past six months they would rarely get to see each other. This was a nice little reunion of sorts.

(BM) "Alright everybody, Xu Da has taken lessons from a semi aerial master. He believes that what he has been taught can be really beneficial to all of us. Go ahead,"

(XD) "Hello brothers, long time no see. These past few months must have been hard on you all, grinding away for those contribution points. Anyway, the semi master that taught me sure knew his stuff. Not only did he teach me about grand manoevres that needs to be set up right from the beginning of the sim, he also taught me a bunch of little lesser tidbits that could help us in the long run."

(BC) "Who is this strategist that you speak so highly of?"

(XD) "It's actually not just one person that mentored me, it's two. Meng Tian and Meng Yi is their names."

(BM) "I remember them, they are brothers that lived around the founding of the Qin unification wars. Not super well known, but they must be quite the pair if they are considered semi masters."

(BC) "That's exactly it. These two are perhaps some of the most adaptable strategists I have ever seen. Their blueprint arsenal is huge, and they always seem to know the best way to counter anything I do."

(BM) "Perhaps the two of them are just more adaptable in the air than the average strategist. So tell us about how you managed to shoot down 1,850 enemy planes? I'm dying to know."

(BC) "The strategy that they recommended for an attack like this was to not solely rely on planes. They said that it would be best if we had some ground units that could shoot down planes as well. Sadly I don't have any such blueprints."

(BM) "Oh what a coincidence I just finished a few blueprints that might do the trick. I believe Flak cannons, autocannons, and perhaps best of all the Man-Portable Air Defence Systems (MANPADS) will be useful for us. These are rather basic models and therefore not the best. However, if enough research and development is done, then we should be bale to upgrade these to weapons suitable for our needs."

(GY) "I've heard of Flak cannons and autocannons, but I've never heard of MANPADS. What are those things?"

(BM) "Basically they are shoulder launching surface to air missiles that are usually guided by technology."