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After I found out that it was a fusion crystal. I just shouted to dad, " Thanks dad" and hurried up the stairs. dad just chuckled at this.

When I reached my room I carefully took the crystal out of its package afraid that it would break if handled too roughly. I marveled at its beautiful colors for a moment and then used it. this time my head wasn't flooded with as much information as before. I thought about the new knowledge and found that it only was asking me to chose two of my skills. the first one was pretty easy to choose. I choose the skill that supported all the other skill, stepping. the other choice was pretty hard. they were all pretty good choices.

if I took shield mastery I probably would get better at defending and protecting.

If I took trident mastery I probably would get better at offense and battlefield control.

If I took the protective aura skill would my aura get better?

then I thought can I combine it with itself. curiously I tried it. at first, I could feel something and then nothing.

because I felt something happened I tried it once more and then I felt an incredible force inside my stepping skill feeling as if it was about to burst, I knew it wanted an outlet something else or something bad would happen. I looked at my skills and only protective aura would use energy so I connected it to it, but it wasn't enough, I tried it a second time still not enough and then a third. then it felt as is if something new was made inside of me. It was a new skill and it was an incredibly strong one. then came the rush of information and knocked me out cold.

the next morning I woke up with a booming headache, I looked around confused then remembered what had happened. I focused on my skills and then felt my stepping skill like it made an incredible amount of energy and used the new skill to provide it to the protective aura skill. I looked at my PAS and saw a message that I had a new skill discovered and that the divers association would like to study it to add it to the database. It was almost the same message as with the improvement of the stepping skill just this time the pay was better but I all improvements of this skill would be included in the deal. I accepted it and soon I got a whopping 10.000 $.

If a fused skill could make this much money then I should try to get another one. I looked at the skill I got and was stunned.

Skill Unknown

while you have a protective aura each of your steps will be improved by (unknown amount)

every step taken while the protective aura is active will be improved by (unknown amount)

With every step, you take you will turn (unknown amount) of mana into your protective aura.

Attributes: Error stack overflow

I started at this representation of my skill that was full of errors, one effect was described two times then it didn't have a name and the attributes weren't even shown, because of a coding error.

I didn't know if my skill would be strong or not so I started my PC up and looked up other known fusen skills. I found out that fuse skills couldn't be improved directly but each improvement to the parent skill would also improve the fusen skill and would give it the same attribute. the price of a single fusen crystal was a whopping 500.000 $. this was way more than I thought it was worth but those crystals were strong and in high demand, every crystal was used by the person that found it or sold to the association or military. the association used these as prices for extraordinary feats. Then I remembered that the video of my fight was online and decided to watch it. It was only 5 minutes long and started with the appearance of the bunny. it then went on and I could see how the bunny disposed of divers, each and every person got identified by the system and everyone could see there skills and level. when I saw the guy in the armor I was shocked to know that he was a level 18 with mostly battle skills and he was disposed that easily. it progressed and then I entered the scene. With an almost impossible slide evading the attack and then just stood close to the bunny, I saw that I easily tripped the beast. Then it looked as if I easily blocked its attack and moved away just to taunt it. It looked as if it worked and the bunny charged. My counter was impressive to watch, it looked as if I planned it all and then tried to pin the beast just to lose my weapon. But in the recording, it looked as if I just smiled as both claws went to me. then I saw how I did an incredible maneuver just watching it looked easy. I used my shield to throw its attack on itself. I could see the shocked faces of all the people around. the attacks that came flying at the bunny never stopped, It's back war charred and looked like a pincushion.

then I lost my shield too. I saw how melody threw my trident over and hurried to help me by casting something and then came the last exchange. I could see how I grabbed my neck and collapsed. the video continued and showed how the bunny laid on the ground unable to get up and was slaughtered.

the comments on the video were almost all about me. I was compared to other famous tanks and other such things. in the end, it was said that because my level was only 5 I would be able to beat every other tank in comparison once I reach there level.

I read more and more of the comments and my self-confidence started to increase at once.