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30 The first boss battle

the 7th floor proved to be more difficult to these two, they now needed two hits for each bunny as they had gotten a bit stronger. the two of them now fought together to clear the rooms at the same pace. but they needed a short rest every three rooms. Our progress was still extremely fast. When we cleared the 15th or so room, we meet our first trap a string across a room and a crossbow with a bolt at the end of it. It wasn't really any danger to the two of them. I felt more and more useless on this team.

when we were about to move to another room Gustave stopped us and said, " the next room will be the boss room, but I will handle it on my own." when he finished his sentence he sat down and rested a bit. but Carlos didn't want him to, "let's just go if we work together we can manage him." he then started to walk forward. when I saw that he was about to leave on his own I screamed at him, " CARLOS STOP!!!!" we all were surprised at my outburst.

Carlos turned to me and then said, " you haven't even killed a single bunny and now you want to order me around. dream on, loser." then he moved into the passageway. Gustav stood up and then moved up behind him and said, " Let's go, we need to hurry after him." he moved after him I followed next with Jacob at my side.

when we entered the room it was dark, only the soft light from the passageway brought a bit of illumination. I could see Carlos in front looking around for something and Gustave's blade was aflame illuminating his surroundings. Suddenly a big bunny moved extremely fast close to Carlos it had long claws that were about to rip into Carlos. I could see how Gustave was about to activate his flying slash but stopped it midway when Carlos evaded the attack of the bunny and blocking the path for the attack. I started to run towards Carlos but before I could even reach him the bunny slashed at him for two more times the first one hit him in the gut opening his belly. the second one missed doing to Carlos collapsing from the pain and shock. we all could hear the painful scream that escaped his lungs. The bunny wanted to attack another time and I wouldn't make it luckily Gustave's burning flying slash reached the bunny before it could attack forcing it to retreat into the darkness. I moved closer to Carlos and just as I reached him he turned into a bright light, shocked at this I froze for just two seconds. when I was suddenly pushed to the ground, Jacob had just pushed me out of the attack of the bunny. looking around I could see that his right arm got hurt when he saved me. I also could see that the bunny was already attacking again, but as we both were tangled up in each other on the ground, we couldn't really move much. I don't know how but I managed to get my shield between the attack and Jacobs exposed back.

when the attack reached I could hear and feel the bone in my arm breaking.

It was then that another burning flying slash hit the bunny, I could hear the pained scream of the bunny as it once more disappeared into the darkness, Jacob and I slowly stood up watching our surroundings, It was then that the bunny appeared behind Gustave. we both were too far away from him so all I could do was let out a scream of, " BEHIND YOU!!" As Gustave turned around a knife flew toward the bunny seeing it, the bunny hurriedly retreated. When I saw how the knife flew I knew that it wouldn't have hit the bunny. it was just a buff.

I turned to Jacob and told him, " We should move closer together." In that instance, the bunny appeared from the darkness in full jump with both claws at the ready to slice Jacob into pieces. I reached forward to pull him to me with my other arm I moved my shield to block the attack, I managed to just block one of the attacks, but at the same time, a burning flying slash hit the bunny. I wanted to turn to Jacob and could only see how he turned into a bright light too. Only now did I realize that the bunny's attack that I did not manage to block had killed Jacob. As this realization hit me I was completely shocked and frozen. It was my fault that he died. I could have saved him if only I was a little bit faster a little bit stronger. the regret started to overwhelm me when I heard, Gustave's voice, " That wasn't too bad. It didn't even wound me this time." At that moment I wanted to scream at him, I wanted to tell him that two people died. But I had such a big frog in my throat that I didn't manage to say anything. I just glared at him and this time it was one, not the joke of a glare I did before. I turned around and used the portal to the next floor not waiting for Gustav and then instantly left the dungeon. Gustave followed soon after. But he just came to say, " Hey, take care of the report it is always such a big hassle. bye, see yea." He left way to fast for me to even comprehend what he said. I just went over to the registration and stood in line. I felt something wet on my cheeks and only then realized that I was crying. It was then that I couldn't hold it anymore and just turned into a sobbing mess. what happens next I don't remember it anymore just that dad came and brought me home. I was a complete mess and went to bed right away.