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34 The day that changed everything part 3

As we were talking to each other I could see that a group of four girls was about to register to the dungeon. "Hey, Hank I'm going to greet some people for a moment ok," I told him.

Hank looked at me and asked, " who are you greeting, dude. You normally don't do something like that. " I just pointed at the group. It didn't take long before Hank exclaimed, "Dude, you need to introduce me. who did you come to know this group of hot chicks?"

We both walked over, It was then that I saw a mysterious guy, that drew something in a corner of the compound. At that time I didn't think much about it. We closed in it the Elemental four and I greeted them, " Hey how are you? Is everything healed up, Miriam?" The girls turned around and surprisingly the first of them to speak was the ice mage Melody, " Mortimer, good to see you, we are good. We are going into the dungeon wanna join us, we could really need the help of a good tank like you." Miriam whispered something to Sera I couldn't hear but it looked like Melody did hear it as she went red. I wanted to answer that I already finished for the day but Hank Interrupted or more answered for me, " Of course we will enter with you chicks, I'm Hank by the way."

The girls stare at Hank that was leaning over my shoulder, with a bit of disgust in their eyes.

Seeing their expression I laughed a bit awkwardly and then said, "I just returned from a dive with Hank here, he is harmless even if he talks strangely." "Dude, what do you mean I talk strangely. I talk awesome," he said full of confidence. at this, the girls started to giggle and I burst out in laughter. It was then that a bright light appeared out of the corner I had seen the mysterious guy before. We all turned and looked in the direction of the light and saw a bear like bunny with razor sharp claws and flames on his right and left shoulder. It roared with a loud and intimidating voice that remainder me more of a bear or lion.

This was when someone screamed, " It's a dungeon outbreak." within seconds most people had drawn their weapon and were ready to engage this lone bunny. sirens started to sound and hatches opened revealing automated weapon systems. Before anyone could react the weapon system started shooting at the bunny with bullets, arrows and magical projectiles. the physical attacks just bounced off the fur of the giant bunny.

the magical projectiles did some damage. the surprise left the bunny fast and it moved to attack the weapon systems that fired magic.

One brave person in have armor intercepted the bunny but with a single swipe of its claw, the bunny split the guy in half with weapon armor, and everything else that the claw sliced. It was such a clean cut that it took some time for the guy to fall apart. then it was silent for a moment, expect the still howling siren. then panic spread through all the divers and none divers in the compound. Most started to run but some were frozen in fear. the diver that just died was one of the stronger ones, he belonged to the rescue team as the badge on his corpse indicated.

The bunny rushed to the weapon systems that were still firing at it. Someone shouted, " It goes after the weapon systems if it destroys them were doomed." Some brace divers tried to stop it with skills, but all was futile. I was standing there just starting with weapons in my hand. I didn't know what to do in this situation, but I didn't have time to decide. I saw that Stacy the girl from the cafe stood right in front of one of the weapon systems unmoving, she was frozen from fear and the bunny was moving towards her. All I could do was let out a scream of, " Stacy." some of those that run turned around and saw how Stacy was standing before the bunny. Some of them even turned around wanting to help but it was too late as the bunny took aim at the girl. at that moment multiple bright streaks of lightning passed by my side and created a wall of lightning between Stacy and the bunny. when the bunny touched the lightning it withdrew the attack to not be hurt by the lightning. Then an arrow of a magical substance hit the bunny right into his right eye. the bunny screamed in pain. the arrow came from hank and he prepared another one. while this happened other magic users started to attack the bunny but weren't as effective, there were only three that really hurt the bunny, Sera with her lightning, Hank with his magical arrows and Kimberly with her arcane magic. All close to me and of course the bunny turned to us in a rage-filled rush. I reacted before I could think to intercept the bunny. I could hear how one of the girls screamed, " Mortimer, don't." but it was too late. I was already in front of the bunny and it was swinging at me. I realized I made a mistake that I could not tank this monster. I tried to stop but I then felt a slight correction from my first skill. I didn't use it as much lately. but it had never disappointed me. so, I followed the correction. with a single step, I changed my body position in an unnatural angle and started a slide extremely close to the ground, just millimeters under the claws of the monster. I then pushed with one hand against the ground and stood extremely close to the bunny. unharmed. when I regained my composer over this sudden maneuver. I remembered my weapon if I had used it while coming up I could probably inflict massive damage. but now it was too late. the bunny was about to move past me so I used my trident to pin his hinder leg to the ground. I didn't manage to piece its skin but I still tripped it. as the bunny tumbled to the ground it already turned to me and I could look right into his eyes and I could feel it's breath on my face. then it let out another roar and alone from the pressure of the air I was pushed back a few centimeters. I was scared, but I knew, it was do or die.