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35 The day that changed everything part 4

All types of element attacks were raining down on the bunny, but the bunny was only hurt by the arcane and lightning based attacks and I stopped it from reaching the user of them. It wondered how I had survived his attack. So it watched me closely as it attacked with another claw strike. I was prepared for it and moved closer thinking to myself," this better work." as I used my shield to block his paw instead of his claw. I wasn't cut to pieces but I was still flung a good two meters back, I could remain standing but I could feel how that hit took out a good chunk of my protective aura. I looked at the bunny and it glared at me. I shook my arm that blocked the attack. and moved towards the bunny it looked at me and the attackers turning its head multiple times before it ran at me. It moved in for a full contact tackle, but I braced myself for the impact, shield in front and trident pointing upward stabilized by my foot. It rammed it burning shoulder into my trident and then pushed me for two meters before it came to a stop. It howled with pain when my trident pierced its shoulder. I felt how my protective aura decreased once more, leaving me with a bit more than half I had before. then I hardened my grip on my trident and moved to the side to turn the beast on its back. At first, it looked like I would manage it, but then the bunny used its full strength to counter my move. My grip wasn't strong enough for this and the trident slipped from my hand. the trident flung itself out of the body of the bunny into the crowd. now with only a shield, I stood before the before this monster of a bunny. The bunny was clearly enraged. It started to swing both of its claws at me. I wanted to just drop to the floor but once more felt the correction of my skill this time it was shield mastery and the stepping skill, they wanted me to move into the attack on my shield arm. My first thought was that I would surely die if I did that. But realized that if I dropped I would be dead too, so I followed the correction of the skills and moved into the attack. pushing my shield in an angle I would have never used and then ducked, the claw that was closest to me scrapped against the surface of the shield removing a layer of iron from it and then passed me hitting his other arm slicing it off just over the pawn. The howl that followed was so filled with pain and rage that it influenced my own senses. the heat of battle was there pumping me full of adrenaline. The bunny face contorted into unending hatred snapped at me. I hurriedly moved my shield in between me and it. It simply crushed my shield in its jaw. Luckily I managed to withdraw my arm from it in time. I was now unarmed before this giant of a bunny. at that moment the trident appeared and pierced the ground right before me, someone had thrown it to me. seeing this, the bunny rushed to it and tried to destroy it before I could reach it. but it was just way to close to me so I got to it first. the bunny snapped at me and I evaded, and then realized that this was a feint, I had just moved exactly how the bunny wanted me to. and it's clear was about to reach my neck. In a desperate attempt, I swung my trident at his arm. It claws reached my neck first, feeling the touch of his claw I tough it was over, then I felt that my protective aura was depleting and it was gone. I felt how the claw pierced my skin and then stopped. I looked at my trident and saw that it had managed to pierce its shoulder a second time. The arm of the bunny dropped limply to its side, I had managed to sever its tendons. Next, I realized that warm liquid was pouring out from my neck I touched it and it was blood, then I passed out. while I passed out I felt an incredible cold at my neck, as if someone froze it."

while I was out cold, I was a kind of hazy space where I could see four crystals shining brightly. As I looked at them I knew exactly what they represented, from time to time small sparks would fly from one crystal to the other. I couldn't think while on this plane, I could only watch. the more I watched the more I knew about my skills. Stepping is more than just the movement of my feet it represents the connection to the ground and a way of progression as well, it is an essential part of moving and will support every other skill. shield mastery is the on that guards what I the wielder of the shield wants to it represents not only blocking and bashing but a mindset of protection as a whole. Trident mastery represents not only attacking with it but also control over the battle, it help can help to maneuver and won't be impeded in any situation. The skill protective aura has more hidden within than what I knew but before I could watch it more closely, my head started to clear and the plane disappeared.

I awoke shortly after in the hospital.