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Still, Wait For Me

Author:Xiang Tingsheng

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UpdateTime:8/4/2020 8:50:55 PM

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Inexplicably reborn in the year 2003, having failed terribly in his previous life, the prevailing concern with Xu Tingsheng, that stands above all else, is none other than her. But alas, he is just months away from entering university, while she is but in her first year of junior high… Regarding this, all he can do is wait silently…for now. In the meantime, o...
《Still, Wait For Me》 Text
Chapter 1: A meeting long overdue
Chapter 2: The First Meeting, Once More
Chapter 3: Youth & ‘First’ Meetings
Chapter 4: Past Matters & Arrogant Words
Chapter 5: Stuff like fighting for a girl
Chapter 6: Be good, lower your head and walk away
Chapter 7: Ascending the Stage – the inaugural experience
Chapter 8: Within the sea of memories
Chapter 9: SARS arrives
Chapter 10: A parent is summoned
Chapter 11: Some things are irreversible
Chapter 12: The circumstances regarding Indigowoad Root
Chapter 13: Answering questions as if performing a surgery
Chapter 14: A major incident of a previous life
Chapter 15: My all in exchange for your warm, peaceful longevity
Chapter 16: When big words become a joke
Chapter 17: A man to this extent
Chapter 18: A newcomer on the Red Chart
Chapter 19: Fu Cheng’s Secret
Chapter 20: Let’s interact
Chapter 21: Student or teacher?
Chapter 22: We are all good kids
Chapter 23: Shall we drink a little wine in secret?
Chapter 24: An uncle’s willpower
Chapter25: The feelings with that brick
Chapter 26: 14 days and nights
Chapter 27: Events in life have always come in bits and pieces
Chapter 28: University entrance examinations once more
Chapter 29: The Graduation Yearbook & the Farewell Dinner
Chapter 30: Beginnings and ends
Chapter 31: We are here to raise the price
Chapter 32: Experiencing the world once more
Chapter 33: Seeing Xiang Ning once more
Chapter 34: Fighting in different places
Chapter 35: Understanding
Chapter 36: The examination results are released
Chapter 37: Top Scholar for Humanities(1)
Chapter 38: Top Scholar for Humanities (2)
Chapter 39: Top Scholar for Humanities(3)
Chapter 40: He is a legend
Chapter 41: After the wine
Chapter 42: Cruel
Chapter 43: Top Scholar’s Sister
Chapter 44: The ever crossing paths of life
Chapter 45: Some beginnings, some ends
Chapter 46: The final match
Chapter 47: He likes you
Chapter 48: Carry me someplace bright
Chapter 49: Letter of acceptance
Chapter 50: The opening of the mall
Chapter 51: That final parting
Chapter 52: Did we know each other before?
Chapter 53: Big Xiang Ning and Little Xiang Ning
Chapter 54: A Ferris Wheel of Tenderness
Chapter 55: Apple’s demonic charm
Chapter 56: To be a little closer
Chapter 57: He came with his family
Chapter 58: Tales of military training
Chapter 59: They’ve all come
Chapter 60: Borrow this joint for a confession
Chapter 61: Fu Cheng’s afflicted with a sickness
Chapter 62: The mysterious Rebirth
Chapter 63: Everything related to money is major
Chapter 64: Immune to beauties, also immune to ridicule
Chapter 65: This idiot is my younger brother
Chapter 66: Dreams of youth on a green train
Chapter 67: Dowry
Chapter 68: The youthful fluttering of a heart
Chapter 69: The Xu Family’s great boat is soon to sail
Chapter 70: They must be very ugly
Chapter 71: Connections
Chapter 72: Old Wai’s distress call
Chapter 73: She’s okay
Chapter 74: Fang Yuqing’s path
Chapter 75: Hucheng Education Service Platform
Chapter 76: The first step to an empire
Chapter 77: Eating Fried Chicken. Knitting Woolen Sweater
Chapter 78: Unknowingly is a way to pick up chicks
