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20 Diving with the elemental four last par

We started at each other when suddenly Melody went beet red.

" Ah ye. I meant. I want to treat your wounds for that you need to remove your clothes." she said with a small but clear voice. while playing with her fingers.

I understood what she intended so I removed the remains of my jacket and what was left of my shirt. Melody started by disinfecting my wounds stopping once to refreeze Miriam's wound. it was then that Kimberley and Sera came back.

" the next room is clear we defeated all the bunnies, we can bring Miriam over," informed us, Kimberly. I nodded and stood up it was wobbly, but I managed on my own. I stumbled more than I walked to the closest wall and used it to support myself. the girls in the meantime managed to carry Miriam. we moved slowly down the passageway. it took us a way to long to reach the next room.

Gladly the bunnies hadn't respawned once more.

We repeated the process two more times. it was then that Melody realized something. as I was the closest one she told me first, " Miriam temperature is dropping, if I continue to freeze her wound then she will freeze to death." I thought about it and there wasn't any other way. I told her, " while she is laying here don't freeze her wound we will use pressure to stop her bleeding when we move her then you will freeze her wound. we will somehow get her out of here don't worry." she looked at me as I used my hands to press on her wounds and then nodded.

It didn't take long for Kimberly and Sera to return. Melody explained to them the problem. and we moved Miriam into the next room.

When Kimberly and Sera were about to leave, I stood up and said, "I will go with you two, I have recovered enough that I can cover you a bit."

"No, with your wounds you will only be a hindrance and right now we don't have the time, " Kimberly told me as she hurried along with Sera into the next room.

I understood what she meant, but it was still frustrating for me. so I went back and sat next to Melody who was taking care of Miriam.

We just sat there silently, waiting for those two to return.

When the two returned they brought back some guys that looked like ordinary divers.

The two of them had grim expressions on their faces.

Melody was the first of us to react, " Marko?"

I was confused but it looked like they knew each other. the guys looked at me for a moment before one of them asked, "How is my sister?"

Melody answered him right away with bloody hands, " she needs to get to a healer as fast as possible, can you carry her?"

Without saying another word he lifted Miriam, Melody hurriedly froze her wound once more.

This Marko guy the sprinted into the direction of the entrance, his friend hurried after him.

"Luckily we meet him while he was passing another group in the next room, he should manage to get her out of here. we should also hurry out of here." Kimberly told us.

We moved through the last rooms and then left through the portal.

there we moved to the healer tent as the building was called, it is a small on-site emergency hospital as divers often get injuries.

there I was treated while the others went to Miriam to see how she was doing.

My treatment didn't take long, but my injuries were more serious than I thought, I had fractured one of my ribs.

Afterward, I waited outside for the elemental four.

an hour later three of the four girls came out of the building, the one that wasn't there was Miriam.

I went over to the three of them and asked, "how is she?"

surprised at me suddenly talking to them the girls turned around. Melody was the first to answer, " She will make it, she is getting crutches right now her brother is with her. she will need some time before she will be able to walk normally again. they told us that without the first aid kit or my ice magic she would have died, so I want to thank you on her behalf."

"you don't need to thank me, we were a team," I told her shyly as I wasn't being used to being thanked for something like saving a life.

At that Miriam and her brother left the building. they walked right over to us.

Marko was the first to talk to me, "You are Mortimer right. I heard what happened and I want to thank you." He looked at me and my tattered clothes them said, " Tell me your id and I will send you a bit of money so you can replace your armor, you probably wouldn't have to replace it if not for my foolish sister."

I thought for a moment and said, " there is no need for it, as a team, we all took the same risk and we all got our own reward." while saying that I took out the lootback I got when I left the dungeon.

Sera then came to me and opened her backpack and took out my shield from it. while she handed it to me she said, " here, you dropped it when you fell. you will need it in the future." I took it and put it in what remained of my backpack.

We talked a bit more, in the end, Miriam insisted that I took her lootback too because it was her mistake that damaged my gear. as I had no choice I took it.

As we separated I went to sell the things from the loopbacks, In mine, there was a blue skill crystal and some bunny loot like fur and meat .in the one from Miriam there was just a single crystal of green color. I pocket the crystals and sold the rest. I got 22$ for all of it. then I started on my way to uncles store he had open all weekend.