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24 Monday after the first dive part2

In this round no one even reached one-quarter of the way, the teachers were just too strong and mister Zealand was just a killing machine some students like me manage to evade or block a single attack but that was all.

we rested for a bit and then we started the next round, this time I moved and reached the end of the red zone when mister Zealand appeared before me. this time he strokes with both of his knees at once I used my shield to block one, this time it didn't have that much strength but I still used the force to step back and distance myself. mister Zealand smirked at me and leaped towards me striking with one of his blades at me I repeated what I did before and found out that mister Zealand was expecting this and prepared his second strike to hit me. I had no chance at all and was removed from this round. I watched the rest of the round from the side and saw that mister Zealand hunted the students that blocked or evaded his attacks, like this we would not be able to reach the end. when the round ended we managed to get a bit further but only because mister Zealand focused on the ones with a real chance of getting far.

while we rested for the next round I pondered how I could get further, I realized that I don't even understand the situation right now, so I couldn't form any tactics to help me.

The next round I didn't rush forward but instead watched what happens around me. the teacher moved forward to catch the first students expect mister Zealand he ported with one of his skill to each of the students that could defend against him and then just removed the rest from the game. when monster Zealand reached me I did nothing and just let him remove me from the round.

What I saw was that we could manage to get some of the students to the end if it weren't for mister Zealand. Instead of resting I moved closer to one of the others that manage to evade mister Zealand and then sat down to rest.

when the next round started I stayed close to him, he looked at me with a bit of wariness.

The next round started and mister Zealand appeared instantly before us, I moved behind the boy and mister Zealand assault started his target the boy, the boy managed to evade the first attacks but when it looked that he wouldn't evade the next one I move to intercept the attack. mister Zealand and the boy were surprised. I used the force to jump back behind the boy this time I did manage to regain my footing instantly. Mister Zealand only stopped for a moment before he attacked the boy once more the boy regained his balance and managed to evade three more the forth would be another hit so I moved again this time mister Zealand was prepared and shifted his target to forcing me back and jumping after me to continue his assault. but this I did anticipate and instantly used my shield to bash his attacking arm stopping his attack before it reached the peak of his power.

Using a simple sidestep to move to the side of his now forward moving side to evade the next attack that would come. the attack came and I used this chance to retreat behind the boy from before. he just nodded at me as I passed him and moved to get closer to mister Zealand.

I was surprised at this and it looked like mister Zealand was to.

Mister Zealand restarted his assault and the boy did his best to try to evade the attack but mister Zealand was a sly bastard. Just as the attack missed him mister Zealand threw his knife and took the boy out for this round, I couldn't even react to this.

After the boy was out I didn't manage to survive this round either.

After I was out the boy came to me. "So that was why you stayed that close to me, but what are you hoping to accomplish with this, " he asked me.

"Just look, " I simply said to him and pointed at mister Zealand. he watched as mister Zealand decimated the other students. the furthest any of the students managed to get was a bit more than a third of the way.

As the round ended the boy turned me and said, " the others could manage the rest if not for mister Zealand. So you want to buy time for the others? But just us two won't manage that."

"Just now I tried if it was possible for us to stop him for a short while. now we need to gather those that can face him." I told him and moved closer to the next person that manage to block an attack from mister Zealand. I looked behind me and saw that the boy followed me.

We sat down and rested a bit. when the next round started mister Zealand appeared right before us and had a big smile on his face.

"This will be more interesting than I thought it would." Mister Zealand said to us and all three of us got ready to fight.

Mister Zealand first attacked the new boy and his assault was fast and merciless I almost didn't manage to block an attack that would take out him he was surprised at this but monster Zealand expected this and continued his assault when mister Zealand got blasted away by a wave of water. It was the skill of the boy from before he smiled at me when mister Zealand appeared behind him. I started to move in his direction, he saw it and dropped to the floor, barely managing not to get hit. Instead of going after him he went for me and tried to attack my head at first I wanted to block then I saw that his second blade was going for my kidney. I blocked that one and evaded the other. He pulled back the evaded attack turning it into another attack.

I heard a loud sound from my side and saw a blade parrying the attack. it was the new boy. Mister Zealand clicked his tongue, he had hoped to take me out.

Mister Zealand then disappeared, we waited for a bit and then started to move as a group to the green when we reached a quarter we were the last remaining students but we were surrounded by teachers we three stood back to back and barely manage to defend against the teachers, it was then that mister Zealand appeared. he said, "It was a good try."

then we were simply overwhelmed by the sheer number of teacher.