Chapter 79: Your dorm’s blown up
Chapter 80: Testing the platform
Chapter 81: Let’s hand out flyers
Chapter 82: Snowman
Chapter 83: A reunion, a parting
Chapter 84: You deserve it
Chapter 85: Luckily, I won’t be playing
Chapter 86: That pandemonic confession (1)
Chapter 87: That pandemonic confession (2)
Chapter 88: That pandemonic confession (3)
Chapter 89: That pandemonic confession (4)
Chapter 90: That pandemonic confession (5)
Chapter 91: I just came to see you, incidentally
Chapter 92: Lu Zhixin’s secret
Chapter 93: 5-Star Home Tutor
Chapter 94: As if seeing the old me
Chapter 95: Bashing with a rod or grappling with bare hands
Chapter 96: A chance to get Xu Tingsheng indebted
Chapter 97: Let’s eat first
Chapter 98: Old employees
Chapter 99: It’s time to pay them a visit
Chapter 100: The Huang Family’s face
Chapter 101: Predicament
Chapter 102: The way out
Chapter 103: Returning home to usher in the new year
Chapter 104: The Xu Family’s Fireworks (1)
Chapter 105: The Xu Family’s Fireworks (2)
Chapter 106: An accidental matchmaking session (1)
Chapter 107: An accidental matchmaking session (2)
Chapter 108: From the 1st to the 15th
Chapter 109: Competition
Chapter 110: First visit to the Xiang Family
Chapter 111: You chose me in my previous life
Chapter 112: You wouldn’t understand
Chapter 113: Paper aeroplane
Chapter 114: Tribulation on Valentine’s Day
Chapter 115: Scare you to death
Chapter 116: Don’t get used to thinking like a good person
Chapter 117: I’ll be inside for a couple of days
Chapter 118: Eyewitnesses
Chapter 119: Fu Cheng’s kneeling figure
Chapter 120: Notification of condition
Chapter 121: Long time no see
Chapter 122: Prayers
Chapter 123: Awakening
Chapter 124: A woman in the house
Chapter 125: The legendary cohabitation
Chapter 126: How many such coincidences are there in life?
Chapter 127: Tan Yao and Huang Yaming
Chapter 128: I’m a teacher
Chapter 129: 200000 per glass
Chapter 130: Forcibly becoming a shareholder
Chapter 131: I fear that you wouldn’t be able to take it
Chapter 132: Strike one, Xu Tingsheng
Chapter 133: Whose fault is it still?
Chapter 134: Betrayed at a crucial moment
Chapter 135: The defanged tiger
Chapter 136: Following the drawn bow
Chapter 137: No reminiscing on old days
Chapter 138: Counterattack of the female warrior
Chapter 139: Keeping Hucheng afloat
Chapter 140: Old friends
Chapter 141: Love at first sight, what about second?
Chapter 142: Searching your name
Chapter 143: No growth without experience
Chapter 144: Xishan Tower’s Xu Tingsheng (1)
Chapter 145: Xishan Tower’s Xu Tingsheng (2)
Chapter 146: Xishan Tower’s Xu Tingsheng (3)
Chapter 147: Xishan Tower’s Xu Tingsheng (4)
Chapter 148: Underground fighting Zhong Wusheng
Chapter 149: You seem very scared
Chapter 150: Time like the flowing of a gentle stream
Chapter 151: On the path
Chapter 152: The light of spring is incomparable to you
Chapter 153: Goodbye, my little boy
Chapter 154: Youthful love
Chapter 155: You’ll regret it if you don’t come
Chapter 156: A stiff dance
Chapter 157: The scale’s rather great
Chapter 158: The cousin destined for tragedy
Chapter 159: Her transparent soul
Chapter 160: You are my flower
Chapter 161: The brightest star in the night sky
Chapter 162: The two lives drawn closer by the moonlight
Chapter 163: Aftermath
Chapter 164: Take it that I kissed a dog
Chapter 165: The little boy behind Apple
Chapter 166: The choice of an educator
Chapter 167: Tycoon of the entertainment industry
Chapter 168: My artistic youth bro
Chapter 169: A great uproar
Chapter 170: Half a sentence
Chapter 171: The people of Libei need you
Chapter 172: So intelligent yet so foolish
Chapter 173: 100000 yuan of celebratory money
