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"How do I explain this, " asked Mister Zealand himself. "I have an offer for you two. do you want to become my direct disciple? I will teach you what I know about dungeons and help you to get into the divers Akademie. What do you say?," asked Mister Zealand.

Becoming someone's famous disciple was something most divers dreamt of. the advantages of this were great, but you would always be compared to him and most couldn't take the pressure that came with it.

Before I could answer Emily did, " I don't want to become a diver, so I must politely refuse your offer." Both mister Zealand and I looked at her with wide eyes.

"Emily you are extremely proficient in the usage of your skill. Why wouldn't you use it?" asked mister Zealand.

"I want to become a seamstress, I like to sew and things like that, sadly my mother got me a magic skill and I only had combat oriented choices. In the end, I'm still trying to become a seamstress," explained Emily to us.

"such a waste, " said mister Zealand and turned to me, " and what about you Mortimer?"

"I need some time to think about it," I answered honestly. Misses Zealand just nodded at this, but Mister Zealand was clearly disappointed.

"So, why did you go that far at the end, mister Zealand?" asked Emily.

"First I wanted to show you all of my power because I see a good amount of potential in both of you. Second I almost regained my third use of my skill and then I would have to go Into some of the deeper levels to reduce the energy inside the dungeon and I don't want to go into that risk right now when the energy level of our local dungeon is relatively low. third I had the permission to use it, even if I don't think the upper echelon had intended it." explained Mister Zealand

"Why doesn't the upper echelon allow you to use your skill as you see fit?" I curiously asked.

It was Misses Zealand that answered, " because with his skill set he can stop a dungeon breakout in an instance, so the casualties are low. when he retired he accepted a contract to stop dungeon outbreaks and that is the reason he needs their permission. but that should be enough for today. you two should hurry and change your clothes or you will catch a cold."

now that she said it, I realized that I was drenched in my own sweat, looking over to Emily she too was drenched.

We split up and I made my way to the changing room, where I took a quick shower.

When I left the changing room fully dressed.

I pondered what I should do with the rest of my day and decided that I still need money to buy my next skill so I should go for another dive.

With the decision made I first went home to get my gear and then I remembered that most aren't in any kind of working condition. So I went and replaced the broken gear I bought the same type of leather jacket and a new backpack. all in all, it wasn't too expensive it only costs 50 bucks to renew the jacket backpack and first aid kit.

when I passed by uncle Kim s store, I couldn't resist and I entered the store.

the store was almost empty and the only one on the register was uncle Kim.

when uncle Kim saw me he said in an accusing tone,

"Mortimer, what are you doing here? shouldn't you be in school."

"We had special training and were sent home after it was over," I told him. he looked at me to see if I was laying, but after I withstood his gaze he said, " So what brings you here?"

"Nothing, in particular, The next skill I want is a rank 4 one and I need to raise the money first, " I said more to convince myself not to buy a new skill right now.

"so how much do you already have?" asked uncle Kim.

"I have 2400$ right now and I want to get a three choice one that would cost around 16000$ if I'm right." after I answered him he said, " you have mana already? If you want I could make a deal with you from my last dive myself I still have a rank 4 level 0 choice 2 crystal, till now I couldn't decide to sell it to my store or use it for myself. If you want I could sell it to you for 4000 the same I would get if I sold it to my store what do you say."

I looked at uncle and wondered why he didn't sell it so far and why he didn't gift it to me at my birthday, but I didn't ask and just told him, " that would be great. But I still need a bit more time to make the money."

"Okay, I can wait, see you later, " Kim said and waved at me.

I quickly left the store and rushed to the dungeon. When I reached the compound of the dungeon it was almost devoided of people. I didn't want to enter the dungeon alone so I went to the cafe inside the compound. Inside I could see some people waiting and drinking some beverage. I could also see Stacy that was manning a counter.

when I came over I was greeted by her, " ahh, Mortimer rigth. good to see you again. Are you looking for a new team?"

"Yes, I want to get used to different teams and tactics," I told her shyly.

"Sadly there isn't anyone at your level right now so you will have to wait," Stacy told me as she pulled up my info at the stores AS. "Oh you trained quite a bit, you're already level four. but you still only have to skills, you already improved your stepping skill and raised it to level 6 that isn't bad. your shield mastery skill is level 4 but should reach level 5 soon. So what is your plan do you want to remain a tank or change your skillset up a bit?" she curiously asked me.

I thought about it and said" I will see how the skills come my way. But I will try to keep being a tank."

"That's good like that it will be easy to find a team for you. Most people want to do magic or stay away from the monster. table number 7 is free if you want to wait for a team you can do it over there. A waitress will be there shortly." told me, Stacy, as another diver got closer to the counter. I walked to table number 7 and waited.