Step up to conquer the Dungeon
41 Diving together
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Step up to conquer the Dungeon
Author :RasterG
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41 Diving together

the next morning as I was about to leave for school my mom stopped me, " Mortimer didn't you say you would take a break from diving? then why are you taking your weapons with you." "a classmate asked me to help him train, in exchange, he will help me study," I told her a bit of a half-truth because she always worries too much. I then left. Emily and I quickly settled into a routine. we stayed on the third floor for farming. like this the first week quickly passed and the weekend came around. we meet up at the usual time, but this time Nadine was there as well. I greeted both of them with, " Hey, today we enter with three persons?" "Yes," Emily said calmly.

"Hey, Mortimer. Emily and I talked and we think it is time for her to go to the fifth floor to farm, is that ok with you?" asked Nadine while greeting me.

"yes that should be ok, I think we should manage that. " I told her remembering my experience on the fourth floor I showed a small smile to them. " Mortimer we will skip the fourth-floor ritual and just finish it, ok," said Nadine with a serious expression. I nodded at this. We went to register this time Nadine said that we would stay for four hours instead of the two we usually said. I looked at Emily and she said, " Sorry, I forgot to tell you about it we always go diving for three hours when we can." I let out a deep sigh and then just said, " ok, but then we will study three hours as well." she looked at me and then said, " Ok but not today but tomorrow before we go for the next one." I just nodded at her.". As we entered the dungeon and started to settle into our routine, of me passing Emily armor and one of my tridents, Nadine commented it with, " Oh that's smart like that Emily can use her skill." Emily and I looked at each other and then I said, " uhh yeah that was the purpose of this." as we started to move into the passageway Nadine and I were both close to each other. we moved forward and when the first bunny appeared and was defeated before Nadine could even react she said, " Wow, I didn't think it would be this easy. do the two of you always hunt this fast?" "Yes, Emily's skill allows her to defeat the bunny's before they even move, so we just move from room to room," I answered her. we talked about more about our usual routine and then progressed through the floor. when we reached the portal to the next one I could see that Emily was uncomfortable with entering the next floor so I asked, "What's wrong Emily?"

" I don't think I'm ready for the next floor," she said without any confidence. I looked at her and before I could say anything Nadine said, " Don't worry, I can solo the next floor and I'm pretty sure Mortimer can do so too." I nodded at this and Emily looked to be a bit more confident now. Or more as if she knew we could protect her. the next floor was extremely easy for us and we right away progressed to the next one. when we reached the fifth-floor Nadine asked me something, " So Mortimer go do you train your skills. Mine never seem to increase even though I rushed through the first levels pretty easy. My unarmed mastery is stuck on level 5 since half a year and it won't progress no matter how much I train even though I'm stronger than dad and his skill is at level 10." I looked at her and then asked her, " what do you think about the correction of your skill?" "what? why would you ask that?" she answered me? I looked at her and then said, "just answer me. maybe I can help you." "ok, I don't know why but ok. I find it bothersome, it sometimes tries to correct things that aren't mistakes and I don't understand why." Nadine answered.

"interesting. so did you ever try what was suggested to you by the skill."

" no, I'm stronger then what my skill says about me. it just bothers me that it doesn't grow. "

"then next time just try it out and maybe you can learn something new from it," I said to her cryptically. she was bothered by my answer and stormed forward without waiting for us. I got a flashback about Carlos doing the same. so I loudly screamed, "Nadine stop."

she turned around and said snapping, " what?!". a bit embarrassed I said, " we should stay together it isn't good to split up." she glared at me. the situation was incredibly awkward luckily Emily said, "let's get going we don't have all day." we then started to farm bunnies this time everyone got something to do. but we still managed to clear the rooms at a high rate. in the end, we were diving for three and a half hours.

the loot we got wasn't that bad, I made around 300$, but the luckiest of us was Emily she got a blue crystal.

" So do you wanna use it Emi, it could help you to get out off this for sure." asked Nadine. Emily looked at me. I then said, " she would first check the crystal in a store and if it has low choices then she should sell it and get one with some more choices."

I then had an idea, and asked, Emily, " what would be the best skill you could get for getting to your goal?"

She looked at me and then said, " it would be piercing then i could get needle work. " " then lets go, i know of a store close by." i told her as i started to walk towards uncles store.


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