Chapter 174: Amidst memories
Chapter 175: The Hundred Cities plan
Chapter 176: Bastard
Chapter 177: Seeing Zhang Xingke once more
Chapter 178: The road to a Buddha
Chapter 179: This youth really can’t take it
Chapter 180: My fire’s already gone out
Chapter 181: Final decision
Chapter 182: The concert that will never come
Chapter 183: No borrowing umbrella at Xihu
Chapter 184: I owe you in this life
Chapter 185: What about Big Xiang Ning then
Chapter 186: Folding his sleeves and buttoning his clothes
Chapter 187: Bye, Uncle
Chapter 188: All I need is for you to care about me
Chapter 189: It’s all Sun Wukong’s fault
Chapter 190: The ultimate cohabitation
Chapter 191: A simple, peaceful life
Chapter 192: That Golden Retriever, Dongdong (1)
Chapter 193: That Golden Retriever, Dongdong (2)
Chapter 194: That Golden Retriever, Dongdong (3)
Chapter 195: This is necessary
Chapter 196: I’m clearly here
Chapter 197: Aura still has to be cultivated
Chapter 198: The gentlest and also the most vicious
Chapter 199: Commemoration photographs
Chapter 200: Those who’ve never seen you wouldn’t understand
Chapter 201: The one who lies
Chapter 202: The Xu Tingsheng before his father
Chapter 203: If I die
Chapter 204: A flat that is no longer a dream
Chapter 205: Fuxi bones
Chapter 206: Kick you to death
Chapter 207: No, can’t tell
Chapter 208: Uncle Black Bear
Chapter 209: I just really miss you
Chapter 210: Conversing with Apple
Chapter 211: Welcome to the reputability madhouse
Chapter 212: Ordering a suit
Chapter 213: Thirty yet inexperienced
Chapter 214: Forsake the depraved path for that which is just
Chapter 215: Papaya soup
Chapter 216: Zhang Xingke couldn’t take it
Chapter 217: Accompany me tonight
Chapter 218: Asking too much is ‘asking for it’
Chapter 219: I’ll pretend to be Hucheng’s boss
Chapter 220: The nostalgia of teasing chicks
Chapter 221: Debtors are the boss
Chapter 222: I’m willing to go with you
Chapter 223: Li Wan’er’s choice
Chapter 224: Come to my hotel tomorrow
Chapter 225: If only it weren’t him
Chapter 226: We’re even (1)
Chapter 227: We’re even (2)
Chapter 228: Waiting for Apple to knock on the door
Chapter 229: Lu Zhixin, the one and only
Chapter 230: Suits are so expensive
Chapter 231: What qualifications have you to speak with me
Chapter 232: A whole hand of detrimental cards
Chapter 233: That ever quiet room
Chapter 234: Apple’s arrived
Chapter 235: Want to terminate the contract? Dream on
Chapter 236: Her inner voice
Chapter 237: It’s definitely some fat, bald old man
Chapter 238: Just let it go to waste then
Chapter 239: Might not get lost, might not return
Chapter 240: Saying goodbye to Apple
Chapter 241: A single lifetime, a single fate
Chapter 242: What can be overturned and what cannot
Chapter 243: Just for today
Chapter 244: Don’t send me off
Chapter 245: The second year of university begins
Chapter 246: Good people never love the wrong way
Chapter 247: Ninety percent of youths’ problems are unanswerable
Chapter 248: Going to be the last…?
Chapter 249: One man, one dog
Chapter 250: News on Fang Yunyao
Chapter 251: Hucheng’s heart
Chapter 252: Dongdong’s kidnapping incident
Chapter 253: Reinforcements
Chapter 254: Growing up
Chapter 255: Carefully observe this safety belt
Chapter 256: Chen Jianxing’s tale
Chapter 257: Paying respects to the dangers and warmth of this world (1)
Chapter 258: Paying respects to the dangers and warmth of this world (2)
Chapter 259: Chick Bao overwhelms everyone in mere seconds
Chapter 260: The games proceed
Chapter 261: Raise up your hand
Chapter 262: Fight for it
Chapter 263: Let’s get together
Chapter 264: Regarding university relationships
Chapter 265: Bullying a powerful career woman
Chapter 266: Can you sing Conquest?
