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36 The day that changed everything part 5

The room was just like any other hospital room, white and small, cramped with many magical devices that help the patient to recover faster. I tried to lift my upper body but I couldn't. My neck was strapped into some kind of construction, properly to heal my neck injury. I pushed the button that was close to my right hand and soon a nurse came in.

"Ahh, Mister Regis you are awake. that is good, your injury was extremely serious. A healer close by could close your injury. But sadly it was way too serious. We need you to stay for two days so the healers can fix any remaining damage. if you want to express recovery it will cost you, 8.000 $ for a portion of the greater restoration." she told me in a professional manner. not having that much money I answered, " I will stay for two days, When can I move around?" "After the two days. Do you have any other questions?" the nurse asked me. "Yes, what happened after I went down?" I asked curiously. " After you went down your friends got you away from the beast, as it had lost both of its arms it could be taken out without any dangers by ranged attacks, right now there is an investigation what happened and people of the police and the divers association will be meeting you soon. Anything else mister Regis, " she asked.

After she left I closed my eyes and thought about what had happened. More people had died before my eyes but this time I didn't feel as down as before, was it because I didn't know the people that died. No that wasn't it. was it something else, this time I didn't feel as if it was my fault that they died. It was an accident and I did what I could. It was then that I thought did I really do all I couldn't I have done more. luckily before I went down that rabbit hole I heard a knock on the door.

Before I could even say anything mom came in with three of the elemental four only Kimberly wasn't there.

mom rushed over to my side right away and said, " Mortimer how are you feeling?". I looked at the girls and saw that they awkwardly stared at each other. Not wanting to worry mom I said, " I'm as good as I can be right now." She smiled at me and then said, " I want you to stop diving, it is way too dangerous." I took a deep breath and said, " Mom." I looked here right into her eyes. "I will continue to dive in the future, but you are right. It is way too dangerous for me right now so I will take some time to train till I'm confident enough to survive." I said to her in a serious tone. She looked surprised, then she said, " Ok, that is a start. I still would prefer it if you didn't go at all." I then looked at the three girls and said, " Melody it was you who froze my wound, for that, I need to thank you, you saved my life." Melody blushed and then said in a small voice, " I only did what I could to save our hero." At that, I raised an eyebrow. "Hero?" I asked confused. It was Miriam that answered, " Yes it is all over the news, some of the guys that died were already pretty well know and went down like paper cutouts and then you appeared. You practical battled the beast in a one on one and manage to disable it so it could be taken out without any problems." I started at them for a bit with my mouth wide open. Sera then said, " Your whole battle was recorded by the security cams of the compound, it has already gone viral."

I was completely speechless.

"but I'm still not strong enough, I can't even protect my teammates. I'm useless and needs to be saved. In every single one of my dives, someone gets seriously injured or died."

"dude did you forget about today's dive. No one even got injured," said Hank as he and Kimberly entered the room.

He then continued with, " Dude, you are one of the strongest divers in this city and you only got your first skill a week ago."

At this, the girls shouted in unison, "What?!"

they looked at me as if they couldn't believe it.

Miriam then said, "I thought you had at least as much experience as we do not that it was only a week. How did you get this strong so fast and what are your skill levels at?" At this Kimberly used her PAS and checked my levels as she saw the level she said, " W T F, how did you managed to raise three of your skills to level 10 in just a week." I looked at her confused so did Hank before he said, "Let me look. wow, dude, that last fight leveled your skills relleay good, Weren't your skills like 7 6 and 5 or something like that." I listened to them and couldn't believe what they said, are they pulling a prank on me. So I said, "Haha guys very funny there is just no way to raise skills this fast." " There is." said my mom. " Some people have done it after they broke through there own limit, I always thought it to only be a rumor. Apparently, you did just managed that a breakthrough. " mom said in a sad voice.

"That is very interesting information." suddenly said a deep voice, " I'm mister muller, I'm investigating this case on behalf of the military. Mister Regis could you offer us a moment off your time."