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39 a nice quite day

after I finished the video I went downstairs and ate breakfast with my parents we talked and joked around all morning till the doorbell rang. It was aunt Linda and she glared daggers at me. then she asked, " why always on my free day?" I looked at her confused.

"why do you discover something new always on my free days, " she complained to me. "sorry, " I said in a small voice. " Not only that, but you also broke the complete database construct luckily no data were lost, but still why do you have to make so much work for us." Dad stopped her from continuing by asking "Linda why are you here?" " I'm here to complain to my nephews and ask him some questions," she said with a straight face. "What did he do? " asked dad looking at her with a stern expression. Linda didn't hesitate and said, " he discovered new skills outside the limits of our parameters and stopped the database from working, we needed all night just to get it back up and running." Linda almost started to cry at this point. then continued, " my research was halted. I now need to watch the data he provides and analyze them. It was made my top priority. As his new skill is in strength category 10+." Dad looked at her then at me. Dad then used his PAS and looked at something and then said, " What the fuck!" curiously I looked at my new skill and saw the fixed version of my new skill

Conquers step Level 0

while your protective aura is active the efficiency of your stepping skill will increase by 6℅ per level of this skill

With every step, 3% of your maximum mana will be turned into the protective aura. (only works if you have the needed mana)

Attributes: Mana*6, Vitality*3, Agility*3, Reaction*3.

This skill was strong, but what made it even more so was the high number of attributes that are provided. If this skill grows then I will get incredibly fast and healthy.

I looked at aunt Linda and asked, " How does it come that this skill provides such a high number of attribute?" "That is what we want to know how did you get this skill," asked Linda.

"I used a prismatic crystal," I answered her.

" Sometimes I think you are just way too lucky. you not only improved a crappy skill into something decent, got pretty good skill and now you get one that breaks the rules that we thought were set in stone. I don't even know what I should say. Yesterday we talked about your breakthrough can you tell me anything about that at last." " No, I don't think I can I only remember a strange dream when I passed out, In that, I could watch my skills. I don't know anything about how I managed a breakthrough. " I answered here honestly. "That isn't much if you remember anything else just come and talk to me," she said before we shifted to casual talk. Linda stayed for lunch. after Linda left I went back upstairs and sat down thinking about all of this, I laid out my next steps to take. First of I wanted a pause from diving so I decided that I would not dive till I graduated from the school in only four weeks as there were still some exams left this term I should probably concentrate on this. then I would use the following weeks for training till I could enter divers school. there I would graduate and then conquer a dungeon. that sounded about right. So first things first studying. I sat down and tried to concentrate on my studies, after half an hour I gave up as my thoughts always seem to drift towards my skills. So I went ahead and pondered how my skills raised so fast. While thinking my thoughts slowly started to drift off and then I could suddenly see my skills once more as giant crystals I looked them up and saw the new stage one this one wasn't shaped like the others this one looked like three intertwined tubes connecting my crystals of the stepping skill with the one of the protective aura skill. the crystal was strange it .oved energy from the stepping skill into protective aura akill and back. I looked at this for a bit, soon I understood what it did so I went and touched it and then I was back in my room. feeling exhausted. "What was that I asked myself," I asked myself. I remained seated for a bit and tried to once more reach this state but didn't manage to. I then stood up and tried to move while I still tried to regain that state of mind. When I saw the Stepping skill appearing in my mind, then I entered a trance I don't remember what happened just that it was suddenly dark. I had just spent 5 hours training so I looked at my PAS and saw something incredible my stepping skill reached level 12. I had managed to level twice in five hours. Then I realized what had happened I had used skill correction on my training and let it go. I used my skill to train it. that is insane. I was excited and decided I should try it once more, but I didn't manage it. How did I do it the first time? I tried it some more and after two hours of useless trying, I went to bed as tomorrow would be a school day. I looked one last time at the desk with my books and then thought tomorrow I will study for real as I nodded off.