Chapter 267: A state that should be rebuked
Chapter 268: This place owes me a beautiful house
Chapter 269: Fang Yuqing’s assault
Chapter 270: The non-inheritors
Chapter 271: Recognising and bestowing
Chapter 272: Window and ladder
Chapter 273: Stifled
Chapter 274: Star sign, Virgo
Chapter 275: You really deserve to be scolded
Chapter 276: Rise of the Black Horse Club
Chapter 277: Rationality is a correct but hateful thing
Chapter 278: Chain reaction
Chapter 279: The philanderers
Chapter 280: Hucheng’s crisis management
Chapter 281: The little girl wants to confess
Chapter 282: What liking someone means
Chapter 283: Little Xiang Ning’s requests
Chapter 284: You actually feel worried now
Chapter 285: I won’t let you suffer anymore
Chapter 286: I too need a trusted aide whom I can rely on
Chapter 287: Preparing to go overseas
Chapter 288: He will take me away
Chapter 289: Give me a bowl of noodles, Boss
Chapter 290: Dispelling karma
Chapter 291: A rainbow path
Chapter 292: First night in Milan
Chapter 293: I never thought you were such a Xu Tingsheng
Chapter 294: I never thought you were such an Inzaghi
Chapter 295: Warmness come in the normalest places
Chapter 296: A moth to a flame
Chapter 297: He’s weak against women
Chapter 298: Never meeting again
Chapter 299: Li Wan’er’s unambitious dream
Chapter 300: The translucent light of spring
Chapter 301: Taking a few bends in life
Chapter 302: This guy makes so much sense
Chapter 303: Old Jin’s ways
Chapter 304: A most special friend
Chapter 305: On one side flames, on the other seawater
Chapter 306: The troublemaker is sunbathing on the beaches of Nice
Chapter 307: Are You Hungry
Chapter 308: The Fang Family’s invitation
Chapter 309: Meeting in a foreign country
Chapter 310: A hasty meeting every time
Chapter 311: It’s always you reminding me
Chapter 312: How to choose
Chapter 313: The killing plot
Chapter 314: Dongzi’s date
Chapter 315: The death trap
Chapter 316: Car crash
Chapter 317: When it’s over
Chapter 318: Give it my all
Chapter 319: An encounter with Tingsheng impedes living forever
Chapter 320: Someone else’s life
Chapter 321: Two meals, three games (1)
Chapter 322: Two meals, three games (2)
Chapter 323: Plot No. 4
Chapter 324: Wrong place, right time
Chapter 325: Going home
Chapter 326: Another year passes
Chapter 327: Education bursary
Chapter 328: The Xu family is very tyrannical
Chapter 329: The popular Mr Xu
Chapter 330: Seeing Wu Yuewei once more
Chapter 331: Ning Garden
Chapter 332: I knew that you guys would peek
Chapter 333: Godly Swindler Xu
Chapter 334: Xingchen Weibo
Chapter 335: Little Pert Waist
Chapter 336: Long time no see, Apple
Chapter 337: Another form of rebirth
Chapter 338: Solitude overpowers restlessness
Chapter 339: Aurora at the Tromso Midnight Sun Marathon
Chapter 340: Everybody’s doubting
Chapter 341: Acting together in concert
Chapter 342: Press conference
Chapter 343: An unexpected person
Chapter 344: That bastard who abandoned his wife and daughter
Chapter 345: Fate returning to its original trajectory?
Chapter 346: 4 million versus 60 million
Chapter 347: When father and daughter discuss a man
Chapter 348: Bright Brilliance
Chapter 349: Some things just don’t make sense
Chapter 350: Those who walk together after the ruckus
Chapter 351: Ning Garden that is soon to open
Chapter 352: Sweet sixteen
Chapter 353: So and so’s kid
Chapter 354: It isn’t that Xu…
Chapter 355: Regarding buying a flat
Chapter 356: Grandma
Chapter 357: Regarding offering up little white cabbages
Chapter 358: Ordinary employee Lin Yixian
Chapter 359: Top secret mission
Chapter 360: Ning Garden’s open enquiry day
Chapter 361: Where are you, you dirty ruffian?
Chapter 362: Conspirators in crime
Chapter 363: The special lucky draw prize
Chapter 364: Natural-born Fuxi bones
Chapter 365: Student-teacher relationship your sister
Chapter 366: A daughter who is destined for great wealth and fortune?
Chapter 367: Auntie watched a segment of
Chapter 368: A ravenous den of relatives
Chapter 369: The release of shares
Chapter 370: The time has come to put their acting skills to the test
Chapter 371: Return you a life of destined fortune
Chapter 372: Sorry, you are?
