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26 Kowalski, Analysis

This was a learning experience for everybody involved. Han Xin had learned that Baron was a lot craftier than he had imagined him to be. Baron learned that he had grossly underestimated Han Xin to a certain degree. He knew that Han Xin would be a difficult opponent, but what he didn't expect was the all out attack that Han Xin had launched. Yue Fei, Ban Chao, and Xu Da all learned that Han Xin was an extraordinary strategist, contrary to their beliefs that he was just an ordinary one.

After the simulation ending in Han Xin's victory, Baron called a team meeting with the three others.

(BM) "Yue Fei, Ban Chao you saw just how well Han Xin handled me and Xu Da just now. What are your thoughts?"

(BC) "The way he ordered that full scale retreat was downright flawless

even if I saw everything that he ordered his men to do, I dont think I could replicate such a strategy." Ban Chao said with the utmost praise.

(YF) "I dont know if you noticed, Ban Chao, but there was a couple of actions that Han Xin made that really caught my attention and had adverse effects after the initial impact it had on the battlefield. The retreat was indeed beautifully executed, but there are two other points that deserve even more praise."

(BC) "Even more praise?"

(YF) "Yes, the first one is that Han Xin and his crusaders had even managed to evade the scouts that Baron had sent out to gather information on Han Xin's army. It isn't easy to hide an army as well as he did, the hidden advantage here was that this denied Baron the necessary information needed for him to prepare for the next attack. Information like this could've been the deciding factor for the simulation this time around."

(BC) "Now that you mention it, yea. I took a look at the map Baron and Han Xin received at the start of the simulation and took a look at where Han Xin stationed his army after the retreat. It is nearly impossible to pinpoint it on the map, Han Xin must've figured it out by just looking at the map. I dont think he ran into it by coincidence as he hadn't visited that place before during the week of preparation."

(BM) "That means he came up with this on the fly? He sure knows how to surprise people. What's the other point you mentioned Yue Fei?"

(YF) "The other point would be that he decided to only use heavy ballistae attacks before sending his men in. This served as an attack on two fronts, one was an attack on the physical walls, and the other was the attack on the morale of the men. The Fatimid Caliphate didn't have much spirit left after the 24 hour demolition of their walls from afar, plus you guys didn't have any weapon that could counter these ballistae attacks."

(BM) "Precisely, this led to our army being effortlessly pushed back from the crusaders. I would also add another point that we should watch out for from Han Xin."

(YF) "Did I miss something?"

(BM) "It's not that you missed something, it's that Han Xin has excellent reasoning, and he is quite decisive these are easily mistaken for common sense. He could think of a plan on the spot, and execute it to perfection with just a few orders. All of these factors that we talked about are what makes an excellent strategist, and a great ally if we can manage to make him willingly work with us."

(YF) "Wow, Han Xin is that incredible?"

(BM) "Going by my estimates if we were to rank ourselves by who was the better strategist I'd say he is first, Yue Fei is second, and I would be third."

(YF) "You've been through quite a few simulations with me already, what do you think of the gap between me and him is then?"

(BM) "I've only seen him in action once so I can't say for certain, but I'd say the gap is quite large."

(BC) "What about the gap between you and Yue Fei?"

(BM) "Id say the gap between me and Yue Fei is a sizable amount, but nothing as big as between Yue Fei and Han Xin. I rank Yue Fei as higher than me because Yue Fei has had a lot more battlefield experience as me."

(YF) "You dont have to be so modest Baron, you already surpass me in terms of blueprints, and maybe even tactics pretty soon. Ever since you came to planet 4 your growth in terms of strategy has been astounding, even greater than mine when I first came here."

(BM) "Right. Ban Chao get ready you will be the next one to face off against Han Xin. Remember though, you are great at defense, so just focus on your defense rather than attacking the enemy."

(BC) "haha, I'll try. You made out Han Xin to be such a perfect strategist, I don't think id fare well against him."

(BM) "Strategists shouldn't think of how amazing or how tough to beat their opponents are, they should focus on finding ways to beat such amazing strategists."

(BC) "You're right, strategists should have more confidence, otherwise what is even the point of becoming one? Will you be an advisor to me for this next simulation?"

(BM) "This time I'll just be a spectator, you should have no trouble dragging out the battle. After all you are known for your defense."

(BC) "Right, right" Ban Chao said as they all went back to where Han Xin was resting.

The simulation between Ban Chao and Han Xin commenced. The setting was still random and they drew the Moro Rebellion map. This map was interesting as it was the United States pitted against a group of Philipinos that were called the Moro people.

The history of this battle was interesting too, this conflict erupted because the Spanish imperialists ceded the Philipines to the United States and a lot of people weren't happy. Particularly a group called the Moro, they routinely clashed with the US troops. What made them tough was that they fortified the mountain that they lived on, and launched berserker attacks constantly. Death meant nothing to these people of Moro if it meant resisting imperialism.

This specific battle setting was the last battle between the people of Moro and the United States. It ended with US victory and a massacre of 500 of the Moro people. Just before the final battle though, the then president Theodore Roosevelt declared that all hostilities in the Philippines be ceased except for the people of Moro in 1902 4th of July.

The US troops consisted of 25,000 men, and the Moro people had a few thousand soldiers, some were even women dressed in Male clothing. Though their numbers were vastly inferior, the Moro people faced death with open arms. The defending would be Han Xin and the attacking army would be Ban Chao's.

Though Ban Chao held the advantage here, it would not be an easy battle to win. Especially with someone as strategically powerful as Han Xin leading these fearless people. The preparation time for this map was one month. This map was the first time that Ban Chao and Han Xin had had a simulation on this map and therefore weren't very familiar with anything related to this map. However Barom knew everything about this map. Han Xin would have to make a miracle happen if he wanted to win this simulation. This map can be considered similar to the battle of Thermopylae that Ban Chao and Baron had fought over. Both were heavily stacked on the sides of the attackers, both had the defenders have some advantage over the attackers. In this case, the people of Moro were more willing to die for their cause than the American troops, as well as more disciplined.

The month of preparation time worked more for Han Xin than Ban Chao as he had more time to build more outposts, and generally increase the defense of the mountain he was defending. While Ban Chao could only sit around and come up with schemes. This type of guerilla warfare did not suit either of these strategists but what could they do? They just came up with strategy after strategy of ways to best their opponents and made as much preparations as they could. Drilling tactics and maneuvers into their soldiers to prepare them for what was about to go down.

Quickly, the one month passed and the two sides began finding holes in each others defenses that they could exploit, and after a few days of waiting the defending Moro people made the first attack.

The US army was split up into platoons of ten-ish men each and they were tasked with going around the mountain attacking stray groups of the Moro people and reporting back to central camp if they spot an enemy outpost. The platoons were to report back to central camp regardless if they achieved anything or not at least once a week. This was because if an outpost was found they would send out all availible soldiers to destroy the outpost. Ban Chao had planned this as an extended battle that could last up to a few years.

The Moro people, on the other hand, were told to hide in the shadows and attack the US army whenever they let their guard down. The other Moro people that were defending in the outposts were told to die fighting the invaders, and if they surrendered then they were considered cowards.

This type of strategy from both sides worked on and off for both sides and the battlefield proceeded like this for 4 months. Both sides suffered hundreds in casualties, yet neither side was willing to back down.