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In uncles store, it was as busy as usual on a weekend, I went to the counter he served and waited.

He finished his work and went over to me, " ahh Mortimer. what brings you here today."

"we wanna get a skill crystal checked out. Emily" I answered him while pulling Emily to the front. "Hey, Mortimer do not pull me like that," said Emily annoyed. "Mortimer you need to handle girls with a bit more of care. So miss you want to get a crystal identified," told me uncle, Kim. Emily just nodded at him and pulled her crystal out. he took it and analyzed it and told us ", this is a blue lv 0 crystal with three choices. so what do you want to do sell it or keep it." Emily practically screamed at him that she wanted to keep it. uncle just giggled at this. She then said, " I also want to buy another one of those." she got it for 250 $ and then we left the store. we said goodbye to each other and then I entered the store once more. uncle was surprised to see me again so soon. when I told him I wanted to buy a five choice blue crystal he nodded at me and sold it to me.

I then went home. I went into my room and took the crystal out and looked at it.

It was an idea I had while talking to Nadine. She doesn't listen to the auto-correction of her skills so her skill doesn't rise if I let the autocorrection help me train then I raise my skills extremely fast. if that is the case then isn't it that the more you listen to the correction the more you grow. then can I influence the choices of a crystal with the autocorrection of my skills? I started up my PC and searched for a good skill for a tank that was related to my skills. and I found one called resistance it would reduce almost all negative effects and would reduce the damage my body would experience. it was a pretty good one the best thing was that it was related to at least three of my skills. I sat down and took the crystal. I knew that once I used it I would only have the choices that were given to me so I tried to concentrate on the crystal in hand on my skills. After an hour of concentrating nothing happened. I put the crystal away and did my usual training. trying to just activate my auto correction. it didn't work either. so I just went to bed.

This night I had a nightmare like so often, but this one was strange instead of their normal body's I could see small places inside of their bodies that were connected somehow. Each place was small and then they died. I saw how their skills were removed from their body and then they turned into lights. this time instead of despair I felt curious. I watched it over and over and then I could identify one of Jacobs skills looting and how it activated, a strand of energy went from his body through multiple places in his body and then returned. it was strange. I watched this and then I looked at myself and saw that I had those myself. I watched this for I don't know how long till I had awoken.

I felt strange and looked at myself but I couldn't see the points inside my body anymore. but I felt them. I tried to move the energy through them and it didn't work instead I could feel my skill more inside my body it felt more natural. I started to repeat it over and over again. I felt skills more and more and then without any warning I saw them as crystals before me I could watch them. I could feel them. I went forward and tried to touch one and I could. The crystal in front of me felt warm. it was the first skill I got. Stepping. instead of just watching I tried to take control over the crystal but I couldn't. so I tried something else I tried to move the energy into it, I could then feel it starting to pulse, but something was off about it. it felt as if it was incomplete as if there was something the skill needed to be completed. Then I remembered that uncle Kim said that there are two types of improvement crystals. It was then that I somehow left this state of awareness I had. I smelled something bad, when I looked down I saw that I was covered in something black. It was sticky and felt bad. I instantly went to take a shower. After I was clean I went downstairs and saw that aunt Linda was there. She looked at me and said, " Mortimer what did you do. the PAS showed some crazy things." I looked at it at once and saw that my stepping skill, had reached level 15. " Linda, I was trying something, I'm still not sure myself but I will tell you once I understand what it is ok." she looked at me and then said, " then write everything down just in case something goes wrong." ai looked at her and said,"ok i will." I took something to eat and went upstairs. I started my computer and looked at the charts of the human and tried to remember the points the skills had taken. then I discovered an old one about something called acupuncture points. I had heard about this. it was something related to neuronal system. I looked up a map of the neuronal system and then it clicked. the skills are using our neuronal system. and then I realized how dumb it sounded and facepalmed.