Chapter 373: Eloping
Chapter 374: Seeing Tan Qingling once more
Chapter 375: Opening day
Chapter 376: Before that infinite love, what can you do? (1)
Chapter 377: Before that infinite love, what can you do? (2)
Chapter 378: Before that infinite love, what can you do? (3)
Chapter 379: So long as you want it, as long as I have it
Chapter 380: Unexpected occurrence
Chapter 381: So nothing was that important after all
Chapter 382: I’ve still got to marry you
Chapter 383: Deeply connected and interwoven
Chapter 384: The young miss who’s come to see Xu Tingsheng
Chapter 385: My name is Xiang Ning
Chapter 386: After the inconceivable revelation
Chapter 387: Hidden undercurrents
Chapter 388: Returnee from Milan
Chapter 389: Trust
Chapter 390: Unless he himself isn’t willing to wake up
Chapter 391: Reactions
Chapter 392: Ah, I’m fainting again
Chapter 393: It’s trial time
Chapter 394: Bye, Ms Fang
Chapter 395: Plastic surgery knows no bounds
Chapter 396: I will be good in the future
Chapter 397: Some happy times of youth (1)
Chapter 398: Some happy times of youth (2)
Chapter 399: Cash is king
Chapter 400: Stealing cabbages, how childish
Chapter 401: Accidentally becoming first
Chapter 402: Childish but all the rage
Chapter 403: Weibo’s General of Fortune, Hu Shengming
Chapter 404: Earnt in a month
Chapter 405: A minor piece’s meritorious services
Chapter 406: An awkward situation
Chapter 407: The Xiang family’s backbone
Chapter 408: Just lying together again
Chapter 409: Three years are very difficult
Chapter 410: Surprise inspection
Chapter 411: Waters of forgetfulness or pill of regret
Chapter 412: The four ‘routines’
Chapter 413: Typical fighting in school
Chapter 414: Let’s play something cultured
Chapter 415: Women like these must be governed
Chapter 416: Shop for sale
Chapter 417: We’re family
Chapter 419: Gutter oil
Chapter 420: Braised chicken rice
Chapter 421: Holding the government and media hostage
Chapter 422: The party’s uninvited gues
Chapter 423: Xishan Tower’s dirty ruffian
Chapter 424: A bit of closure
Chapter 425: Uglie
Chapter 426: Some people are not habitually brave
Chapter 427: Anniversary gif
Chapter 428: Yes please
Chapter 429: Forcing someone who loves you most to put on a show
Chapter 430: A lie
Chapter 431: Why do I have to study properly?
Chapter 432: 4 kilograms heavier
Chapter 433: First capital increase
Chapter 434: Silver tongue
Chapter 435: Randomly intruding
Chapter 436: Agglomerating the stars
Chapter 437: A war of two posters
Chapter 438: Two battles
Chapter 439: Emergent conflic
Chapter 440: Engagemen
Chapter 441: Utter defea
Chapter 442: An opportunity not to be missed
Chapter 443: Eradicate the ground beneath
Chapter 444: A bundle of twine
Chapter 445: Gain and loss
Chapter 446: The farewell of a king
Chapter 447: The king’s departing figure
Chapter 448: New VP
Chapter 449: The reigning three pillars
Chapter 450: An expert wielding a blade
Chapter 451: To stack bandages on a wound
Chapter 452: Little Aun
Chapter 453: Awaiting an accumulated eruption
Chapter 454: Song Ni’s graduation trip
Chapter 455: Upcoming trip to Xinan
Chapter 456: Room allocation
Chapter 457: A dam solidified millennia
Chapter 458: What no one knew 1
Chapter 459: What no one knew 2
Chapter 460: What no one knew 3
Chapter 461: Face to face
Chapter 462: Barriers of the hear
Chapter 463: Fang Yunyao’s decision
Chapter 464: You can’t not leave
Chapter 465: Fang Yunyao’s man
Chapter 466: Communication failure
Chapter 467: Superstar godmother
Chapter 468: Xiang Ning feels troubled
Chapter 469: As you guys wish
Chapter 470: Diverging worldviews
Chapter 471: Situation not impossible
Chapter 472: Fang Yunyao’s childish martyrdom
Chapter 473: All-citizen Nanny-dad 1
Chapter 474: All-citizen Nanny-dad 2
Chapter 475: Niannian’s swee
Chapter 476: Libei’s greatest legend
Chapter 477: The Xu family’s daughter
Chapter 478: The dust settles, all is well
Chapter 479: Lunar New Year’s Eve, 2006
Chapter 480: That conniving old dame
Chapter 481: On women
Chapter 482: Policewoman cousin’s reques
Chapter 483: Lend you a fierce tiger
Chapter 484: Really wants to catch me?
