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As Baron stepped out from the portal he found himself in another room full of smaller portals each one had a name of a country next to them. USA, Australia, South Korea, Jordsand, China.

(BM) "Oh well then I should probably go into the China one, wait a minute Jordsand? I have never heard of that country before. That's odd, i've spent countless hours researching the strategists and generals of every important country in the last 3000 or so years, but i've never heard of a place called Jordsand producing any noteworthy strategists. Must be a pretty low ranked country then." He mused to himself as he proceeded to go into the portal with China's name on it. A bright light flashed and Baron instantly fell unconscious.


(BM) "What happened?" Baron muttered as he slowly rose up from the bed he had been sleeping on. "Where am I?" He looked around in confusion until his sight locked onto another youth who had been sitting on another bed staring at him for who knew how long.

Yue Fei (YF) "Finally, took you long enough" He exclaimed dissatisfiedly as he fell backwards onto the bed only to immediately jump onto the floor. "alright Baron as per ceremony I will grant you 5 minutes to ask questions, and after that I will have to conduct a little test on you to make sure you are at least somewhat capable enough to remain here. So is there anything that you want to know?"

(BM) "Who are you?"

(YF) "I am Yue Fei one of the elders of this community here.

(BM) "Greetings elder, then may I inquire as to where I am?"

(YF) "You are in the headquarters of the Chinese community on planet four."

(BM) "Well at least I know i'm in the right place, then my next question is how do I get back to my world? The counter worker that processed me told me that I had a chance of going back to Earth, but she didn't mention how.

(YF) "Ah, so thats what you are after. Unfortunately, you must win the Death Match tournament in order to receive that privilege. It might be best to set your sights onto another target, even though the Chinese community is quite strong, top three currently, we have never won that tournament."

(BM) "Not once? How many tournaments have there been? How often do they run the tournaments?" Baron said with a disappointed face.

(YF) "Every one thousand years, there have only been about 13 tournaments. The next one is in 455 years."

(BM) "If I won the tournament will I be able to return to the moment I died?"

(YF) "Not the exact moment, but i've heard you can be brought back several months after you've died no matter how long you spend on this planet. Personally i've been here for over a thousand years. If you belong to any strong factions like our Chinese, then you have the added privilege of not needing to eat. Unless you want to."

(BM) "Not needing to eat? Over a thousand years?" Baron exclaimed in disbelief.

"Hey come on time's up, now its time to have match against you, but be warned if you don't perform up to standard i'm going to have to kick you out of the here and you will be left to fend for yourself out in the streets." He beckoned Baron as he quickly left the room. At this point Baron just decided to follow this quirky youth seeing as there were no other people in the room. He got up and quickly left the room. Soon after, the youth was leading the way to what appeared to be a large room where a lot of the noise was coming from.

(BM) "Hey slow down." Baron yelled just as Yue Fei reached the door.

(YF) " Your name is Baron Magellan right? Welcome to the strategy room" He said as he pushed open the door without waiting for a response. "Let me show you what happens inside, come on"

Once they entered the room Baron was shocked, this room contained some of the most model worthy people he had ever seen.

(YF) "Haha, not used to seeing this many beauties, and handsome dudes?"

(BM) "...no" Baron admitted

(YF) "Anyway, come over here and put this headset on" Yue Fei handed Baron a helmet looking object.

(BM) "What is this? And before we begin I have a couple of questions before we begin." Baron quickly said as he held the helmet looking thing in confusion.

(YF) "I'll answer more of your questions if you can beat me in a game of strategy" Yue Fei said as he put the helmet on and instantly disappeared from the room.

(BM) "Might as well I suppose." Baron said to himself quietly as he put on the helmet.


Baron's field of view quickly changed and instantly distorted to become something similar to a game interface.

(YF) "Since this is your first game i'll have to go easy on you, in front of you you should see an interface, just pick a mode, location, and how many troops each of us gets to command." Yue Fei's voice sounded inside Baron's mind.

(BM) "Alright just give me a sec." Baron said as he looked at the interface once again, he pressed the mode option and a list of names popped up. Naval battle (WW2), air battle (WW2), trench warfare (WW1), guerilla warfare, walled city siege (Ancient China). "Ooh I'll pick walled city siege, i've studied that aspect of warfare quite a bit." He told Yue Fei.

(YF) "Walled city siege hey? I am also quite good at that. Now all you have to do is decide if you want to be the defending side or attacking side." Yue Fei told Baron.

(BM) "I think i'll go...." Baron paused to think "....on the attacking side" he said as he pressed the attacking button.

(YF) "Oh? I never pegged you as an aggressive guy. That's interesting, alright now let me explain the basics of this game before we get any further. So this is what you would call a simulation match. The two of us will go onto our respective sides, and have one day to prepare a battle plan to fight each other with. This is no ordinary simulation though, in a way you could say this simulation is the closest you can get to a real life war without actually killing anyone. The generals/strategists of each army, aka us, will lead each army to clash with each other. There are a few ways to win, you can kill all the enemy soldiers, complete the objective, kill the enemy strategist, or the enemy surrenders. One last thing, since this is so realistic you will have to pay attention to your army, you will need to maintain morale of your units, their energy, and anything else that might effect their performance. Good luck."

(BM) "Is that all there is to this game? Wait, an entire day to think of a strategy?"

(YF) "Of course thats not all, I can't give you all the secrets from the get go can I? As for the one day of prep, trust me that is nowhere near enough time." Yue Fei said grimly. "Alright enough talk, all you have to do now is choose the army sizes and then we can start."

(BM) "Ah yes, hold on." Baron checked the interface again and pushed the army size button, a list of numbers came out. 500 vs. 500, all the way to 1 million vs. 1 million. Baron decided on 10,000 vs. 10,000. "Alright lets not get too crazy for my first time, it'll be a 10k on 10k battle."

(YF) "I usually like to go for 100k vs. 100k battles, but we'll just do what you want to this time." He said to Baron.

(BM) "Wait how long does these battles usually last?" Baron asked Yue Fei as he pushed the start button and a timer for 30 seconds appeared.

(YF) "Well for just a 10k vs. 10k battle, it will usually last anywhere from 1-3 months" Yue Fei replied. 23 seconds left until game start.

(BM) "That long for just one game?" 12 seconds until game start.

(YF) "yes, and that assuming that one side doesn't make a major mistake, thus ending it early. I've tried a few 1 million vs. 1 million battles, and let me tell you right now those take potentially up to decades. One last thing before we start, we can't communicate with each other once we're in, good luck." 3 seconds until game start

(BM) "Decades? But I can't wait that lo..."He started but was interrupted by the system announcement. Game Start.