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182 State-of-the-Art Factory Construction 2 – PART 1

Gun-Ho received a fax from Dyeon Japan.
It was about the Japanese engineer who Amiel was recommending, and also about his consultation price.
"Mr. Sakata Ikuzo is a Japanese engineer who had worked for Lymondell Dyeon in Seattle, USA for thirty years. He is one of the best experts in the urethane-related compound field in the world."

Gun-Ho leaned back in his chair in his office and read the fax that was sent by Dyeon Japan.
"He must be very good at his work with his extensive 30 years of work experience in this field. However, it's sort of expensive to invite him for consultation."
Gun-Ho read the fax further about the consultation fee.
"He will provide the consultation service for one month at 5,000 dollars. You will have to bear the travel expenses for him as well, such as the hotel, a flight ticket, food, rental car, etc."

There was one more requirement.
"You will provide Mr. Sakata Ikuzo an extruding machine for his use at least three hours per day. The raw materials for tests will be provided at your expense."

After reading the fax, Gun-Ho called for a meeting.
All of the five directors of GH Mobile attended the meeting: the internal auditor, the chief officer of the research center, the plant manager, the sales director, and Director Yoon who was in Jiksan to oversee the new factory construction. Gun-Ho placed the fax on the table and started explaining the situation calmly.

"As you all remember, the vice president of S Company promised us last time when he visited us that if we could develop the new product—AM083—assembly according to their product drawing, they will buy the product from us. S Company is one of the biggest companies in Korea. Once we start manufacturing this product and selling them, our sales revenue will increase by 15% to 20%."
The plant manager chipped in.
"Of course it would be great if we are able to develop that product. However, we are not capable of developing that product. Well, I would say, with the current technology, any company in Korea wouldn't be able to develop it yet. Don't you think, Mr. Research Chief Officer?"
The chief officer of the research center responded.
"That… that's true."
The sales director was with Gun-Ho.
"If we could develop that product, it's not just going to be about increasing our sales revenue by 15% or 20% anymore. We will prove our technology and our ability to develop that sort of products to the field. It would make it a lot easier for me to sell our products."
The plant manager opposed the sales director.
"Don't you think we don't know that? The problem is we are not capable of making it."
"You didn't even try it yet."
The two men raised their voices.
The internal auditor was quiet since he didn't know much about the production field. The new general director—Director Yoon—also didn't even try to chip in because the product development or manufacturing was not his area of expertise; he would have had a lot to say about it if it was about construction.

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This time, the chief officer of the research center attacked the sales director—Director Kim.
"Hey, Director Kim. You can't just develop a product overnight just because you want it."
When Director Kim was about to fly into a rage and argue, Gun-Ho stepped in.
"I understand what you all meant. That's why I was thinking of inviting an engineer from Lymondell Dyeon to our factory. He is coming from Seattle in the U.S."
"An engineer from Lymondell Dyeon?"
"He is not an American, but he is Japanese. I was told that he is one of the best engineers in the chemical compound field. I think we can have him here for a month. My friend, Amiel—the president of Dyeon Japan—recommended him."
"It will probably cost a lot."
"The consultation fee for a month is 5,000 dollars. Since he is a retired engineer, his fee is not that expensive anymore."
"Don't we have to pay for his flight and hotel?"
"Right. Since we are developing a new product, I think we can bear some cost at this stage."
"Once a new product is developed, who will take ownership of that product?"
"I haven't discussed that part with them yet; however, the AM083 assembly is specifically designed for S Company's products so it won't sell to other companies. Therefore, we are more likely to own the product."

The sales director said to the chief officer of the research center.
"I guess you can provide consultation service to other companies too, once you retire. Maybe you can make 5,000 dollars per month by doing that."
The chief officer of the research center didn't say anything back to the sales director, but he certainly looked pretty uncomfortable.

The chief officer of the research center then said,
"If that Japanese engineer comes here and runs some tests, we will have to provide him an extruding machine. If so, it will put our production temporarily on hold."
"That's right."
The plant manager confirmed the chief officer's concern.

The new general director—Director Yoon—carefully chipped in.
"Is it possible that we manufacture our products during the day, and do the tests at night?"
The plant manager seemed to get upset.
"Do you know what you are talking about? We turn off the extruding machine at the end of the day, and if we have to turn it on again, we will have to warm it up first, and there has to be someone who can assist in handling the machine. Who's going to stay at night to do that? Are you going to do it yourself?"

Gun-Ho said while releasing his arms from a crossing position.
"I've heard well from all of your opinions. We can talk further in detail about how we handle the use of the extruding machine after the consultant arrives. For today, let's focus on the issue of whether we want to invite the Japanese engineer or not."
"That should be decided by you, President Goo."
"We will follow whatever decision you make, sir."
"Okay, then."

Gun-Ho was having a cup of coffee after the meeting when he received a call from Attorney Young-Jin Kim.
"Amiel told me that he sent you a fax. Did you receive it?"
"Yes, I received it, and I just had a meeting with my directors about it."
"Really? So are you going to invite that engineer for a consultation?"
"Yes, we will."
"Oh, you will? Then I will ask him to send you another fax of the consultation contract. You don't have to worry about the engineer. Amiel told me that he is the best. That engineer's brother is a professor of engineering at Tokyo University. He even received a Nobel Prize in physics. I guess the two brothers are very smart."
"Amiel said you will need an interpreter though, either Japanese or English. The engineer can speak English, but since he is a native Japanese speaker, you'd better find an interpreter who can speak Japanese."
"I see. I will find someone who can speak Japanese then."

Gun-Ho asked for the general affairs director.
"We will soon receive another fax from Dyeon Japan for the consultation contract. Once it arrives, seal the contract with our company stamp and send it back to them."
"Yes, sir. I will bring it to you so you can review it before I send it back to them."
"Also, find someone who can speak Japanese on WorkNet. We will need an interpreter for the Japanese engineer. We might need the interpreter at night, so find a male interpreter."
"How much do we want to pay him? And for how long do we need him?"
"Umm… let's have him for a month and tell him that we will pay him 3 million won."
"Yes, sir."