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19 Diving with the elemental four part 2

I started to count the seconds inside my head.


I evaded some bunny and retreated two steps, bashing one of them into the wall turning it into white light.


the bunnies prepared for another jump moved forward kicking on of the bunnies away against the wall.


the bunnies jumped attacking the leg that was in front I quickly pushed myself of said leg and used a jumping back step to make the distance between us.


I was still half in the air as a purple bolt of arcane energy passed over my head and hit one of the faster bunnies in the head turning it into white light. I safely stabilized my footing


the bunnies started to run in my direction instead of jumping giving me a bit took to take a deep breath and focus once more.


the bunnies tried to rush at my feet making it easier for me to evade the attack, but harder for me to hit them.


Some of the bunnies tried to get past me so I needed to move back once more. not knowing how many were left made my mind more exhausted.


Some bunnies jumped at me once more, I used this chance to swing my shield and squish two of them between the wall and my shield. but leaving my side open to the others. one managed to slash at me but the other was shot down by a bolt of arcane energy.


a chunk of my leather jacket dropped on the ground, some of the bunnies attacked it, but the one that managed to slash at me before had managed another slash which I evaded badly, tripping over one of the bunnies. falling down to one knee.


this was the chance for the bunnies they all jumped, but slipped on quickly forming frost.

I felt how my knee froze to the ground.

this is bad I thought.


the bunnies regained their footing and jumped at me, not wanting to die I used my strength pushing me away from the wall. I could hear how my jeans ripped apart.


the force I used to push had toppled me over completely laying on the ground, the bunnies jumped at me and ripped my jacket apart and inflicting wounds on me.

that was the moment the streak of lightning appeared turning all the bunnies above me into white lights.

some bunnies to my right and left remained still slashing and biting me, but I couldn't move because of the lightning above me. next, I saw two pairs of feet appear next to me kicking the remaining bunnies into the lightning only one disappeared because the lightning skill ended before the second one touched it.

I quickly jumped back to my feet my sides hurt like hell. but standing would still be better than lying in front of the bunnies. what I saw was that there was only a single bunny remaining. next to me were Kimberly and Melody. Kimberly took a breath and shot another arcane bolt at the bunny, turning it into white light.

We all took a deep breath before I collapsed to the ground. Melody was the first that was by my side, " Mortimer are you ok?"

"Yes, the wounds aren't deep they only hurt like hell and I'm exhausted," I told her honestly. "Melody, how is Miriam," asked Kimberly.

"we need to get her out pretty fast the one projectile hit her main artery. I managed to freeze the wound to stop the bleeding. but that is only temporary." Melody told us.

I tried to stand up and barely managed it. I opened my backpack and took my first aid kit out of it. when I passed it to Melody I told her, " Here, this should help."

The three girls looked at me with wide eyes. "you had a first aid kit?" asked Kimberly.

I nodded at her and said, " it never hurts to be prepared."

I could hear Melody repeat that sentence when she hurried towards Miriam.

Kimberly helped me to follow her Sera stayed close by. When we reached the room we cleared before I could see that Miriam jeans only had one leg remaining. Melody used the bandages on her leg and froze it once more.

Miriam was out cold so we needed a way to carry her and I was too exhausted from fighting to even stand on my own.

I pondered for a moment. if they left me and Miriam to get help then they would be able to get help. That is possibly the only way.

the other three were looking for a way to transport Miriam. I took a deep breath and said, " you three will need to get help, I will only slow you down." It was Melody that answered, " no that's not possible I need to regularly freeze the wound or Miriam won't make it."

I felt like a lump of clay was stuck in my throat. Kimberly was the first to break the silence, " Ok we will move room to room. we just don't have another choice. Sera we will clear the first room back if it already respawned if not we will move those to there to stop the respawn. we will repeat this till the exit." Sera nodded at that and Kimberly sat me down next to Miriam and Melody.

After Kimberly and sera left Melody said, " ok, get dressed." I looked at her in disbelief.