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I was sipping my hot chocolate when a person came to my table. "Hey, Stacy said you are looking for a team. I'm Carlos a plant mage so far I reached the seventh floor." he introduced himself and sat down next to me. then he continued, " Heard you're a tank, so we will wait for two more and then get going."

As I wanted to answer him another person came and introduced himself with, " I'm the great Swordmaster Gustav you should be honored that I will enter with you." and sat down next to us.

I was completely overwhelmed by the personality of those two.

The plant mage Carlos asked Gustave, " So great Swordmaster how far did you make it so far, our tank here only made it to the fifth floor and we will pull him up to the seventh and maybe even progress to the 9th one."

Ignoring the undertone that Carlos used by his title of great Swordmaster, Gustave answered, " I managed to reach the ninth floor. So there won't be any problems with me pulling you all up to it. Hahaha."

Then Gustave started to talk about his exploits in a loud voice. he could be heard in the entire cafe.

After some time I realized that a boy was standing next to our table, every time Gustave finished a sentence he would try to say something before being cut off. So I asked the boy over Gustave loud voice, " What is it you want to say?" Gustave that was cut off by me glared at me while the boy said in a meek voice, " Stacy said that maybe I could join you guys on a dive if it doesn't make any problems for you guys." Gustave was the one to answer, " it doesn't matter how much of you weaklings follow me inside the dungeon, so now that we have four people lets start the dive." With those words, Gustave jumped up and started walking towards the registration followed by Carlos. The boy looked at me and I Introduced myself. the boy said, " I'm Jakob, my skills are all over the place, I have the knife mastery, looting, and cooking skills. So I don't know how to category myself." I was surprised that he had one of the most sought after skills. looting was just awesome everyone wanted someone with looting inside of their group. The skill outside of a dungeon was nothing impressive but inside it was awesome it increased the loot of your hole team when a monster was defeated close by.

Registering didn't take long. as Carlos and Gustav didn't tell me their skills I looked them up.

Carlos had three skills

Gardening Mastery Lv 1

Growing Lv 3

Vine Lv 4

Gustav had four skills

Sword-mastery Lv5+

slashing Lv4

flying-slash Lv 4

Flamingblade Lv2+

I was surprised that Gustave had two improved skills. the improvements that he got were the great one for the Sword-mastery skill, it just improved the effectiveness by 50 % in all aspects of the skill so his skill was basically a level 7-8 one. the improvement on his flaming blade skill was called elemental and let him change the element of the skill, so he basically had the skill for all elements.

just because I could I checked Jakob's skills as well and they were just as he had told me.

After I checked their skills I entered the dungeon with them.

We entered the first room with Gustave in the front he used his flying slash skill twice and all enemy were defeated right away. this repeated for two more rooms and then he said, " We will rest for a while, so I can regenerate my mana." "so, you can hog all the training. No, you will rest here and I will take care of the next room." it was Carlos who wanted to continue. Gustav looked at him sternly and then said, " Ok, like that we will progress much faster. But only for this floor. so see you later." I was perplexed Carlos and Gustav wanted to split so one could rest while the other cleared the floor.

Jacob whispered to me, "Mortimer what should we do."

I thought about it and then said to him, " Let's go along with them, we can act if something goes wrong.

We followed Carlos and saw how he dealt with the enemies, he had created a single vine and used it as a whip defeating the enemy's just as fast as Gustave did. he could clear a greater number of rooms but after 7 rooms he needed to rest too. but Gustave did already manage to fill his mana up once more and cleared three more room. after that happens both of them needed to rest for a bit. they repeated this whole procedure for to more times before we reached the portal to the next floor. as this was an introduction floor there wasn't much exciting here. we got seven new things those were.

a mushroom, fern, a chest, a bolt, a crossbow,

string and a giant bunny that was instantly killed by Gustav with a single flying slash.

As we entered the next floor Gustave and Carlos were discussing how to progress the fastest through this floor. Jacob silently asked me, " do those two even need us?" I felt the same way it was like I wasn't even needed, those two had so great attacking power that they killed everything before it even came close. Maybe I should try to increase my attacking power as well? It seems more efficient than what I'm doing. my answer to Jakob was a quite, "I don't know"