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25 Monday after the first dive part 3

After the last round we were exhausted, we sat down, it was then that the boy that I first teamed up with started to talk, " I'm Ralf and you two are?" the other boy looked up and said, "Fred." both then looked at me.

"I'm Mortimer," I answered Ralf.

Ralf then asked, " So what is the plan, Mortimer?"

"I don't know, I wanted to bind mister Zealand, but he just went after the others when he realized he would need to. much time to get rid of us so he moved to eliminate the others first." I answered and then I thought about it and said, " we should split up and each form a team like this so that we split the teachers, mister Zealand can't fight three teams at once. and if that still does not work we need to hope that others form teams as well." both of them thought for a moment and then Ralf said, " you are right. in a one on one, we don't have a chance against him. but in groups, we can manage his assault for a while. but are there enough people strong enough to survive his assault?"

"I saw at last ten who managed to block or evade an attack from him," I informed him.

It was then that we heard the signal to start and Mister Zealand appeared in between us. we were slaughtered right there while we still sat down on the ground.

We used this chance to look for more people. it was then that I saw another team that had formed, it was made up of three girls. two of the girls were from my class, it was Emily and Nadine, the third girl I don't know. Mister Zealand fought them for a while till he stopped and went after the other students.

They made it just as far as we did. I started to move to the next person that blocked an attack and found that another one of them moved closer as well. we sat down close to each other and rested for a moment.

This time we were ready for the start of the round, mister Zealand probed our team and then went after the other students. We fought off some of the teachers and even took one of them out. This time there were five teams at the end we progressed till we reached the halfway point and mister Zealand used his body double skill attacking all teams with at last 2 of himself. we were the first team that went down, so I could watch the remaining teams and saw that Emily was the most effective in blocking mister Zealand attacks.

She wasn't the strongest in our time without reason. I then remembered that I was one of the three people that won a round against her.

Nadine was in her team, but where is Thomas?

I looked around and saw that he wasn't in any of the team that made it to the halfway point.

Why wasn't he here he was one of the stronger people in the class and his reaction wasn't half bad, but if compared to Mister Zealand. it was then that I realized that only people that could survive a single strike from Mister Zealand made it so far.

I split from my team and went and looked for Thomas. It didn't take me long to find him.

He saw me and said, " Mortimer you managed to make it pretty far, I can't seem to even survive the first attack from Mister Zealand. I will definitely not get to the green zone."

I felt bad that I didn't help him earlier that this and said, " Thomas, don't worry about mister Zealand, I will keep him from you. What do you think could you take him out with your firepower?"

He looked at me surprised then said, " not mister Zealand, but probably the other teachers."

" Ok then let us try this."

we went to the front close to the other teachers, it was easy for us as most didn't want to start that close to them.

when the round started I prepared to stop mister Zealand and the other teachers from reaching Thomas. Thomas started the round by shooting firebolts at the teachers. one didn't expect the students to attack first and was taken out for the round. after that the teachers that were close by went for Thomas but I managed to block their path. one of them didn't realize we worked together and was bashed to the side by me. shortly after that, he was taken out by a firebolt. the remaining teachers were weary, none of them had much experience in fighting. It was then that mister Zealand appeared and went after Thomas, I barely managed to intercept the attack but the followup attack got me. Thomas shot two firebolts at mister Zealand, that he easily evaded. as the firebolt passed the two remaining teachers they curved towards them and took them out for the round.

Thomas then was removed from the round.

I turned to him and said, " that wasn't bad, we took out 4 of the teachers." Thomas smiled at me and then said, " yes it wasn't but those were the weak ones there are still those that go diving each weekend."

"should we try one of them next?" I asked with a devious smile.

"what are you planning Mortimer."

"I think we should try to defeat all the teachers except mister Zealand."

"but why we won't reach the end as long as mister Zealand is still trying to stop us. I have an idea. if it works or not does not matter right now, we first need to find out if we can take out one of the teachers with battle experience."

"ok, let us try."

After this short talk, Thomas and I went to the position of our English teacher.