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-1 Death Match System Introduction

Appearing in chapter three of the novel, the Death Match System is a way to test strategical prowess between strategists. In a nutshell it is an extremely detailed strategy game where strategists will think of a way to overpower their opponents. This system will is the only way in which battles will be fought for the rest of this novel.

Interface: The interface is overly simple in the way the Death Match setting will be decided. There are three decisions that need to be made in order to start the game. They are mode, army size, and which side will attack or defend. The mode will be a decision of what time the battle will take place (and therefore the troops and weapons that can be used) it could be World War 1, World War II, Ancient China, Medieval Europe, and also divided into land, air, or sea battles. The Army size ranges from 500 versus 500 all the way to 5 million vs 5 million. Which side will attack and which side will defend should be pretty self-explanatory. For all official competitions these are the only decisions that can be chosen.

Advanced Interface: the advanced interface is more of a sandbox situation. These advanced settings are more for experimenting rather than to increase strategical prowess. As there are some options that you can choose that should be impossible to replicate in real life for example having an infinite amount of food or your soldiers don't need to sleep.

Setting of the game: after going through the interface the system will take a few seconds to generate a setting appropriate for the chosen options. The setting will be tailored in accordance to Army size and mode and will generate a unique geography surrounding the players. This way neither side will have an advantage over the other as the terrain should be new to both sides.

Troop performance: the troops in the game should be treated like actual people since everything you make them do will effect their performance in battle. Group performance can be calculated (generally speaking) with a few variables. Morale, energy, actions of the leader, etc will all be factored into the equation.

Morale: morale starts at 50%, imagine an army that you just assembled willingly during for you, it's just not realistic. So depending on the strategists actions morale can go up or down. Ways to increase morale: giving a speech before clashing, outmaneuvering your enemies, and strategist fighting alongside the men.

Ways to decrease morale: send a couple of your men to perform a suicidal charge into a vastly superior enemy force, being outmaneuvered, and executing your own men.

Energy: in this sense energy can mean how much energy a person has to perform actions. A starving army isn't going to be very effective, unless you can make turn into an advantage. Effected by weather, morale, state of their army compared to the enemy, and rations they receive.

Objectives differ from mode to mode, some are quick to finish, while others will have multiple objectives each of which could take years to finish. An example would be in walled city sieges you only have to capture/defend the one city, whereas in WWII you have to capture multiple cities, and defend against many different countries.

Maps are generated and each time a simulation is played out a different and unique map will be generated with multiple factors like weather, sunlight, and distance to objective.

When in the simulation it will be publicly broadcasted to anyone of the same community as the strategists going against each other, and time in simulation is faster than time outside the simulation. About 1 week in simulation is 1 day on planet four. The reason these are broadcasted is because the communities can witness and discuss the decisions made by the strategist to see how others perform.

For most modes there can be multiple strategists going against each other.

Strategists will have boosted stats in game compared to the regular troops, so they can choose to fight along with their soldiers. Choosing to do this will increase morale, but if one isn't careful then they run the risk of dying in enemy hands and thus gets transported out of the game where they will not be able to interfere any longer, assuming there is at least one more strategist on their team.

All the soldiers, aside from the strategists who put on the helmet, are simulations, they may have free will but their future is ultimately death.

How to win: slay all the enemy generals, finish the mode's most basic objective (winning war, capturing city, etc), or the enemy team surrenders.