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37 The day that changed everything part6

I was left alone with mister Muller. He then said, " First off, thank you for stopping that beast. Next, we have an offer for you. After your graduation, we would like to hire you, we will set you up with a base pay of around 40 grand a year, with bonuses depending on the situation. You will keep anything you gain in dungeon suppression and Monster hunting missions will be awarded accordingly. That is our offer, just call this number for more information. If you want to be a diver first there will be no problem, this offer will stand for the next 5 years." while he was talking he passed me a card. It was unusual in this age to use this sort of thing. "I will think about it, " I told him.

he then continued, " Next will be the questioning, for that we wait for the divers association investigator and a contractor."

We waited. I felt incredibly uncomfortable waiting with mister Muller. Luckily it didn't take long for them to arrive. I knew one of the persons that entered it was my dad. The investigator introduced himself. Next was dad, he said, " Mortimer I need you to sign this contract, It is a magically binding contract. It will force you to speak only the truth, You still can say that you don't want to answer a question. This contract will be in effect until both investigators have left the room once. do you have any question?" I shook my head, I knew exactly how his skill worked, he had explained it often and complained about some things. He always had told me to read every written contract presented to me, because you need to be sure what was written if you didn't terrible things could happen. I knew dad had the skill to terminate contracts as well. So I started to read the whole contract. the investigator of the association frowned at this but dad just smiled at me. I read through and discovered that I needed to say only the truth but in as much detail as possible without intentionally giving misleading information by omitting others. I had no problem with this and signed the contract. The contract shone for a moment and then disappeared in bright light.

Then the questioning started first were personal information with fixed answers to test if the contract work. there were visual signs when I tried to say something wrong. After that the real questioning started I was asked to describe all that I could about the fifth anything that felt out of the ordinary. The military investigator smiled when I told them about the correction of the skills. when the questioning came to the end mister Miller asked, " So I think this was everything, just one last question is there anything else that could be of interest for this case?" At this, the other investigator said, " This is a useless question, he was out for most of it." I wanted to say no but then remembered that mysterious guy, " Actually there is, before the beast appeared I saw that a person was drawing something on the ground, I think it was at the same place as the beast appeared. in addition, I know that the dungeons energy level was extremely low, to low for a dungeon outbreak to happen today without any indicator." the investigators then asked some more questions but as I didn't have any more information for them they were a bit disappointed at this. They thanked me and left.

After that, I was alone in the hospital room. It was boring as hell. The day ended and nothing happened. The next day was boring as well even though healers came and went to fix me up a bit more. They couldn't fix me at once because the needed most of their mana for emergencies. the following day I was released around lunch.

It felt so good to be able to move my neck. I went home, I was disappointed that my mom and dad didn't come to fetch me.

When I opened the door, I heard popping sounds, followed by a rain of confetti. I looked around and saw that people had gathered to celebrate my release from the hospital. everyone I cared about was their friends from school, the elemental four even Stacy the girl from the dungeon cafe was there and of course uncle Kim and aunt Linda. At the party, everyone got along great some more than others, and I think I found out why Stacy was there. She always was around Hank. He was such a lucky dude. I had a talk with aunt Linda about the breakthrough but decided to talk more in-depth about it as Miriam and Melody asked if I wanted to dance. Later at the party, I talked to Stan and Thomas and Sera, Kimberly and Melody joined. I introduced them to each other. We all had a really great time. the party lasted till shortly after midnight. Before I went to bed dad came to me and gave me a small package. "Here, this is the reward from the association for taking the monster out, it is pretty rare and you should definitely use it." said dad I looked at it and opened the package inside was a letter of gratitude, an acceptance letter to the driver's school and a colorful crystal. The acceptance letter was a pretty good thing with that I would be able to get a place at the diver's school without a single test, I could just join it. As the places at the school were limited and very thought after it was extremely difficult to enter. The crystal was something I didn't know anything about so I asked, " What type of crystal is this dad." "This is the rates crystal to get, it is called a prismatic crystal and allows one to create a new skill that is a fusion of two existing ones strengthening both skills making them more powerful." I looked at him and said, " This is a fusen crystal!" I was pretty excited at this.