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22 Improved one“s self

After remembering the promise I made to Even, I didn't want to waste any more time. I took the turquoise crystal and used it.

I had the feeling of choice between my skills.

I thought that I should improve the skill I used most and that was definitely stepping, the stepping skill was the on that let me evade, block or attack. It was such a basic skill that it was almost always in use.

when I thought about the skill this much I felt the skill lock-in and new information spreading inside my head. I looked at my PAS and the info I saw there wasn't as helpful.

It said that the possibility of a skill improvement was detected, it could tell me one was related to mana, the other related to grace. Not knowing how to choose I went to take a shower and sort out the info inside my head.

The shower helped me to calm my emotions and to understand my choices if I got it right one was a way to regenerate mana the other was somehow related to balance and looks.

the choices were both great for me, improving my balance would help with standing and blocking passages, mana regeneration was something I would need if I got my first magic skill. they were both good so I decided to look it up on the driver's side.

I was on their page for one or two hours and found out that a skill that could regenerate even a bit of mana was so incredibly useful and sought after that I would regret not taking it.

I took a deep breath and tried to imagine a way to generate mana by stepping. the only way I could imagine it was by drawing mana of my surrounding with each of my steps. this was when I felt that my choice was made.

I looked at my PAS and looked at how my skill changed. it now provided me with mana attribute. that change was one that made me feel surprised I now had 40 units of mana and no way to use it. the new line in my skill was each step made will provide the skill holder with a small amount of mana.

Unregistered skill improvement.

I looked at it and was surprised, I knew that the world skill database lacked some information, but I didn't think I would gain one that they lacked information about. I went to my message page and a new tab appeared there, called data analysis contract.

it was an agreement that I would install a provided analytic module on my PAS and would get a good amount of money for it. It was tempting and I decided to accept the conditions and got paid 2000$ right away.

Next, I went and started my training software and trained for an hour, before it locked at my door. I quickly dressed and then opened the door. Linda stood there with mom beside her.

"What is it?" I asked confused I wasn't in the mood for talking right now.

Linda answered right away, " You accepted the deal for unregistered skills, couldn't you have waited till tomorrow. my chef thought that because I'm your aunt I should be the one to install this module to your PAS. Show me your PAS so I can get back home, I want to finish my movie.". It looked like Linda wasn't in the mood to talk either she quickly installed the module on my PAS and then asked, " if you have any questions you can come and ask me." before she turned around to leave, but I had one question I needed to be answered right now so I asked, " Do I need to do something for it to work?"

Linda didn't even turn around before she answered, " No just wear your PAS that's all."

and like that Linda simply left.

Mom looked at me then asked, " is everything alright?"

"Yes mom everything is alright, " I said and closed the door in front of her. I just wasn't in the mood to talk. I went back to do my training. My skills leveled up and I reached level 5 in stepping and level 4 in shield mastery. with this, I reached level 4 myself. I could now have up to four skills.

I sat down on my bed and then thought to myself what is the way I want to go? do I really want to be a tank? I went and looked at what skills are considered related to mine.

I found out some interesting things stepping is related to almost all known movement and combat type skills, shield mastery, on the other hand, is more related to defensive type skills and combat skills as well, so I have a really high chance to get something useful and become a tanker, damage dealer or even a scout. sadly I wasn't going to get any great spell skills. so if I wanted magical abilities I shouldn't look at rank 3 crystals right now but at the rank 4 crystals that are more self-focused. the cheapest rank 4 is 4000 that is nothing I could gain right now. but if I get a cheaper one right now then my chances will change drastically, I want a magic skill that will be useful and it will be hard to get one later on because my relations to skills will shift with every new skill and that will expand the possible skills I could gain. It's just too expensive for me right now to gain one right now. I need more money. how much money do I want? I want a rank 4 crystal with at least 3 choices that would be 16000 the same as my first skill crystal. So my goal right now is 16000 $ for my next skill.