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27 Mister Zealand limi

we all went and got ready to execute my plan. Emily and I positioned yourself so that the front would be inside of her reach. when the round started I got incredible tense, as this was the moment of truth, if we managed to block monster Zealand long enough the plan would be considered a success.

As mister Zealand always went for those that could manage him first to keep them on the edge Emily didn't block any attacks, the first attack that would have hit somebody was blocked by an emilys astral weapon. I could see that everyone was surprised. the one that we the first to regain his wits was of course mister Zealand and he wanted to use this chance that he had to take someone out. but once more Emily blocked his attack. seeing the frustration on mister Zealand face made this already worth it. but it didn't last long. teleported right next to Emily and attacked I was prepared for this and blocked his attack mid-swing to save some of Emily precious mana points. What followed was the longest and most intense battle I ever had. every time mister Zealand went for Emily I tried to block if I didn't manage she would interrupt his attack, if he went for me I would defend or evade if I managed if not Emily was there for me to block. I saw how Emily got more and more exhausted just like me. Then I heard a shout from further down, " Mister Zealand they almost reached the end." It was then that mister Zealand disengaged and went for the other students. I looked in the direction the shout had come from and could see that most of the teachers were our only the experienced ones were remaining, but those were having a hard time because of the sheer number of students remaining. when mister Zealand appeared those numbers were reduced at a fast pace. I turned to Emily and saw that she was laying on the ground, I wanted to say something but Emily was the first to speak, " I know we need to follow, but I can't I'm just so exhausted I need a bit of rest before I can continue." I knew how she felt I was just as exhausted so I sat down. We could see how mister Zealand decimated our fellow students and one almost reached the green zone, but mister Zealand stopped him at the last moment. after all the other students were finished he walked over to us and asked, " Do you want to continue this round?" we both shook our heads we had remained a bit of our vigor but were still not ready to fight mister Zealand.

"I must say that I'm impressed, continue like that and one day you will be able to fight me when I'm not holding back.

The next round was extremely short, as for each one of the 900 students one body double of mister Zealand appeared, for those of us that had managed to defend against at last one move, he used a skill that let him move incredibly fast. I couldn't even follow him with my eyes. Mister Zealand then spoke to all of us, " when the upper echelon ordered this training most of the teachers were not expecting much from all of you, because not even a third of you have a skill. But still you all did your best, one of you even managed to get within arms reach of the green zone. You have worked not alone but together and made it so that every single one of you got past the halfway point. This last round was to show you just how much more powerful one can get. You are all exhausted and probably want to rest. so I will end the training here."

Everyone was happy about this even some of the teachers. Surprisingly, the first to leave was mister Zealand I looked around and saw the school's healer hurry after him. As all the students left I went after the two of them. when I reached the healer's office I could hear the healer shout at mister Zealand, " You know you shouldn't use Overwhelm anymore. You only have one more use of that skill now, why did you waste it for something as silly as a school training."

At that moment I could feel a finger touch my shoulder. I turned around and saw that it was Emily. " It is because of those two outside the office that I did what I did." said mister Zealand in a calm voice. we both looked at each other and went to the door. at that moment the door was pushed open and the healer looked at use, " you two know you shouldn't listen in on other person conversation, come in you two we need to talk."

we followed her inside and saw Mister Zealand how he was looking as if he was thrown into a blender all of his skin was ripped and I could see that some of his bones were broken too.

We were shocked at this. " Not a nice thing to look at, right?" said Mister Zealand jokingly.

We silently looked at him. The healer started to explain, " that is the result of his rank 5 skill overwhelm it multiplies the level of his skills, but he can't withstand the burden his endurance and vitality isn't high enough."

We looked at her and then at him.

"I will be alright it isn't enough to kill me," he told us. the healer once more for angry at him, "That isn't a reason to use it so carelessly, it takes a year, a whole fucking year for you to regain a single use. that is your emergency skill. You just arrghhh."

We were even more confused now that the healer was talking to mister Zealand like that.

Emily couldn't wait anymore and then asked, " Are you two a thing?"

I looked at Emily that was the last thing I would have asked. Mister Zealand laughed at this and then said, " Sharp, yes we are together, this is my wife if you didn't know."

We started at her and she smiled at us." Nice to meet you I'm Misses Zealand and am working here as a school healer."

I remembered that I had seen her before, but I never cared much about the healers as I didn't need them as often.

"Surprised?" asked mister Zealand.

We nodded.

"So do you want to know why I went so far in this training match?"