Chapter 485: Revenge two years later
Chapter 486: Huang Gui feels so wronged
Chapter 487: Savage dragon crossing the seas
Chapter 488: You’re not of the community
Chapter 489: Forcefully challenging the local snakehead
Chapter 490: Jin Twenty-four and his son
Chapter 491: High up on the flagpole
Chapter 492: Tongtong’s opportunity and choice
Chapter 493: Seeing the universe, seeing all life, seeing oneself
Chapter 494: The faces of all beings
Chapter 495: A sort of learning
Chapter 496: Another sort of learning
Chapter 497: Not much conscience
Chapter 498: Uncharted life
Chapter 499: Curiosity kills the ca
Chapter 500: Million dollar prize, a nation drifts
Chapter 501: Annual gathering
Chapter 502: The old hand He Yutan
Chapter 503: Can’t be hidden
Chapter 504: Family-style performances
Chapter 505: How did these butterfly’s wings flap?
Chapter 506: Lucky draw
Chapter 507: Don’t ask why
Chapter 508: Illusion of being manipulated by Fuxi bones
Chapter 509: A huge ‘???’ is approaching
Chapter 510: Victory in defea
Chapter 511: The joke is just too much
Chapter 512: Forcing marriage with one’s life
Chapter 513: Tan Qingling, assured of victory
Chapter 514: Resentment is born
Chapter 515: Engagement banque
Chapter 516: Memories
Chapter 517: My former beloved
Chapter 518: A mere blank stare
Chapter 519: Condemned, therefore solitary
Chapter 520: Thank you
Chapter 521: Rumours
Chapter 522: What more do you want me to do 1
Chapter 523: What more do you want me to do 2
Chapter 524: A trip to America
Chapter 525: An unexpected person
Chapter 526: Someone even more unexpected
Chapter 527: A big harmonious family
Chapter 528: There’s not much time remaining
Chapter 529: Unfazed by worldly occurrences, tides surge sky high
Chapter 530: Bring an end to things
Chapter 531: He was a general at the time
Chapter 532: A blade piercing into the hear
Chapter 533: The righteous, the devilish and the wild
Chapter 534: Pull the trigger, then take aim
Chapter 535: Wild volley
Chapter 536: Resisting the strongest with the simples
Chapter 537: I have pawns that have crossed the river
Chapter 538: Ling Xiao
Chapter 539: A person without a name
Chapter 540: Attacking the weak poin
Chapter 541: Observing chess, a true gentleman does not speak
Chapter 542: City Toppling Little Pert Wais
Chapter 543: You must marry me
Chapter 544: A century’s cultivation for Xu Tingsheng
Chapter 545: Associating when still undeveloped
Chapter 546: Three days return
Chapter 547: Smart people
Chapter 548: Mother White Cloud
Chapter 549: White hair kno
Chapter 550: May things always be better with no regrets
Chapter 551: Rich second gen
Chapter 552: Mine aren’t big too
Chapter 553: The final path
Chapter 554: Half a city’s allegiance
Chapter 555: He’s a perver
Chapter 556: You block them, I’ll run
Chapter 557: My girlfriend’s a hundred times more beautiful than you
Chapter 558: Departure overseas confirmed
Chapter 559: Hope that you’re well, and I oblivious
Chapter 560: Seeing them off
Chapter 561: That sense of unease
Chapter 562: At the critical momen
Chapter 563: You’re welcome to come again
Chapter 564: Half step break
Chapter 565: The longest road walked
Chapter 566: That road was your setup
Chapter 567: Twenty-seven years
Chapter 568: Invitation
Chapter 569: Your wedding
Chapter 570: Your ring
Chapter 571: Will you or marry me or not?
