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7 A Grave Mistake

The group of 200 executed their assignments perfectly yet again, but couldn't go through the entire night setting off these firecrackers as rain fell down a few hours before dawn. This wasn't a big deal as they had once again dealt a devastating blow to Yue Fei's army. By the time that the sun came up it was still pouring so Baron could only postpone the day's siege. In the meantime Baron once again gathered the troops and delivered another speech to improve morale. Once the rain let up, the armies began another fierce fight.

At the end of the day, even with Baron's help, the army could not keep up its momentum like they had yesterday. Even so the the tally at the end of the day came out to Baron's 3,800 to Yue Fei's 8,000. Numerically speaking Baron had the upper hand if you counted his perfectly untouched army of 5,000 waiting for an order somewhere else. However, Baron was still unsatisfied with how he hadn't managed to lure Yue Fei out. This had him worried as he believed Yue Fei had a reason for not showing up despite his army being oppressed in such a way.

As night fell the 200 this time did not go in to set up fireworks like they had the previous nights, instead they were laughing it up with the rest of the army regaling their war stories. In an attempt to keep spirits up, Baron had the officers distribute a bit of wine to the soldiers. This simple gesture and the liveliness that ensued caused the morale in their team to soar yet again.


(LE) "Sir, it seems that the enemy has chosen to not engage in their annoying activities tonight." Lieutenant En briefed Yue Fei with a sense of happiness. "Our many soldiers will finally be able to get their much deserved peaceful rest."

(YF) "The only reason they aren't doing it tonight is because the moon's light is shining very brightly. Thus causing them to be likelier to be seen if we actually went out to hunt them down. Enough of that, have the scouts located the enemy base?"

(LE) "Yes sir, we now know where the enemy camp is and can charge into it whenever you please." En said with a smile slowly showing on his face.

(YF) "I think its best if I personally go and have a look at what their defences are for their camp. Along with a few bodyguards of course. Have them be ready in an hour by the south gates."

(LE) "As you command" En said and left to make the appropriate preparations.

A short while later a group of about 50 horse riders could be seen quietly leaving the walled city personally led by the general Yue Fei himself. They made their way to Baron's camp, and once they arrived they hid behind trees and slowly rode on horseback the entire perimeter of Baron's army. All the while Yue Fei studied the patrols actions, and shift changes along the way. After a few hours of slowly investigating, Yue Fei had realized a serious problem in Baron's army. Many of them were drinking and had their guard down.

How unfortunate Yue Fei thought, if he had not been so conservative and had more soldiers accompany him then he might've had a chance to deal a serious blow to Baron's army tonight. Even if he sent word back to camp now, ordering more cavalry to come attack, it would not have as much of an effect compared to when he had an entire night to do so. Yue Fei quickly ordered a retreat and all the horsemen he had brought with him left as quietly as they had come. Once back at the city, Yue Fei immediately had his lieutenant give out numerous orders.

(YF) "Lieutenant, first of all, since it is still nighttime have 2,000 of my 3,000 cavalry spread out around Baron's camp, but make sure they are a good distance away. Once tomorrow evening comes along they are to attack the enemy camp at these three points I have circled for you." Yue Fei handed over a map to En.

(LE) "Excellent, the enemy won't know what hit them."

(YF) "Lieutenant En, you are to personally lead one of these attachments to break into the enemy camp, I want you to pick another two officers and have them leave immediately to their positions."

(LE) "Yes sir, the cavalry has been a little unbearable since they haven't been able to do any of the fighting on the walls they will be overjoyed upon hearing this piece of news."

(YF) "Quickly make the necessary precautions and set off before the sun rises, speed is of the essence. Remember En, whether you succeed or fail will determine the outcome of this battle. Don't let me down." Yue Fei cautioned his lieutenant.

(LE) "Worry not sir, leave everything to me. There is no way that Baron could have predicted a development as grand as this." En left the room to lay the groundwork of what could be Baron's demise.


With the night behind them, the two armies once again went head to head, but today Baron had a little surprise for his enemy. An hour before noon Baron had ordered all forces to retreat to a few meters outside the range of the enemy archers, and had his 500 cavalrymen run to just before the enemy archers' range and drop off the wagon that they had brought with them, all around the city. These wagons that they had brought with them contained many dead sticks and chopped wood. The soldiers quickly lit these slightly damp kindling up with the help of animal fats and other flammable materials, within a short few minutes these lit up branches created a makeshift smoke-screen that blocked the enemy from seeing what they were doing.

Baron had quite a surprise waiting for Yue Fei's army.


(YF) " What? Why would they expend so much effort into blocking our view of them? What could they possibly want to hide from us?" Yue Fei said after hearing of the news.

Officer mike (OM) "I'm not too sure general, but we'll find out soo..." Mike was about to say before a messenger burst into the room as if he had been running for his life.

(M) "Apologies for my rudeness, but I have some news. There have been multiple sightings of siege towers appearing from the smoke screen." The messenger hurriedly said.

(Siege towers) are tall, mobile, usually wooden structures that are used by attacking armies to breach the walls of the defenders much more easily. It basically funnels soldiers on the ground up to the walls while protecting the soldiers from arrows when they are climbing up the siege tower. The big disadvantage is that it is usually quite heavy so although it is mobile it is very slow. Some can be disassembled to be transported easier.

(YF) "Siege towers? Why have they chose now to use such gadgets? It doesn't matter just shoot it down with fire arrows, once they are on fire the enemy will no longer be able to use them anymore." Yue Fei quickly ordered.

(M) "I'm sorry sir, but the troops have already tried. It seems that the siege towers are a little damp, possibly because of rain the previous day. So shooting it down with fire arrows is not a possibility"

(YF) "Mike!"

(OM) "Yes, sir"

(YF) "You go lead the wall that is struggling the most and relay to the other officers that no matter what, we must not fall today."

(OM) "As you wish....." Mike started but was interrupted when another messenger arrived and quickly informed the two of another situation.

(M) "Sir, the north wall and the east wall are having difficulties hanging on, they request immediate backup."

(YF) "Dammit, those two walls are the ones where Lieutenant En took out one officer each last night. Officer Mike, quickly go to the north wall, I'll personally lead the soldiers on the east wall. Make haste."

The two quickly left the strategy room and headed for their respective walls. At the end of the day, although they had pushed back the enemy, they had paid a huge price to do so. The tally for the end of the day totalled Baron's 3,000 to Yue Fei's 6,600. Another overwhelming victory for Baron. However, tonight was the night that Yue Fei had ordered Lieutenant En to lead one of three strike teams to terrorize baron's army in the middle of the night. They may only have 2,000 cavalrymen while the army had 3,000, but this group of cavalry was fully rested while Baron's army was fatigued from yet another day of battle. Their main objective, to kill Baron Magellan.

(YF) "Enjoy this victory while you can Baron, after tonight you won't have the luxury of such high morale, and momentum again." Yue Fei satisfiedly mused to himself.