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Simulations against others were not all that they did during their year of laying low. They also continued to sell blueprints like crazy. This made it so that their prestige rose higher and higher.

After discussing matters with the others, Baron and his group decided to form their faction first, stay at the Chinese community for a few years, venture outside the Chinese Community for a few hundred years, come back to witness how the Chinese community fares in the Death Match Tournament. At least that was the plan, but for now they just focused on getting better at simulations.

Quietly another three years passed and they just continued doing their own thing. By now they had finally met their fifth member that was recommended by Yue Fei. He didn't talk much, but he was plenty well versed in the art of warfare. His name was Han Xin and everyone didn't seem to realize who this legend was, but Baron did.

Baron wasn't sure why such a legend as Han Xin wasn't an elder, he had more than enough talent and military know how to do so. It seemed that everyone only regarded him as a good strategist. Baron had to get to the bottom of this so he brought Han Xin to an empty room and the two started to chat.

(BM) "So why are you not more famous than you already are? What are you hiding?"

(HX) "I don't need to tell you anything, I wouldn't even be here if my good friend Yue Fei hadn't invited me over."

(BM) "Look, we need to be honest with each other if we are to work together in complete trust."

(HX) "You still stink of your mother's womb boy, you shouldn't stick your nose into something you aren't supposed to. "

(BM) "Well we need to understand each other if we are to start a faction together. Am I wrong in what I say?"

(HX) "I understand trust between faction members are important, but you should also understand that this matter is by no means any of your concern."

(BM) "If that's how you feel then alright. Just make sure that doesn't interfere with what our end goals are." Baron left after saying this and he went to his own room to contemplate what would be their future would be like with someone like Han Xin in the fray.

He had learned two things from Han Xin in their little chat just now. The first was that Han Xin was hiding something important from them, and that could very well impact theirbfaction's future growth. This matter had to be resolved aooner or later, and Baron intended to do it as soon as possible.

There were a few possibilities that Baron could think of that was making Han Xin act this way. One was that he was a spy for some other, larger faction. Another one was that he just genuinely wanted to be unknown here since he had had a traumatic experience after coming to planet 4. Or perhaps he just wanted to live his life here peacefully after having suicided when he was still alive. Baron could think of many more possibilities but these three seemed the most likely.

Baron decided to inquire about this matter to the three other members. He began by telling them that Han Xin had many accomplishments under his belt when he was alive, but now it seemed like he didn't have much motivation for greatness.

(BM) "Do any of you know anything about this?"

(XD) "Sorry brother, I haven't met him before so I wouldn't know." Xu Da replied with a bit of worry in his voice"

(BC) "I've only met him a couple of times before, but never officially got to talk with him so I don't know either. I never imagined he was such an incredible person before." Ban Chao said with a bit of surprise in his face.

(YF) "Well, since I was the one who invited him I do know a bit more than you guys. However, for as long as I've known him he has been silent as a snake, and he seems to look at everyone with distaste."

(BM) "If that's his personality, how did you manage to befriend him?"

(YF) "Its actually a pretty funny story, so one time me and him and a couple of others were teamed together for a regular tournament here. I seemed to have impressed him or something, because after that tournament he allowed me to call on him whenever I wanted to. To this day I think he has only ever given me this regard. I'm not sure what it is that made him favourite me though."

(BM) "I think I've got an idea as to what that could be, but I have no intention of using that method to make him favourite me too. I've got to use another way."

(BC) "Why are you so obsessed with this matter?"

(BM) "This Han Xin fellow is quite the powerhouse when it comes to strategy. I believe if we can successfully rope him in as an ally of his own free will, then our faction's strength will become that much stronger. Plus we need all tge help we can get, although the four of us are strong, there is no absolutes in war. If Han Xin only helps us halfheartedly, then that might make us regress instead of progeess."

(YF) "I understand what you are trying to say. If we can get Han Xin to follow us willingly, then the future of our faction will be brighter."

(BM) "Exactly, let's all of us each have separate simulations against him and analyze his particular moves, then we'll try a team battle, then we'll see what happens. Xu Da you go against him first, and remember to try and drag on the battle for as long as possible. our goal is to try to see what quirks this fellow has, not whether or not we can beat him."

(XD) "Alright I understand, will you three be spectating then? Or will you just stay out here to attend to other matters?"

(BM) "I will definitely be spectating, I put this matter as the highest priority in my mind. You two should come to watch as well if you aren't too busy."

In the end Xu Da and Han Xin battled in the simulation with Baron, Yue Fei, and Ban Chao all spectating. Baron had warned the three that focusing on defense was their best course of action. Even so they had told Han Xin to not hold back when fighting so as to get a better feel of him.

The setting of the simulation between Han Xin and the rest was set to random so no one side would get an advantage over the other. For Xu Da and Han Xin's simulation the setting was the siege of Jerusalem in the year 1099.

The defending side would be Xu Da. His Fatimid Caliphate consisted of a sizable garrison and about 400 elite cavalrymen. On the other hand, Han Xin and his Crusaders consisted of over 10,000 foot soldiers, and 1,200 knights. The difference in commanders were different too. Xu Da only had one person capable of leading his troops, while Han Xin had ten. Things were looking bleaker and bleaker for Xu Da.

No matter what though Xu Da had to try and drag out this battle for as long as he could, no matter what the odds were. This time both sides had a week to prepare, and given that both sides were provided a map of the surrounding area. In this map included a few other cities and ports as well as each others starting position.

Since Xu Da was defending he had to stay at Jerusalem, Han Xin however, had set out for Jerusalem the moment the simulation started.

At this moment, Baron contacted both Xu Da and Han Xin through the system and made a proposal. Baron would become an advisor to Xu Da during this simulation and would therefore not see everything happening on the battlefield as a spectator should. Han Xin thought nothing of it and agreed, Xu Da instantly agreed and soon enough Baron arrived to Xu Da and immediately began ordering the troops around.

Baron had decided to become an advisor because as far as he knew, this map was not very well known. Therefore, there were a few secrets to the battlefield that wasn't very well known within the Chinese community. However, Baron had done sufficient research into this battlefield back when he was alive and knew a few particular tidbits that could help Xu Da potentially win.

One of these secrets was that three Crusaders that Han Xin commanded may have better trained soldiers and commanders, but they did not bring the required wood to build ladders and siege towers to get over the walls of Jerusalem. The very first thing that Baron did was to order all the trees surrounding Jerusalem to be clear cut. Not a single tree within a 10 km radius was to be seen. This first task cost his inhabitants and soldiers 5 days to complete, the remaining two days were spent on making the repeating crossbows and other surprises for the crusading army that was fast approaching Jerusalem.

Quickly, the two days passed and the siege between Xu Da/Baron and Han Xin would begin.