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I walked over to Emily. She spotted me right away and yelled, "You're late. now we only have two hours instead of the planned four. So let's get started." we started to study right away and Emily ordered a great number of drinks. In the end, I paid almost 70 bucks. But as I have wasted two hours of hers I think that it was fair. after we finished studying we moved to the dungeon. on the way there I asked her, " So, how did it go with your skills?" " Not bad, but also not good. the first skill I got was 3D thinking. Improving my thinking in three-dimension. the next skill was measuring allowing me to measure things better even without help. both of them are skills that will help me no matter what I do but they are making it difficult for me to get the needlework skill. but still, those skills open up a whole lot of production skills so it's not to bad additionally they are easy to level so I will get to get the next slot in a while." she told me. I could feel that she was still disappointed. she had just reached level four with her astral weapon skill. We registered and entered the dungeon this time only for an hour. we still went to the fifth floor even without Nadine. The bunnies were still easy to deal with. we farmed, sold our loot and then went home. At home, Linda was waiting for me. I was surprised and before I could say anything she said, " I checked if your suspicion was true and checked a number of the persona that reported it and they all had help from the auto-correction before their close death experience, so I added this to questions to ask if new cases appeared but as it looks right now. there is a connection. I don't know how my boss caught wind of it but, he wants to meet you as soon as possible. I'm sorry Mortimer, but he was very eager about it. So I will drive you over to him. I'm sorry. " I wanted to say something but dad was first, " Mortimer, this is a great opportunity for you. Mister Knee is known to support his favorites and to change them quickly if he loses interest but it is never a bad thing." "ok, Linda lets go I want to finish this quickly."

We drove over to the divers association and entered the research and development branch of the building. the building was almost empty, it was creepy beyond belief.

we soon entered an office that was well lit and had only a single desk with a person working on a 3d holo desktop. The person was only bones and skin and wore a lab coat. he looked at Linda then at me then at Linda once more and then said, " Ahh mister Regis, I was impressed that you managed to get the free time loving Linda to work on her own. But when I saw that she added a new question to the survey for breakthroughs and saw what it was it was clear to me immediately. So mister Regis would you be interested to work in research and development for the association?" I was surprised at this offer and said, " No " but before I could say anything else he said, " Ok if that doesn't work then how about as an independent researcher that works closely together with us?" this time Linda was the one to answer, " He isn't qualified for the position of a researcher." I thought that it would be over with this. he pondered for a moment and then went to his holo desktop. he flipped through some files and then said, " Mister Regis you have already sold multiple skills to the database, then how about a position as a test subject, but not the dangerous kind like for Linda's potion but to test some skill development, we would install an improved version of the module that you have on your PAS and look at what happens and how you improve your skills, you would need to write up additional reports on your experience, the pay would not be too great but it would help the scientist community with additional data. normally only famous divers get something like that, but I think that it should be possible with your status right now. So what do you say?" I was perplexed at this man didn't give up easily, so I gave the only reasonable answer, " How high is the pay." He smiled at me then said, " It pays two thousand dollars a month with bonuses depending on the reports even with no you still get paid at least those." I looked at Linda and she frantically nodded her head. So I answered, " I will look over the contract and if it is acceptable I will accept the deal." He hurriedly went and printed a contract I looked it over and it was just as he told me just by wearing the PAS with the module I would get paid 2000 dollar. the best thing that was after taxes.

after I signed the contract Mister Knee asked, " So mister Regis this is the module you just need to swap it with the old one. Linda told me that you are doing something you want to talk about till you are certain about it, do you need anything for this." I pondered about it and then said, " I think I need an alignment crystal." "He looked at me and said ok, but I expect a full written report afterward," he said to me as he opened a drawer. it was full of different crystals he took one and passed it over to me. " This is a gray one with two choices that should be enough," he said while he smiled at me. "I'm not so good with this type of crystals but if it is an alignment one that it should be sufficient," I told him as I took it from him. we then talked about some details like the format of the reports what software is recommended and so on.