Chapter 572: The universe’s number one spare tyre
Chapter 573: I just want you to be okay
Chapter 574: I’ll wait for you
Chapter 575: Movements all around
Chapter 576: Reverse scale
Chapter 577: A shocking question
Chapter 578: If there is still a chance
Chapter 579: She’s my woman
Chapter 580: The bedsheets flew that day
Chapter 581: The silent sea and wild waves behind 1
Chapter 582: The silent sea and wild waves behind 2
Chapter 583: Chaos in Yanzhou
Chapter 584: Chaos in Binzhou
Chapter 585: Coldness
Chapter 586: Bai
Chapter 587: Blatant scheme
Chapter 588: Counterattack
Chapter 589: Hole card is a dud
Chapter 590: Minor character
Chapter 591: Huang Twenty-four
Chapter 592: Spring flowers Chunhua falling to the ground
Chapter 593: I don’t want such things to happen again
Chapter 594: To strike a rock with eggs
Chapter 595: Ultra massive quake
Chapter 596: The boat capsizes
Chapter 597: Huang Yaming and Xu Tingsheng
Chapter 598: The most chaotic day, the best day
Chapter 599: Kill me then
Chapter 600: How to make Ding Miao disappear
Chapter 601: Killing
Chapter 602: Work hard to make you feel the world is beautiful
Chapter 603: A farewell is a new beginning
Chapter 604: Ding Miao’s fate
Chapter 605: If I could relive i
Chapter 606: The path to the peak 1
Chapter 607: The path to the peak 2
Chapter 608: Preparations for engagemen
Chapter 609: Acting like a bigsho
Chapter 610: Separated in life, reunited in death
Chapter 611: The day before
Chapter 612: Coincidental gifts
Chapter 993: Reunion
Chapter 994: What is Love?
Chapter 995: The Right to Trade
Chapter 613: Simply cannot understand
Chapter 614: Why Xiang Ning 1
Chapter 615: Why Xiang Ning 2
Chapter 616: Look who’s laughing now
Chapter 617: Second bastard Zhang Xingke
Chapter 618: Sometimes there is no turning back
Chapter 619: Suzhou’s Qing Garden
Chapter 620: A woman’s gentleness
Chapter 621: Your regret, my hatred
Chapter 622: Gigantic graveyard
Chapter 623: Fourth year of university begins
Chapter 624: Watching movies and dating
Chapter 625: Paris Fashion Week
Chapter 626: Listening to Xu Tingsheng lamen
Chapter 627: Too disturbing a sigh
Chapter 628: Custom-made wife
Chapter 629: Designer’s space
Chapter 630: Designer’s gif
Chapter 631: Slap
Chapter 632: Promise or lie
Chapter 633: Hope and courage
Chapter 634: Deposited happiness
Chapter 635: The world, one’s hear
Chapter 636: Exclusive online broadcas
Chapter 637: K.O
Chapter 638: Fortunately, I only read web novels
Chapter 639: Extortion
till, Wait For Me
Chapter 640: I’ve already changed a lo
Chapter 641: A handful of soil 1
Chapter 642: A handful of soil 2
Chapter 643: GG 1
Chapter 644: GG 2
Chapter 645: GG 3
Chapter 646: GG 4
Chapter 647: I’m regretting i
Chapter 648: Divine weapons are so scary
Chapter 649: Normal people should not test love 1
Chapter 650: Normal people should not test love 2
Chapter 651: Normal people should not test love 3
Chapter 652: Normal people should not test love 4
Chapter 653: What happened to the little beauty
Chapter 654: The insane Xu Tingsheng
Chapter 655: How many people will follow
Chapter 656: 2007
Chapter 657: That scummy friend
Chapter 658: Miss Xiang cannot look past i
Chapter 659: Apple’s self-destruction
Chapter 660: I just don’t dare to like you anymore
Chapter 661: Leaving peaceful memories
Chapter 662: The whole world is mad at Miss Xiang
Chapter 663: Dashing towards graduation
Chapter 664: A fight before graduation
Chapter 665: Together, their various paths
Chapter 666: The last song 1
Chapter 667: The last song 2
Chapter 668: The last song 3
Chapter 669: The last song 4
Chapter 670: The last song 5
Chapter 671: Love separated by mountains and seas 1
Chapter 672: Love separated by mountains and seas 2
Chapter 673: Love separated by mountains and seas 3
Chapter 674: Who exactly is Zhou Yuandai
Chapter 675: Killing even herself
Chapter 676: Crazed second life
Chapter 677: Reverse direction
Chapter 678: A red heart illuminates my fighting spiri
Chapter 679: Augus
Chapter 680: Sudden betrayal
Chapter 681: Running away again
Chapter 682: Little
Chapter 683: Xiang Ning’s diary
Chapter 684: Levelling the mountains and seas 1
Chapter 685: Levelling the mountains and seas 2
Chapter 686: Levelling the mountains and seas 3
Chapter 687: Levelling the mountains and seas 4
Chapter 688: Across mountains and seas is not far, a foot is
Chapter 689: Life and death is but meeting again
Chapter 690: Mountains and seas in time
Afterword: Those figures left in time
Author’s thoughts