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33 The day that changed everything part 2

We returned to class shortly after the teacher saw us entering and just nodded to us. we currently took our seats. the rest of the class was surprised as the teacher was known for being stern.

Morning classes continued till an announcement interrupted class calling for mister Zealand and some other teachers. At the start of the next class, it was announced that combat classes for the rest of the day were canceled.

Most students were happy about this, I, on the other hand, got worried. I asked the teacher, " how close is the outbreak." at this questions the others stopped cheering and confused look at me or the teacher.

The teacher calmly said, " it happened in New Mexico, to be exact in the las vegas ruins. that is around 260 km away from us. So you all have nothing to worry about." my classmates started to talk to each other.

It was then that a classmate asked, " What outbreak happened there?"

The teacher answered the question, " It is a dungeon outbreak, you all now that people dive into them. the reason isn't just resources like crystals meat ore and other things. but to reduce the energy level of the dungeons. if a dungeons energy level gets too high an outbreak of said energy will occur and the monster will spawn outside of the dungeon. that will reduce the energy of the dungeon, but the monster outside will provide more energy to the dungeons in the surrounding that is why every experienced diver will be called into action. even those working in other fields." then she started with her history lesson, this time the theme was dungeon outbreaks and how the other continents were lost to the monsters and the great migration of the survivors of that time.

And about the independent island nations, Japan, New Zealand, Hawaii and so on.

when a student asked why there weren't any dungeon underwater. she started to explain how dungeon came to be. how they originally were warehouses that were used to store large amounts of crystals and that something happened there and the first dungeon was born. it was in a nation called China. It didn't take long for a method to create dungeons was found. it spread around the world pretty fast. but it was a nation called North Korea that created the thing now known as the hub. It is a place with more than 20 dungeons extremely close to each other. it was there that the first dungeon outbreak occurred. It didn't take long and the second third and fourth occurred there as well. It was such a big wave of monster that the nation couldn't handle it as a dungeon outbreak occurred after the other. It was a chain reaction that swallowed the whole continent and those connected with it as the flood of monsters never stopped. now it is forbidden to create new dungeons as we still don't know how to remove or destroy a dungeon. till now no one even knows how deep a dungeon truly is.

It was asked another question about why the people didn't use the crystals for skills if they had that many.

The teacher explained that all those crystals were clear crystals and were a waste product to stop a global disaster that we humans created. the lessons continued for a while.

After all the lessons for the day ended hank dragged me toward the dungeon. We didn't choose any more people for our team and entered the dungeon with just the two of us. Hank was surprised at my trident mastery skill. At first, I was uncomfortable but soon got used to it as we moved only on the fifth floor, with my new combination of shield and Trident I could manage a hoard of bunnies on my own. We killed bunnies for an hour at one point thank stopped shooting arrows and just watched as I took down bunny after bunny without letting a single one get close to him.

He then asked me, " dude, how did you get this strong this fast, I have gotten my first skill almost half a year ago and you did get yours only last week." I looked at him and said, " I train every day, for at least two hours." " That still doesn't explain it, dude. what is your skill level like?" he questioned.

"Last I checked my stepping was level 7 and shield mastery level 6," I told him.

"dude your leveling speed is unnatural, for a skill to get from 5 to six a week is needed and for the next one almost a month of training. what is your secret dude? tell me how can you train your skills this fast." after this was pointed out to me I thought about it and then told him about the training program I had found and how it had helped me to cut my training time. And that I haven't compared my results with others this far.

"dude you need to send me the link. if it is really as good as you say. I will improve by leaps and bounds. "

I chuckled at this and told him, " I will send it to you tonight ok." "dude you are the best. After we hunted a bit more and then left the dungeon. we went to sell our loot and I only got normal loot like meat and fur, Hank had more luck and he got a blue crystal and some normal loot. he was happy that he got a crystal. I only made 200 $ with the loot I sold.

" today, wasn't a good day," I said to him. he looked at me and showed me his crystal. "we got a crystal and you say it wasn't a good day."

" Yes so far I always got a crystal and the money I made today isn't even 1000$," I told him flatly. "dude you need to lower your expectations we did make a pretty big howl today," said Hank.

"but normally I make at least that much."

after I said this Hank stood there looking at me with wide eyes.

"How the fuck did you do it?" exclaimed Hank suddenly. Then I told him about all of my dives.