Step up to conquer the Dungeon
43 looking through data
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Step up to conquer the Dungeon
Author :RasterG
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43 looking through data

I thought about it a bit more and then started to look at all the data that was collected by the scientists and there was really really much about it. they had already found out that the crystals influenced our brain and that it created a new mini-cluster of a kind of sub-brain in the spinal column close to the heart. It was strange and it would improve the movement of the body. next greyhound out that with raising skill level certain nerve tracks would improve as well. they even documented what skills had which nerve tracks. looking up the one for stepping I could see that it was the same as what I had experienced. Next, I looked at more data like how attributes influenced the body. how mana worked. how magic skills did what they did. all those information were found and it was pretty interesting. but what wasn't found was more interesting they are still looking into auto-correction, how skills level and breakthrough. the more they look into things the more questions were raised. Martial artist, for example, raised skills related to their martial arts technic extremely slowly and would often stagnate. there were so many studies about it that I couldn't possibly read all of them. It was then that I remembered what Nadine had said about it.

I looked more into the aspect of auto-correction and found out that there weren't as many studies in that direction. most were about how it was possible and how it was mostly not of any real use. They analyzed it and found out that it was most often suboptimal.

I was surprised at this. I looked at the studies more closely and found nothing out of the ordinary. then I tried a self-test on auto-correction and behold it didn't trigger. I looked up if they found a way to activate it reliably, but found nothing about it. Then I looked if in any of those studies was something called crystal plane or something similar to describe my stat. they were reports about people seeing their skills as crystals and when it did happen. listen they saw it when they almost died.

I knew two people except me who almost died so I called hank as I was closer to him.

"Hey, what up dude?" he yelled through the PAS.

"Hey, Hank I have a strange question, two weeks ago when you were attacked did you have a strange dream about crystals?" I asked him. "no, dude I didn't. why do you ask?" he yelled back at me, I then said, " I had and I was just wondering if you had two. that's all thanks, Hank." I then hung up before he could yell another time. I went back to the PC and continued to look up more reports. some even had reports about their battles before they were injured. I looked through these and then in one, I read one line, " the auto-correction helped me to block an attack to my left flank." my eyes went wide, then I opened one report after the other and looked for auto-correction. most didn't mention it, but around a tenth of the time, it was mentioned. but as I wasn't a scientist I wasn't allowed to contact the persons. So I assumed that all of them were helped by the auto-correct of their skills, then I looked up a list with persons that achieved a breakthrough and most of them were on the list. as I looked at all this info I understood that the autocorrection of the skills is closely related to the growth of skills and the crystal plane. but I still had some missing pieces. the biggest was what is the plane and what has the neural network to do with it. As I was pondering my PAS rang I looked at it and it was Emily looking at the time I was late we wanted to meet an hour ago. I quickly picked up and said, " Emily, I'm sorry. I'm still at home I will come over right away." while I start to prepare myself. Emily just said, " Ok, but everything today is on you." "I just said yes and ended the call. I rushed down the stairs and wanted to left the house when I was stopped by Linda, " so did you find something she asked." "Sorry aunt Linda I'm late and need to hurry." I quickly said. " She said, " ok, then I will drive you and you can inform me about it." I accepted her offer. I told her about my suspicion that auto-correction used before almost death experience would allow someone to enter a crystal plane and that plane was somehow related to the breakthroughs but that I didn't have the authorization to look further into it and question persons that could have had that experience. "Interesting, If you want I can look into it and question the people if nothing comes of it, your statement will simply be false. but if you are correct then that means you have found a way to create a breakthrough. that would be pretty big. I'm so excited right now. Once I drop you off I will get going right away. I can already smell the Nobel price."

Linda hurriedly dropped me off and then raced away. I just hoped she wouldn't get a ticket as she drove away. as I closed in on the cafe I promised to meet Emily, I could see her with a big plate of different cakes and it looked like she had drunk a big number of drinks. I sighed and then thought, " So, that's my punishment I can live with that."


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