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26 forming a plan

Our English teacher was surprised to see us move closer to his starting position. all the other students went away from him. Our English teacher was known as a melee fighter without any magical skills he was really strong due to his skills.

When the round started I rushed forward towards our English teacher and he tried to swing his hammer at me, I sidestepped his swing and the firebolt Thomas shot at my back came out of my shadow and went towards his face. the teacher evaded the bolt and swung his hammer at me a second time at the same time.

I was surprised at his level of skill he demonstrated and blocked his swing with my shield. that was a mistake I should not have made. I was flung backward by the sheer force of the blow. It was so hard that I believed that had we not fought with training equipment I would have had my arm broken. the shield I used was bent even with the soft training weapon.

while I tried to regain my footing Thomas was stopping the teacher from reaching me by shooting the firebolts in the right angle.

when the teacher reached me I had my body back under my control and was able to evade the next swing that went my way.

But the hammer hit the ground and debris flew my way forcing me to close my eyes. that was all the teacher needed to take me out for the round, but in the next instance, he was hit by a firebolt. Thomas had exchanged me to take out the teacher. He cleverly hides a firebolt behind me and let it look like he tried to save me but evaded the hammer at the last instance sacrificing me to take the teacher out. I was hurt in the progress and needed a healer. our English teacher complimented us for our initiative but said, " even if you manage to take me out, there are still the others. you won't manage to take all of us our." then he went back and waited for the next round.

Thomas and I stood there and were silent for a moment. Thomas was the first to speak," so what is the next step?"

"I will need to watch this next round to form the rest of the plan but maybe we could manage to get everyone to the halfway point."

as I told this to Thomas he looked at me as if I had said something outrages. we moved a bit so I could watch what I needed to watch.

It was Emily that I watched the next round, more exactly her use of the astral weapon skill against mister Zealand. She used her skill sparingly but every time she or one of her teammates was attacked and couldn't evade the attack, her astral weapon appeared to save the day. It was an impenetrable defense the only problem was that she would run out of mana. when the round ended I walked up to her and asked her, " Hey Emily, how far is the distance you can use your skill?"

she looked at me confused then said, " What?"

"I want to know the reach of your skill?

" why? what do you plan?"

Nadine looked at me curiously and the other girl got closer so she could listen to what I had to say. Thomas did the same.

I took a deep breath and then explained, " I was thinking of taking all the teacher out expect mister Zealand and right now I'm looking for a way to block him at least till the other teachers are down. My first choice for this would be your astral weapon skill, if you can get all the students into your reach then we would be able to concentrate at combating the teachers. "

everyone turned to Emily and she just shook her head and said, " the reach is only 20 meters I won't get them all into the reach I think about half should be possible, but I won't be able to do this for long."

"that is ok, would you mind to try it out for one round?" I asked her.

she looked at her teammates and it was Nadine that spoke next, " try it, Emmy, if we even gain the smallest chance it is better than not trying we will protect you while you focus solely on mister Zealand." I turned to her and said, " No that will be my part, I would need you to hunt the experienced teacher so they can't go after Emily." both girls looked at me and wanted to say something, but I cut them short, " my attacking capabilities aren't enough but my defense is better than you, so we need to put the right person at the right spot right now. we can't only stay on the defense as we did so far."

Emily then said, " we will try this for one round and if it doesn't work we just go back to the old tactic, let's give it a try." Nadine and the other girl nodded at Emily's words.

"What should I do?" asked Thomas surprising almost all of us.

I looked at him and then said, " You will go with Nadine and the other girl " " My name is Jessica or just Jess, not the other girl." the other girl interrupted me. I looked at her and then started anew, " you will go with Nadine and Jessica to him the teachers, together you should be able to take one out. So let's see how it works.